This post is a short response to fb followers wanting to know about good sources on Paris. I will provide a couple of links…there are other spots on the Internet with interesting information on the Paris event. (I want to mention Robert Wood, Chris Everard, & Jon Rappoport as researchers like myself who shared good information with me on the Paris tragedy, and deserve credit for much of what I share in this post.) Somewhere on the Internet, it had Putin being quoted that the western intelligence agencies had created the Nov 11-13 Paris shootings. But I could not relocate where that quote is offered. Remember my last article on how Portland is carrying out actions to “stop global warming”? The pseudoscience of global warming w/ its pseudo statistics will be enthroned soon at a large Paris conference, where they will impose global carbon taxes, reduce “emissions”, and reduced gas & oil supplies globally…and this enormous meeting connects to the recent attacks in Paris.(Keep reading.)

BACKGROUND. In a recent article (& talks) I have mentioned how people are intentionally irritated by the Powers That Should Not Be to create hate, which in turn is manipulated. France was a colonial ruler over many north African Moslem nations, as well as Syria. France resorted to imposing their rule by brute force incl. beheading Moroccans. Algeria was considered part of France proper, but managed to gain its independence only after horrible fighting. Now you can understand the perhaps “strange” phenomena that Moslems viewed the German (Nazi) armies as liberators from the harsh colonial rule of the French & British. While France has a better history of socially accepting blacks than the U.S. & U.K. (which is one reason why American black units served under the French army in WW 1), France still has blemishes on their recent record. Black Moslem ghettos of refugees from Africa which are located in France are areas of frustration for those living in these neglected urban areas. These areas existed long before the recent inundation (or should we say invasion) by Moslem refugees. So the Moslems and French have long standing perceptions of each other. The World Powers will take advantage of long deep hates & other feelings. The script that was played out in Paris was built upon those long standing views of the different parties.

UPCOMING ACT OF SCRIPT. The Paris Climate Summit (COP21) begins 30 NOV. Heads of state from over 120 nations will attend, along with perhaps 30,000 other representatives! So the Paris shootings of Friday the 13th are already being headlined with pure propaganda from the mass media…

“The two weeks of talks begin Nov. 30 and will take place at Le Bourget airfield on the outskirts of Paris. They are expected to culminate in a new international agreement to lower greenhouse gas emissions and possibly put in place a system by which nearly 200 countries can regularly enact new and stronger climate targets….Diplomats from New Zealand to the Maldives said they believe the vicious assaults on ordinary citizens are precisely the reason the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP 21) to the U.N. climate convention must still convene as planned….”(A) “COP 21 has to take place; otherwise, it would mean being weak and scared by terrorism, which would be for them an additional victory,’ Pascal Canfin, France’s former minister of development, told ClimateWire. Agreed Jeffrey Waheed, deputy permanent representative of the Maldives to the United Nations, ‘We cannot acquiesce to brutality. It is important that terror attacks don’t dissuade us from what’s most important to the international community.”

DO YOU SEE THE ILLOGIC? So now the press is promoting the idea that the World’s nations are coming together in solidarity in the face of terrorism to save the planet with laws based on stopping global warming. They are using the Paris terrorism to bolster their environmental agenda…when the two are totally unrelated!! In logic & argumentation this is called a “non-sequitur”. “If we convene in Paris and can’t come up with hard agreements on climate enforcement, we’ll be dishonoring all those who died in the attacks…” (BARF, esp. sickening is the realization that this illogic will work for the PTSNB.)

REFERENCE: (A) Scientific American, “Paris Attack Will Not Halt Global Climate Talks”
Places that discuss the mechanics of how the western intelligence agencies created the Paris Satanic Concert shooting:…/2459-paris-attack-reported-on-wik…

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