Free men make decisions 20 MAR 2013

Free men make decisions. The Word advises us not to use our freedom for selfish decisions, but to serve one another. (GAL 5:13) The Founding Fathers were concerned that free men making poor decisions might end back up in bondage.

Today I pondered what would be practical to say to my fb friends? Then it occurred to me that a number of people have recently asked me for advice on decisions, & that I have watched truthers & Christians in general destroy themselves by poor decisions. The next thought was that 5 criteria run thru my mind in making a decision: GOD, CONSCIENCE, FAITH, LIFE & LOVE. Interesting, the Bible verse 1 Timothy 1:5, which applies to decision making, then came to me, it’s a verse where God, conscience, faith & love are talked about.

One wants to always follow one’s conscience. If we ignore it, it will quit speaking to us. That doesn’t mean our conscience is perfect, we want to keep educating & training it, but we don’t want it to quit speaking to us, so always listen to it. Life is everything. I make decisions taking into consideration what will bring the most life. The Spirit gives life, the letter of the Law gives death. Without love what we do is of no value, like a disturbing noise & transitory. What is not of faith is sin. So I make a decision in favor of faith & love. I ask myself what would God think of this? How is He feeling about these choices?

Imagine the choice that mothers & doctors are now making with aborting babies & then using the human tissue for various things. (For whatever reasons, the choice of the father is not considered.) Anyway, here are some of the reasons doctors are using “fetal material”: “the aborted baby is just garbage…why not make use of it for society?” “It is immoral to let tissue go to waste.” And “it’s good for the interests of the community.” Some of the Nazi doctors when put on trial gave us insight on how these doctors lost their moral compass—simply put, when they decided one group of human beings had lost their rights—then the moral compass for humanity in general gets broken. This is what is scary about how certain groups like prison inmates are no longer seen to have rights in this country. Nor do the unborn. Since the beginning of humanity, all around the globe, if we honor a person in life, we will honor them in death!! Every nation & tribe does that. So human remains are treated with honor. What does that tell us about this nation’s respect & value for innocent children in the womb? Last night, it was my answer to Sonny’s question on child sacrifice—when I went to give specific details of where the hierarchy do child sacrifices—that Godlikeproductions and my phone & computer were almost simultaneously attacked & shut down!


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