Greed will destroy life & the only solution is a moral transformation. (There are some that don’t see that the root of our problems are really moral. Indeed, some think the greed of capitalism will save us; & some who crusade against the NWO think I preach too much.) This post hopes to correct that deficient understanding, so that all of us will work to be more virtuous as well as doing noble deeds, & appreciate others who also practice such. There is no gain to be had if we substitute our immoral leaders w/ equally immoral replacements no matter what label they go by.

Paul teaches in 1 TIM 6:9-10 about greed: that greed will “drown men in destruction & perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil…they have…pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” Proverbs, written many centuries prior to this also warns that greed “takes away life”. PRV 1:19 Sadly, I’ll discuss some facts on how life worldwide is in danger due to greed.

This discussion on greed will be narrowed down to greed in relation to our food, esp. our food from our oceans, which has been taken for granted. Back in 1966, I debated that food corporations would not care about the quality of their food, nor the environmental impact, but would only shortsightedly care about their profits. So it makes me sick to my stomach that it has happened as I foresaw…I’d give anything to be wrong.

Since then, small fishing operations watched as big business’ large commercial trawlers swept through grabbing all sea life in the zone they trawled thereby creating dead zones. For hundreds of years cod was plentiful in the Atlantic. In 1992, cod fishing ended. This forced McDonald to switch to whatever odds-&-ends remained to piece together their Filet-o-Fish. Having wiped out much of the ocean’s ecosystem, & having reduced the big fish population worldwide by over 90% (and it continues to go down), the corporations have told the public that aquaculture (fish & shellfish farming) was the solution to overfishing. But the same spirit of greed exists. Saving money, aquaculture crowds millions of salmon & tuna into small areas, thereby insuring that the fish have horrible health issues. For instance, all over the world in salmon farms ISA (infectious salmon anema) has developed. In order to keep their profits, & caring less if the harvested fish is toxic, all kinds of dangerous practices, including poisonous chemicals are being resorted to. The end result is that most farmed fish is dangerous to your health; yet most salmon is now farmed salmon. Much of the tuna is farmed also. On the flip side, a few individuals who care are working to invent healthy aquacultures (healthy for the fish & consumer both). Those that care are the exception to the rule, a tiny minority, compared to big business chasing that filthy lucre.

One final fact on greed is the 60 billion tons of plastic that continues to be produced yearly…when it is known that it is very toxic. In a doldrum area of the Pacific north of Hawaii is an area twice the size of Texas which looks like a toxic waste dump. It continues to amass more floating plastic each year. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it breaks down to dust size particles that are still toxic plastic. Only about 4% of the plastic collected for recycling gets recycled. I will spare you most of the gory details about plastic, but will give one example of just one of its toxic chemicals– BPA, which mimics female hormone estrogen & is now found in all Americans examined! It also promotes prostrate & breast cancer. Hmm. We wonder why our ancestors didn’t deal with such things, & we are misinformed that it’s because they didn’t live long enough.

Could things be turned around, & life on planet earth survive? There is always hope. But such a reversal would require a change of heart, people to turn from their greed, & give moral values priority. This is why I strive for men to change their hearts. Information is fine, the truth is great, but it must touch men’s hearts. We are truly in a spiritual war between the Kingdom of Death & the Kingdom of Life.


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