This post is an analysis of America’s economic situation as it currently stands. This post must deal with the great deceptions that are being executed upon both America & the World in general. The creation of our money is a dishonest system, & currently to sustain America, the U.S. govt. is wildly falsifying U.S. economic stats, for instance, claiming unemployment is 5%, when it is at least 24%. Common “wisdom” (delusions of the Matrix) is that the American economy is doing great…the govt. and Wall St. are spreading such lies…and the people who believe these lies are going to be seriously hurt. The controlled media provides us the slant their elite owners want. For instance, 65% of journalists report NAFTA a great thing, while only 32% of the public thought it was positive.

ANCIENT WISDOM IGNORED. Greed is the root of all evil; to diagnose today’s apparent problems, the root problem of greed needs to be addressed. In general today, Americans are ignoring both modern economic lessons as well as the ancient wisdom of God’s Word. Because our complex modern times appear different from the ancient Biblical times, it is understandable why Biblical principles would seem irrelevant. However, the ancient Babylonians, like today’s Mystery Babylon banking system, used fractional banking & credit & periodically the farmers lost their land due to debt, & inflation would stress the empire; and God’s Word had only warnings about that whole Babylonian economic system. It repeatedly warned that a money system needs to be an honest system, not based on debt.(A) Greed (the love of money) and dishonest measuring that the Word of God warns about are some of the basic problems in our economy. (More on today’s dynamics of greed soon.)

IF YOU ARE PART OF THE SYSTEM YOU SUFFER WITH IT. One of my favorite financial verses is Proverbs 16:8, “Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right.” Or as one paraphrase of Proverbs puts it, “Far better to be right & poor than to be wrong & rich….First, pride then the crash…” Signs & dynamics that heralded previous modern era crashes are being ignored. False prophets proclaiming great futures deceived people in Bible times, and are active today. The Word prophetically warns that there will be an end time shaking that will destroy things like the World’s dysfunctional economy.(B) God says come out of Babylon’s system or suffer with her.(C)

RED FLAGS. Warning signs are everywhere of an imminent economic collapse; the same indicators that occurred before previous crashes are with us today. Margin debt for the stock market is at its all-time highest levels. What is margin debt? It means borrowing money to invest in the stock market. Companies that are not doing well profit-wise, are borrowing large sums of money to buy their own stock to inflate their stock prices to make their companies look good. The participation rate of the public in the stock market is also at a very low level…due to wariness and low extra cash…so what we are seeing is really the manipulation by a few—the big boys & large corporations—to make the stock market look bullish, when it is really fragile. When this fake rally ends, the stock collapse will be quick & furious as it “corrects” itself to perhaps 50% (or worse) of what the stock market is currently at. Another sign that stocks are overrated is the price-to-earning ratio which is considered normal if it is 16 (yrs.) but currently stands at 27. This is another sign of a coming crash.

OUR HOUSE OF CARDS & ILLUMINATI CONFISCATIONS DUE TO DEBT. The Word warns about building on a solid foundation. The global economy has been intentionally structured on an unreliable foundation, as its designers want to destroy it. It is like a global “debt supernova” ready to explode. Greece’s economy is in crisis, & Italy & Puerto Rico are right behind Greece unable to pay their debts. And who after them? All around the world, bankrupt nations are involved in debt-for-equity swaps with the Illum.’s IMF & World Bank and other Illum. businesses & institutions. For instance, large parts of Mexico’s infrastructure was transferred to foreign multinationals. The international bankers (like the Rothschild’s/Rockefeller’s Citicorp) ended up with large acquisitions in Thailand. Don’t forget how all private gold was seized after the Stock Market crash of 1929 by an executive order that forced all Americans to sell their gold at a low price in the name of “national security”! The real purpose of creating the EPA was not to protect Americans from environmental hazards, which they have often ignored, but rather to preserve America’s natural resources (land) for our Illum. creditors! Under pressure from groups like UNESCO, the BLM soon arbitrarily removed 4.5 million acres from public use as “Areas of Critical Environmental Concern”. By labeling land “National Conservation Areas”, tens of millions of acres were taken away from ranchers. The Illum. strategy to use global debt to gain control over the world’s land has been successful for decades, & will reach new levels of success w/ the coming global eco. meltdown.

AN ASIDE. This winter, I was investigating a murder of a programmed multiple here in Portland. In following the clues to connect things to the Illuminati, I came upon a hidden project where a front man bought up large amounts of unused timbered land during the Great Depression. In the 1930’s, large tracts of land were confiscated by the govt. for back taxes, and then 2 local front men bought the land pennies on the dollar at govt. auctions for their Illum. sponsors. The entire thing was a lengthy project that showed how much long term economic foresight the big boys had.

OTHER RED FLAGS. Commodities had a bad month in July. (Bloomberg’s Commodity Indexed dropped in alarming fashion.) China’s stock markets crashed. Our friends such as the U.K., Israel & Germany have more or less quit buying our debt. “Consumer confidence” is low. The velocity that a given piece of money travels through the Amer. economy is at an extremely slow stagnant rate. A student loan bubble exists as only 37% of student borrowers are up to date on repayments. Studies show the middle class continues to shrink. While real estate has been rising in value—home ownership is the lowest since 1965—revealing that the increase in real estate prices is only an appearance, not a long term trend. Home mortgages are likely to go up in interest, which will further depress real estate sales. We could easily see real estate going down 40% in value in the near future; meanwhile the tax burden on real estate has been going up in various places. Many nations have experienced real estate bubbles burst—Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, etc. It happens. An investment in real estate in ancient Sodom was throwing money away. REV 11:8 speaks of a modern spiritual Sodom, & it’s outlook is not any better. The Fed. govt. continues to burden financial institutions with senseless regulations that cost the institutions and customers…this shows that the Fed. govt. has not backed off from destructive policies. As a result of the Fed. govt., the coal industry is in eco. shock. The open U.S. borders will hurt us economically.

DYNAMICS OF A CRASH. When investments by financial institutions in the credit market collapse in value, these institutions will experience an immediate liquidity problem that could likely force them into insolvency. In other words, too big to fail will fail, and this will lead to bank runs and capital controls. Very quickly we could see our banks close their doors, shut off ATMs and take a holiday! Could Americans experience what happened in Greece? While perhaps not as likely, it is still a possibility. Behind the scenes preparations are made in case it does.

THE STRUCTURE WILL SUDDENLY COLLAPSE. A man of God cries out,”…I was envious of the arrogant, as I saw the prosperity of the wicked….Behold, these are the wicked; and always at ease, they have increased in wealth (and…prosper in the world [KJV])….When I pondered to understand this, it was troublesome in my sight until I came into the sanctuary of God; then I perceived their end…How they are destroyed in a moment! They are utterly swept away by sudden terrors.”(D) On the flip side, will there be men & women who are blessed with a Joseph anointing to wisely help people?? Notice how the World (via a Jezebel) put Joseph into prison and God used him later to help everyone. Joseph prepared storage for when the famine came. What can you do to prepare or even thrive during the coming hardtimes??

(A) PRV 21:6, JER 17:11, 22:13, EZK 22:13, PRV 1:13, 15:27, 1 TIM 6;10 and many others; dishonest scales and false balances are mentioned at DT 25:13-14, PRV 11:1, 28:8, HOS 12:7, AMS 8:4-5. Reading PRV 11:1 it is clear that God would rate our economy as an “abomination”. Our silver has become dross as ISA 1:21 describes; by doing so, Israel became a “harlot”—loving money over virtue. (B) cf. HEB 12:26-27 w/ various prophecies in REV (C) REV 18:4 (D) PS 73:3, 5, 12, 16-19 (per NAS)


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