Follow up comments on Boston 19 APR 2013

Follow up comments on Boston. Have you ever seen the FBI discard using their high tech facial recognition computer software which can identify someone almostly instantly, then show video footage of the alleged bombers along with a request to the public to find someone?? I knew someone in prison that had been seen by a camera and arrested in 30 minutes by facial recognition software that had no better picture than what was shown of the two alleged Boston bombers. And then next there is a shootout & one of the suspects is dead. (A surprising no. of suspects like Lee Harvey Oswald, who said first thing that he was a patsy, end up dying!) And what’s with the presence of Navy Seals all over the area of the bombs prior to them going off? There is clearly more to this story than the official story cooked for the public, & the mass media rather than being a watchdog (like they call themselves) is of course a lapdog of the PTSNB. My impression is that after years of fake manufactured terrorist attacks, the public is not so gullible. Think it through my friends: why would anyone want to make a statement by blowing up innocent people from all over the world? What kind of political statement does that make? Who could possibly benefit from such an act,…obviously the people who benefit the most are those wanting us to accept more of their socialist police state! Keep loving God, He will cause all things –even tragedy–to work for good to those who love Him & are called according to His purpose. Do not be dismayed. My question is how far now-a-days can one legally question the official story? Do we still have freedom of speech?


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