Food labels 8 SEP 2013

Don’t you love those labels: “genuine imitation”, and on a container of peanuts, “Warning: contains nuts.” If only they would warn us about the important things like toxins!! And poisons!! And radiation levels!! But no, they are busy telling us “Product will be hot after heating.” (Seriously—that’s the label.) In the South they put arsenic-based pesticides on the cotton crops to kill the boll weevils. Now in a lot of these states, like Arkansas & Louisiana, they have switched to growing rice on the same fields. The nasty thing is that rice is prone to accumulating arsenic. The rate it sucks it up is ten times more than other plants. It loves to suck it up & store it in the grain. So rice from the South’s ex-cotton fields has twice the arsenic as California rice…but the package won’t tell you how dangerous the Southern rice is. And next…they thicken baby formulas w/ contaminated rice starch. You would think someone in charge of these multinational corporations was wanting to kill us. They do give us a little love, have you ever seen a box, “You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside.” I have, and thought to myself, you clever so-&-so…you could be a winner too, no money necessary just give your life to Christ.
What about the calorie labels? I’m glad to get some info, it’s better than nothing. Just go ahead & shock me; tell me how that milk shake is 600 calories. I take it all w/ a grain of salt. I know that they use an ancient 19th century formula where they figure a gram of fat =9 cal., a gram of carb or protein is rated 4 cal., and a gram of fiber=2 calories. The reality is this, the calories your body gets out of something is far more complex than this formula. In fact, eating processed foods affects the calorie process by reducing the number of helpful microbes involved in digestion. What this means in the long run is that we get less calories & nutrients from any food, so we eat more processed food creating a bad cycle. And as I have been saying, whole grains, raw veggies & nuts give the body more nutrients (but less calories than processed food) while keeping the digestive gut happy.
The U.S. is approaching having 1 in 4 persons obese. Colorado has the least obesity of any state, and they still have about 21% obesity. I would say this is due to a number of things. People are not exercising like our forefather had to. People are eating attractive foods that are rich in fat & sugar & flavor which are essentially addictive. When the ad says, “You can’t eat just one”, well, they are probably not exaggerating. People eat quickly digested carbs & then get cravings. The foods that are popular in America are designed for you to crave them…and people slip into becoming hedonistic gluttons w/out trying. Will this country be the first one to eat itself to death? If they keep lacing the food with toxins and radioactivity, like Jim Jones did to the Kool-Aid, then yes, we all may be seriously damaged by the food we eat. We can be proactive & avoid refined sugar, refined flower, substitute sugars, canola oil, cooked oils, GMOs, and other things. Perhaps it time to seriously garden…. That may be the only definite way to know what is going into our food!
Carl Beardsley, did an interview w/ me which he has just professionally placed on DVD. One of the subjects we discuss is food & supplements. Carl is just getting started, yet aspiring to be an interviewer with the impact of Alex Jones. If you are interested in his DVD interview of me, one can make a $15 donation (which will cover postage in the USA) on paypal on my website sure you give your addressed and index that the donation is for his DVD. The money won’t go to me, it will go to Carl. I should post a more detailed synopsis of what is on the DVD. Not tonight though. O.K. my friends, stay healthy. love ya all.


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