For those of you who did not watch Herberto’s links that he posted on the thread of my previous post, one of his links discussed how Walmart has a working relationship with the Dept. Homeland Security. Walmart & Facebook developed facial recognition software that Walmart installed in cameras at their stores’ entrances. The data collected from that is then sent on to the DHS. As 85% of Americans go into a Walmart at some point, DHS has a good data base of Americans. Walmart & the DHS have collaborated on other things also.

PART OF NETWORK THAT WORKS W/ THE ILLUM. In previous writings, I mentioned how gung-ho Sam Walton (who incorp.) Walmart in 1969, was willing to sell his soul for success. Various people of the Illum. & the network have come in to guide Walmart in the “right direction” (for instance, Michael T. Duke, the Walmart CEO ’09-12, of the Duke family…an Illum. bloodline). Walmart has had a good relationship with the Chinese govt. & its Chinese Walmart stores are very successful. It has a global presence (except in Germany, where they were so unpopular they left). In Mexico, they were exposed for illegally bribing officials. Quite a few of Walmart employees belong to covens.

JADE HELM. Reports continue to link the closure of Walmarts to Jade Helm. Reportedly, there have been no moves at this point to file for plumbing permits…something that would have of course been done BEFORE a closure to limit the store’s loss of profit by limiting its length of closure. That in itself shows that the cover story of needing plumbing is bogus. The Midland Walmart was one of the busiest 10 Walmarts in the country…hardly something that profit oriented Walmart directors would have closed…so we are looking at something big…something very important and big is happening and it is NOT plumbing! As I learn details about Jade Helm 15 I will try to pass them on as I realize people are seriously concerned about this big military exercise that is designed for practicing/exercising control of the American people.


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