A report on the perversion of justice to protect the satanic pedophiles involved in the t.b. mind control. (10/21/15) This is a report on how the police have tried to prevent the whistleblowers in the U.K. to expose the SRA abuse of children at Hampstead. This report is also a follow-up on my Jimmy Saville article, because he had a residence nearby and often went to Hampstead to participate in the abuse of the children there.

T.B.M.C. AT HAMPSTEAD. The abuse at Hampstead is part of the trauma done for trauma-based mind control. The British intelligence agencies (MI-5 & MI-6) have infiltrated the people trying to expose Hampstead. This kind of infiltration is standard operating procedure. I would expect some of the readers of this article are dirty that way. Something new, well not totally new, but relative to my m.c. books it is new…the programmers are still using dissociation & mind control, but to make it harder to detect they have quit making dissociated pieces of the victim’s mind into specific alter personalities. So the Hampstead children display all the signs of abuse and dissociation, but not the MPD.

SYSTEMIC PROBLEM. The groups that are carrying out t.b.m.c. are connected clear to the top of the World’s power system, they connect back to the Illuminati, which is why my books referred to the mind control and the abuse as “Satanic” and “Illuminati”. This explains why the police quite often work to protect the abusers. Allow me to provide a few examples: In the early ‘90’s I exposed Bend, OR as the Illuminati HQ for this area (Oregon). This information came from quite a few independent eye witnesses, plus I made my own trips into the area Bend area. Witnesses spoke about how the sheriff dept. was compromised and worked for the Illuminati. Later, a private detective & some co-workers, secretly watched a Satanic ritual with sacrifices using binoculars. They were in the desert near Bend. They reported back to me that the Deschutes Co. sheriff dept. ran the security for this Satanic ritual. From the description of things, they had observed an Illuminati ritual. Much later, a woman was brought to my house by one of her friends…this woman had been taken by a Satanic coven to the desert (same general area as the sheriff-protected ritual) to be sacrificed, but she had escaped. When she escaped she had managed to get back to her home in Bend. The police soon showed up and arrested her (she had done nothing wrong), and they brought her before a judge who ordered her to take mind-altering drugs. Realizing that they were going to keep her brain in a fog, she (with the help of a friend who knew about me) escaped Bend, and came to visit me. Children who try to expose the SRA are often placed on mind-altering drugs: Largactil, Chlorpromazine, Paxil, Prozac, Haldol (Haloperidol), etc. The drugs do several things, first they take the person’s credibility away as they are on psyc meds, and next they make it easy to kill the person…just give them an overdose, and if the person tries to free himself, the withdrawal may well make the person suicidal and take care of the Illuminati’s problem for them.

POLICE CORRUPTION IN THE MARC DUTROUX CASE. I have written quite a bit about the Illuminati in Belgium, about the Marc Dutroux case, and the Illum. Mother of Darkeness castle near Muno, Belg. I have in recent years written or spoke a little about the police corruption…not much though. In terms of the Marc Dutroux scandal involving many people, the police protected Marc Dutroux. That is not an opinion on my part, but the Belgium parliament in order to calm the nation down did an investigation into the police and concluded that Marc Dutroux had benefited from police corruption. For instance, when his house was investigated by the police, the lock smith heard children crying, but the police pretended they did not hear the children and ignored what the lock smith was saying. (Reminds me of the 3 monkeys: See no evil, hear no evil,…) On another occasion, when they were supposed to be surveilling Marc Dutroux, they weren’t, which allowed him to grab two child victims. So I have watched a pattern of police protecting these pedophile Satanists. As a final example, my brother-in-law who was a city cop, said that a man had taken pictures of a satanic rituals with a telephoto lens. He turned them into the local police, and then the state police came, confiscated the photos, and the photos disappeared.

HAMPSTEAD WHISTLEBLOWERS ARRESTED. Sabine MacNeil, a 72 yr. old woman, who tried to expose the SRA and pedophilia of children at Hampstead was arrested, and placed under house arrest. She had a bracelet to prevent her from leaving her home without permission. Belinda McKenzie was another whistleblower of Hampstead and she went to France, reportedly to avoid arrest. The British CPS is totally corrupt and like here in the U.S. targeting children to take from good homes and placing them into abusive situations. I will place the links to 4 youtube videos to get the interested reader onto the trail of more information. The second one is about some Russian grandparents who came to the U.K. to rescue their grandchild. Their daughter was Russian and she married a British man who was a satanic pedophile. The other two links are on the two whistleblowers I mentioned that the police are trying to shut up.
This was a friend of a whistleblowing mother (Belinda MacKenzie), and this friend had to leave the country, because she had published the children’s testimony, which upset the police, and ruined their coverup. By the way, the satanic cult had tried to recruit the interviewer:
You tube on the children of Hampstead:
You tubes on whistleblowers being persecuted by judicial system/police:


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