FROM CRAFTSMAN TO MASS PRODUCTION: Trends in t.b.m.c. Programming. (20 FEB ’16) This is a few new thoughts on trends in t.b. programming. The early structures (2D grids) built into the victim’s mind (pre-WW 2) were simple compared to the sophisticated engineering that went into the MPD worlds created by Mengele, the original Dr. Green. After he died (& yes he died contrary to ideas that he didn’t), his replacement Dr. Greens (as well as some pretend Dr. Greens) did not replicated the intricate German engineering he put into structuring the MPD’s mind control. Was it simply that because the new programmers don’t have the skill level? It may be that the skill level is less with the newer programmers–but not that much. The MPD systems are streamlined for other reasons incl.: first, they are trying to get the benefits of DID without creating lots of multiples-some victims of t.b.m.c. have no alters at all, & secondly, they are mass producing m.c. slaves so they don’t need to or care to overdesign them like Mengele did. The same trend can be seen in the elaborate craftsmanship that went into Victorian homes, and the rail cars of the ‘30s. Today, houses are mass produced, and American railcars are simplistic compared to the older luxurious train cars. A third reason would be, the t.b.m.c. is being practiced by marginal groups whose “unprofessional” programmers are not very skilled, nor very wise. In general, the t.b.m.c. is getting more techy, and can include the active use of computers to aid in the programming. The slave is being integrated into the Global Beast mind.

MAINSTREAM ILLUMINATI PROGRAMMERS continue to use secret films of Nazi concentration camp horrors that appear to have been made specifically for creating trauma for t.b.m.c. Longterm readers will remember that I discussed how the Nazis sent t.b.m.c. sleepers to countries like the U.S. in order to have a secret presence here. They were never used as designed for, even though committed Nazis came to & continued in the Americas after the WW 2. While in prison, I was around multiples who had Aryan racial stuff in their programming…worshipping Wotan but also some other Nordic gods. Their internal worlds have concentration camps. By the way, an entire town in Utah consists of ex-inmates who worship Wotan…so this kind of m.c. is still active with us. I don’t recommend for people to try to argue such m.c. slaves out of their beliefs, which are embedded deep in their minds. I did meet an ex-Neo Nazi. He told me his story. He was in the hospital near death, and a Jewish nurse, went beyond the call of duty to lovingly nurse him back to life over an extended period of time. At first, he tried to talk her into leaving him alone. But in the end, her agape love was so powerful, he gave up Nazism, & got his Nazi tattoos erased. (I have often been heard saying that agape love is a powerful tool against the Illuminati and the t.b.m.c .)

TREND. There has been a trend by the programmers to promote the idea that the original Bible was witchcraft spells, and that the Christians stole this, and rewrote it. According to this, the original characters who were portrayed as saints in the Bible, like Moses, were really black magicians. This idea is not new, Satanists in the early 20th century had already told this false idea to their m.c. flocks. But now it is gaining impetus via both the media and the t.b.m.c.

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS. I will continue to try to expose the t.b.m.c. as well as offer information how it works, and can be defeated. Now that the word is out about the t.b.m.c., I have many helpers working against it. My thanks to all the survivors who have been exposing this in recent years!


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