When we experience the Spirit giving us direction in life, it fills us with awe, wonder & excitement. We can become like children again filled with wonder, adventure & opportunity. This post is about using God’s Spirit & our God-given intuition to: break out of overanalysis, overcome overwhelming feelings of fatigue from overstriving, and restore our zest & reverence for life & God. The Spirit & intuition can cut thru life’s fogs of uncertainty. To see His guidance is comforting.

3 TRUE STORIES: The Spirit of Truth gives premonition. A British battalion combat doctor & his stretcher-bearer were climbing a snow-covered hill to recover dead soldiers. “Please sir, stop, sir!” the stretcher-bearer named Billy called out. “Why Billy?” “Because the Lord tells me I should, sir.” The officer stopped. Later, another officer watching from a distance told them they’d stopped just short of a German minefield & death.
Intuition/instincts give life. A German landser (infantryman) discovered that the only survivors in combat were those who had instincts, but he noted instincts are not taught. He began copying the man in his unit w/ the best instincts. When his entire division was caught on the road in an ambush, he followed the instincts of this man & survived…the rest of the division was annihilated!

Shortly after landing by plane in Turkey, I found myself walking on a sidewalk. When a stranger approached me, the Holy Spirit both told us simultaneously that we were brothers in Christ. We stopped, celebrated being brothers, he took me to his house as a guest, and showed me Turkey the next day. (This is just one of countless anecdotes where the Spirit has given direction in my life.)

FEARS QUENCH THE SPIRIT & INTUITION. If we want to increase both the power of the Spirit & intuition in our lives, we must accept the fruit of the Spirit into our life, and free ourselves of anger, fear, guilt, lust, hate, discouragement and distractions. Intuitive creative thoughts often pop (flow freely) into people’s heads when their minds are relaxed. (This is why I tardily think of the right humorous answer AFTER I stop trying to think of it.) Our impulses (emotions/lusts) & second-guessing thoughts can quench intuition; we want open hearts. Prayer frees us from negative expectations, & opens us up to a miracle-mind-set. Fatigue from overstriving & stuffing our heads with too much mental garbage can result in us lacking the ability to pay attention & make decisions. More is not better, as in, learn to be content. Faith allows us to quit needing evidence. Focus helps intuition. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Love raises us into the groove where the Spirit & intuition work better. The Joy of living allows us to roll w/ the punches, rather than wear ourselves out by controlling everything. Striving for more info is not necessary; at times the intuitive ability to discard unimportant info is what helps. Complex sets of info defy logic & reason, but can often be dealt w/ by our gut feelings, or what His Spirit puts in our hearts. When Peter thinks on a godly dream, the Spirit tells him 3 men are looking for him. (ACTS 10:19). Paul is warned by the Spirit not to preach in Asia. (ACTS 16:6) We are told the Spirit will “guide you into all truth” JN 16:7 “He will bless them that fear the LORD, both small & great.” PS 115:13

Christ said he came to give us more abundant life. He sent His Spirit (called the Comforter) to do this. The Comforter is also called the Spirit of Truth & the Giver of Life. Christ described the Spirit; He is like the wind: unpredictable, invisible, untame-able, & at times powerful like a storm. No matter how skilled the weatherperson & their computers are, predicting the wind eludes analysis. No matter how much Christians/denominations try to box in the Spirit, He goes where He wants, even to pagans (for instance, NUM 24:2).

LONG-HELD WORLDLY VIEWS. The age of Reason came in the 18th century; its worldly wisdom views the Spirit & intuition as superstitions. A new god, Science, operated off of logic. The Spirit of God was rejected as a source of abundance & nourishment. Further, Darwin felt the female use of intuition put females on the level of “the lower races”. (Modern objective tests show that both male & female use intuition about the same amount.) The idea that females use intuition & male’s logic goes back to antiquity. Aristotle wrote that females were more impulsive & deceptive. The Illuminati have reverenced women for their spiritual sensitivity, & given them positions of spiritual leadership. (Again, objective studies show both men & women can be deeply spiritual, it is not as lopsided as some believe.)

BENEFITS. The benefits of God’s Spirit & our God-given intuition are many. Too many choices & too many details to sort can cloud the answer. The Spirit & our intuition can give us direction, get us out of overanalysis of the pros-&-cons, release our creativity, and help us with vision to break out of our negative habits. We feel connected to the universe when we get guidance. Wesley called the anointing “the second blessing”, as He brings us a Spirit-filled life & spiritual gifts. We call Him the Holy Spirit, in Hebrew the Ruach ha kadosh, in Greek hagion pneuma, and in Latin Spiritus Sanctus…and when we experience the abundant life He brings us, we in awe say “Holy, Holy, Holy” as they did in their ancient languages.


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