The goal of this post is to give fair & accurate insights into radioactivity & the most recent disaster at Fukushima. In a short post, I will not be able to refute many misconceptions, but will touch on a few, such as the fear that irradiated food is radioactive, or the coverup that claims there is no radiation danger from Fukushima here in western U.S.

Japan’s handling of its Fukushima crisis is coming under attack by the Chinese press. The China Daily (10/5/13 edition) complained, “[Japan has] been simply dumping into the sea….Since the severity of the issue continues, China, along with the international community, must propose the strongest opposition to the Japanese govt.’s irresponsible activities…The Pacific Ocean doesn’t belong to Japan, but is commonly owned by the international community…Currently, the oceanic environment is facing significant damage…”

In spite of having better technology in their nuclear reactor than Chernobyl, & a quicker reaction than the Russians, the Japanese have still come under plenty of criticism for the disaster & the way it is being handled. A Japanese commission to investigate the accident concluded that proper safety guidelines were not followed because of collusion between TEPCO, the govt. people given oversight, & the regulators. The commission chrmn. said, “It was a profoundly man-made disaster that could & should have been foreseen & prevented.” The comm. report said, They “betrayed the nation’s right to safety from nuclear accidents.” One of the problems concerning nuclear reactors (there are 430 worldwide) is that they depend upon the public’s trust of their governments, something not exactly high worldwide.

Between 1952-57, our military exploded nukes in the air in central NV (see my post on Area 51), and it was later calculated that of the 2 million cases of thyroid cancer diagnosed afterwards, perhaps only 1 in 10 were the result of this testing. Still these atmospheric tests dumped more than 2,000 times more radioactivity on us than Fukushima has. A study of 320,000 baby teeth in St. Louis showed that from those babies born before the tests in 1950 compared to those babies born in St. Louis in ’63, children had 50 times more radioactive strontium-90 in their teeth! JFK, alarmed about the dangers to Amer. health by these tests, stopped them by signing the Partial Test Ban Treaty in Aug. ’63 w/ the USSR. Overall more than 450 nukes were tested in the air. Speaking about Strontium-90 & the World Order….nowadays Pravda’s & Russia’s news seems refreshing compared to our propaganda. They openly expose the NWO. But don’t lose track that Putin is part of the FSB, connected to the Russian mob, & not independent of the World Order. Putin’s FSB agents assassinated one of Putin’s whistleblowers in London by planting strontium-90 in Alexander Litvinenko’s sushi. He died 3 weeks later, & it took the doctors a while to figure it all out.

An x-ray has 10 million times more radiation than a radio wave, & a dental x-ray gives 100 times the radiation of an airport security scanner (.1 mSv vs. .001 mSv)… mSv= millisievert, which of course is a measurement of radiation. Amer.s on aver. receive 6.2 mSv per yr. in background radiation which naturally occurs. We all have naturally occurring radiation in us like Carbon-14 & potassium 40. If you live in an area where there is Radon-222 in the soil, your water will have it, & your shower water will release it as a gas. This is the most common cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. It is est. that 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the U.S./yr. are caused by Radon-222. (It’s obviously worse than drunk drivers, yet never talked about.) Burning coal releases radiation. (Again something not talked about.) High voltage line radiation causes cancer (but this is denied & covered up). If you live under a high volt. transmission line, move! Another source of radiation is cigarette smoke. This has been known to tobacco companies since the ‘60’s. Filters don’t help. Smokers breathe in polonium-210 with each puff, & on aver. have 30% more polonium-210 in their blood than non-smokers. That is one cause of lung cancer, however, it used to be that non-smokers got just as much second hand smoke. The U.S. govt. requires meat & some foods to be irradiated (w/ radiation). Europe’s EU forbids all food except spices to be irradiated, & then food products w/ such spices must be labeled irradiated. The U.S. govt. says it needs to be done to protect us w/ the added benefit of longer shelf life. Granted the food does not become radioactive, but vital amino acids are killed in the meat. Fortunately doctors have quit treating tonsils w/ radiation (like they did in the ‘40s & ‘50’s) thereby giving people thyroid cancer.

We want to limit the amt. of radiation we take in to as low as possible. Everyone’s body reacts differently to the amounts, but in general older people are more vulnerable; what may be O.K. for one person may be lethal to another. An aver. healthy person’s body needs to make 3 billion red blood cells a day. So you can see why the bone marrow is vulnerable to radiation. The various kinds of ionizing radiation directly cause cancers…I might as well list them: cesium-137, iodine-131, polonium-210, plutonium-239, strontium-90, uranium-235. Non-ionizing radiation is generally not harmful except for UV. There are things we can put in the soil to leach the radiation out. For exposure to high doses of iodine-131 taking tablets in the first 80 days of non-radioactive iodine (potassium iodide) is helpful. After Fukushima, potassium iodide sold out in CA. Also in that situation, avoid contaminated food. By the way, food grown in So. CA & no. Mex. still have high levels of radiation because the initial radiation cloud from Fukushima landed there (higher than the NW). So I have been buying produce from other sources.

This is a brief but intense overview of radiation & the Fukushima disaster. Hopefully, it increases your understanding of this subject.


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