God, the All-Seeing Eye, & Secrets 8 AUG 2013

God, the All-Seeing Eye, & Secrets. Tonight on Mike Paczesny & Kris’ podcast show I was asked about the Beast computer. (By the way, today I switched from Cricket’s broadband to Comcast’s wifi cable—data speeds are like 15 times greater! …so the show had great video.) The network of Beast computers is a world brain. The Internet & their powerful spy satellites also make up components of the All-seeing Eye. The Internet was created by the Military-Intelligence complex. The spy satellites were improved greatly using the excuse that we needed to insure Russian compliance with arms control agreements. After the 1976 Rockefeller Commission suggested that military spy satellites share their info, groups like the FBI & the EPA began getting data from them. While this next piece may be dated, it used to be that the day-to-day ops of the spy satellites was done by OPSCOM, & the scheduling of targets to look at was done by COMIREX (Committee on Imaging Requirements & Exploitation.) The PTSNB are god-wanna-be’s, and have created a system that is very close to being an all-seeing-eye. While they pry into our privacy, and know all about our private lives, they on the other hand are masters of secrecy. Because the Illum. are masters at secrecy, their backgrounds do give them some natural qualifications for spycraft. They love to use confusing terminology & doublespeak. Intelligence groups use a lot of Illuminati. The wicked lie in wait secretly to take advantage of the poor (PS 10:8-9).
God has sealed secrets, kept his plans secret, and hidden his physical form (EX 33). Christ prayed in secret, spoke in parables and went about his ministry as low profile as possible. No one knows when he is returning. Secrecy can make something valuable. His mother went to her sister secretly. There are times for secrets. Keeping secrets (privacy) is part of forming one’s identity. Just because somebody floods us w/ inquisitive questions doesn’t mean we have to enable them to violate our boundaries. And when a romance is in its infancy & fragile, it is often good to keep secrets, esp. from outside parties. Young couples forced to stay w/ parents can find they have no space & are having their private lives analyzed. Such violations of secrecy really rest upon contempt by the questioner for the individual & his rights. Teenagers typically now-a-days lie to their parents & are secretive. It helps them feel they are in control of their lives. They need to realize that such activity can hurt one spiritually, as well as cause you mother to become a detective of the FBI (family bureau of investigation).
“How great is thy goodness [YHWH God]…thou shalt hide them in the secret of thy presence from the pride of man: thou shalt keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues.” PS 30:19,20 God has, at times, hid people.
On the flip side we are warned God will reveal all things, wow he even knows how many hairs we have! “O Lord thou hast searched me and known me.” PS 139:1 Christ said that he did nothing in secret.JN JN:20 The Lord of Kings is the revealer of secrets.(DAN. 2, 47, 48) But not as a gossiper! (They say good gossipers don’t let the truth slow them down, and that if you run short on material, make some up!) Couples love to reveal secrets to each other; it’s part of their unfolding of love, and the adventure of life. As one couple said, “We will be happy cuz we have told each other everything.” However, men can more successful keeping a woman’s focus if they can keep some mystery going. Like couples sharing, friends like to confide by sharing secrets. The world in general, esp. in America, is getting their privacy invaded & becoming more indrawn. One of the by-products of what the PTSNB are doing is the fragmentation, isolation, and desire to keep secrets. Countries like Holland have typically been open and friendly without even drapes on their windows. Moslem countries like their privacy with large walls around each house. Americans are more private than they used to be.
Final thought. God has at times known before I prayed what I needed. “Even before we speak, he knows.” (PS 139:4) Another verse mentions how He answers our prayer before we have prayed. I have experienced that kind of thing, which strengthened my faith. Because He sees in secret, sometimes I wonder why people dislike their privacy being exposed by the World Order. Likewise, God has seen what was done in secret! No matter how many documents they destroy God still has seen the sins of these intelligence agencies!


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