FREEDOM from being dependent consumers of the World Order. The World Order has systematically made us dependent consumers of all their controlling systems. Moving towards independence can bring joy and satisfaction, peace of mind, better family life & health as well as a sense of liberation. God is self-sufficient and creative, so when we tap into our abilities to be self-sufficient and creative we are building divine virtues and we feel good about ourselves.

When I left the Amish, it was with a divine calling to help the world & worldly church get back on track. I am humbled by my farming relatives, my ancestors, & peoples like the Amish & Mennonites who are so competent, & self-sufficient. But even though the Amish are role models of self-reliance & competency at so many practical things of life, they are still highly dependent on the world, more than they perhaps realize. A group of Amish who moved to So. Amer. where the Amer. infrastructure didn’t exist couldn’t survive and had to move back! So the point of my words are not to motivate you to an extreme attempt at self-reliance. Rather, as you go thru your day-to-day life, creatively think of ways to be more self-sufficient & competent and to break the servitude to the World Order’s systems. You may discover that you can grow healthier organic food than the System provides its dependent consumers, and you can intelligently take better care of your health than the expensive Med. System will do for you.

So let’s plant some thoughts along these lines. First, some of the old ways give better results, for instance, I have always enjoyed hand-turned homemade ice cream better than the result of electric driven ice cream makers. Crafted furniture is superior to the cheap manufactured junk. Second, sometimes we think we need something, but we don’t, for instance, people went 1,000s of years w/out fridges, they built cool cellars & storerooms, and ice boxes. Another example, the Amish create their own entertainment w/ games, singing, good conversation, pranks, & jokes, etc. The system’s programming by TV was not needed. Third, there are beneficial things all around us that go unnoticed, for instance, the first spring growth of oak leaves make great wine. (I’m not into alcohol myself, but a little wine can be healthy.) Modern society throws away billions of dollars of natural fertilizer every day.

Fourth, when there is a shortage of fuel, what then for those dependents of a social order dependent on fuel? Fifth, the World Order has tampered with nature, for instance focusing on egg producing hybrids of hens which live their lives in cages instead of the humane healthy free ranging old breeds like the Rhode Island Red hens. The high cholesterol in eggs is coming from hens unhealthily raised in cages. Sixth, our Blue Heeler dog brought up the cows to milk, the cat scared away the pests such as mice and garden eating rabbits & moles, the milk cows gave milk, and the horses worked. The animals had a purpose in life & thrived knowing they had a purpose, instead of being caged up in animal jails.

Let’s wrap this up. We want to work with nature & natural cycles, & harmonize with Creation & the Creator. We don’t have to wait till Armageddon to get off this modern highway to hell. Since my release, I have been inspired to see young people industriously & creatively going in the right direction!


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