FROM THE WORLD TO THE KINGDOM. Is the World so excellent that it no longer needs to be challenged? The true church must take up the responsibility to challenge the World, because they don’t have any standards but their own godlessness. We are here to take people from—to. We are here to challenge the status quo. If a Christian says he follows Christ, but is not going from—to, then his lifestyle is the same as the non-believer. When we go from—to, we go to the Family of God. If we have the right friends, we will have the right enemies.

FROM ALLEGIANCE TO MEN TO ALLEGIANCE TO OUR CREATOR GOD. Who are you a servant to? You cannot serve two masters. If you serve God, He will ask you to serve others like your spouse & boss, and you will mind them because you serve Him. If they ask you to do things against your conscience…”Let no man seduce you” (COL 2:18)…they have then taken themselves out of the chain of command, and you are directly responsible to God.

FROM WORLDLY AUTHORITY STRUCTURES TO BROTHERHOOD. The Kingdom of God does not function on a worldly system of authority. Call no man your teacher except God’s Spirit who can speak through anything, even silence. The pure message of God’s Word refutes all the man-made hierarchies of Christendom, which are often structures preventing spiritual growth. The religious authorities throughout time have spoon fed “truth” to the masses, & then told them now that they had “truth” to stop seeking. They have shortcircuited the desires of the common people to pursue truth on their own walks with the Creator. We are not taught how to learn, we are simply handed a fish (fishy truth at that). As a lazy man will work himself to death, likewise a spiritually lazy person will work himself to death. Let’s quit taking shortcuts in learning from God’s Spirit, & see the lessons He gives us every day. By observing, our spiritual life will run smoother in the long run. We will see God working in our fellow man & creation, & will be drawn by His Spirit into the worldwide brotherhood of believers. God provides true brothers & sisters who are one w/ you in love, not because they are organizationally labeled your brother. Mature, & exchange power for the power of true love.

FROM WORLDLY FORTUNE TO HOPE. When we have temporal values, we fail to appreciate spiritual values. “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” RM 8:18-19. Wisdom is seeing life from Almighty God’s point of view. (PRV 9:10) It is staggering when God gives us a view of what He is doing & the good things He has planned for mankind. When He shows us His individual plans for each of us, He already knows our worst foot, so we don’t have to put our best foot forward; but rather, we can relax in what He has. He simply asks that we walk hand in hand with Him, putting our hand of trust into His, and letting Him take care of His own business. Glitzy materialism is not needed to have success with God.

FROM DISOBEDIENCE TO OBEDIENCE. If a building’s foundation is poor, giving it a new paint job will not solve the problem. There is no foundation but Christ, and He didn’t die so that we could sin. It never ceases to amaze me how many Christians have bought the lie that it doesn’t matter what we do. We are God’s gardeners of the souls of men, we are to plant seed, water it, and care for it. “Flee youthful lusts, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace, with the ones calling on the Lord out of a pure heart.” 2 TIM 2:22. In other words, we are told to grow up spiritually & act like a mature spiritual person. That means obey our heavenly Father like His children should, working in the garden of men’s lives, planting hope, weeding out the destructive & nourishing the fruit.

FROM PRIDE TO HUMILITY. Pride is a barrier to receiving God’s promise of peace (ISA 16:3), & prevents us from receiving His promises (JN 5:44). Indeed, God resists the proud & gives strength to the humble. (1 PTR 5:5) Our carnal selves are busy singing, “I’m in the Spirit now, I’m holier than thou.” And God is laughing at our pompousness as we parade around in our religious costumes, and strut around like unteachable peacocks. Pride in the church has allowed prideful wolves in sheep clothing to sneak in & not stick out. Pride prevents people from hearing the truth. Remember the fall of man was the rise of religion. Christ was the most humble man in history, how did he do it?? He was sinless so there were no faults to confess or denigrate. The purest form of his humility was this: “Not my will Lord, but thine.” This expressed itself in many ways, washing his disciples feet, not engaging in big business or some advertising campaign, & not trying to get all the kudos & praises like those who were rich & famous in his day. He came to serve and do the Creator’s will to give life and a more abundant life here. When we know God’s will for our life & we do it, that is humility in the purest form.

FROM BROKENESS TO WHOLENESS…FROM DISUNITY TO UNITY. Wholeness is part of wellness. The World tries to fracture & divide & control. Just because we can do something, doesn’t mean it is helpful, for if it disturbs our peace & unity it may not be expedient to do. “All things are lawful, but not all things are helpful.” (1COR). Sometimes we must choose not to be disturbed by what is thrown at us in life, and give our rights & expectations to God, who will take care of them better than we can. Our unity does not come by doctrinal creeds in fine print on some document, but by lining up w/ the Spirit of God, so that we & everyone else lined up w/ the Spirit, have unity in the Spirit. What an ecstatic experience!

FROM GLORY TO GREATER GLORY. Life just keeps getting better like wine. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! Patriarch Job lost it all, & God restored it even greater! Christ lost it all, & God increased it even greater!

Yes, my beloved brothers & sisters, GOD IS NOT FINISHED WITH EACH OF US. He is taking us FROM—TO.


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