FIRE IN THE MINDS OF MEN. This post is about symbols & secrets & lost civilizations & aliens &…? Like the recent movie Prometheus, this post is more questions than answers.

Now I quote from my unpublished book Understanding the Illuminati (2012) pp. 31-32, “Hollywood, the film industry & entertainment in general is a major pt. of control & is used to influence the way we view history, our present lives & the future…Recently….Fox productions brought us…Prometheus, staring Charlize Theron, the bombshell who became famous with her role in The Devil’s Advocate…What’s Prometheus got to do with Illuminati history?…

James H. Billington, was one of the great historians of our time. Not only was he a Rhodes Scholar, a CFR mmbr., and a guest commentator for CBS…but he was also in charge of the Library of Congress. As a true insider and one privy to much suppressed information, he decided—without permission—to write about that “hidden hand” in a superb book, Fire In the Minds of Men….As a result, they were forced to suppress its distribution and publicity after its publication.”

In Fire In the Minds of Men, Billington described an occult network that stood in rebellion to the church…and to the almighty God above all gods. But what was this fire in the minds of men…? It was the fire of Prometheus…successfully reframing Lucifer the light bearer, into the very champion of mankind, Prometheus….Prometheus & Lucifer have some similarities…” [end of quote]

So this insider compares Prometheus’ fire to the Illuminati’s gnostic occult knowledge that strives for world control and illuminates men to divine beings. The name Illuminati was adopted to define themselves as the “divine wise ones”. In my original Be Wise As Serpents I had a diagram showing how fire (as well as light & the snake) represents Satan in the occult world. The Rockefellers have a golden statue of Prometheus outside of the Rockefeller Center. Another statue of Prometheus is at the Meyerhoff Art Education Ctr. of Tel Aviv.

According to reports by people claiming to be eyewitnesses, aliens are visiting the earth from Zeta Reticuli, Draco, Sirius and Orion. The uniform emblems on Zetas, Dracos & Sirians have snakes. (Bob Lazar is an example of someone saying he was at Area 51 & aliens come from Zeta Reticuli.) According to reports/theories from people like Graham Hancock and Van Daniken, massive structures on earth are physical representations of Orion, Draco, and Sirius. (See the link to a youtube documentary by Graham Hancock on the evidence.) In the movies “Alien” and “Prometheus”, both directed by Ridley Scott, both make subtle connections between the aliens & Zeta Reticuli. (For instance, a cave map of an alien star system in Prometheus shows Zeti Reticuli, without naming it.) In fact, Ridley Scott said that theories like Van Daniken’s (see Chariots of the Gods) had influenced the Prometheus script. Van Daniken theorized that the world’s large ancient structures were created by aliens interacting with people. The movie Prometheus had countless subtle hints of occult themes, as well as the not so subtle association of a secret government project. In recent years, a number of movies and sci-fi books have joined the word Prometheus with Project…”Project Prometheus”. (For instance, ex-Navy & writer for Nexus mag. Steve White wrote the book “Project Prometheus” about an elite soldier and a secret govt. project with aliens, where the earth needs a one-wd.-govt. for the aliens, & Douglas E. Richards wrote “The Prometheus Project Book”.) Of course these works of fiction are describing fictional government projects…but there have been a few real government projects named Project Prometheus, some secret & some not so secret. And at least 2 of the real ones were involved with space or aliens. Is the recent splurge of fictional Project Prometheuses a cover for some past secret project, or embedded in fiction by someone who knows more about some secret govt. alien project? And indeed there seems to be some Illum. impetus to create a 1-wd.-govt. precisely for the aliens.

Dan O’Bannon wrote the original 29 pages that eventually became the “Alien” movie that Ridley Scott directs. O’Bannon puts the Alien project on hold to work on an adoption of Dune, which I exposed in previous writings to be a thin fictional dressing for showing Illuminati rituals. 33 yrs. after directing Alien, Scott comes back with the prequel to 1979’s Alien. In between these two pts. in time, Kevin Burns creates Prometheus Entertainment which also connects Aliens to Prometheus in 1999. Considering that the concept of Prometheus comes from Greek mythology & is the Titan brother of Atlas, it is quite amazing that so many seemingly independent writers are uniting Prometheus with the idea of aliens.

NASA had 3 sequential projects over the years to develop nuclear energy to power space craft. These were named Project Orion (1958-?), NERVA nuclear rockets, and Project Prometheus (2003-05). NASA had plans to use the NERVA nuclear rockets for a manned visit to Mars in ’78 & to est. a permanent lunar base by 1981. The funding was cut for these projects. NASA depicted the nuclear propelled vehicles clear back in a 1964 document. The designers of Project Orion were thinking big—they wanted to build something to go to Alpha Centauri, the closest star. Again, we see Orion & Prometheus assoc. with long distance space travel.

THE CONTROVERSIAL FORGOTTEN PAST & THE LINK. For those who want to see Graham Hancock’s investigations into ancient structures—the pyramids of Egypt, Angor Wat, the Peruvian desert symbols, and the religion of Egypt…and how these are earth built patterns of the stars, then you will enjoy his well-done YouTube video. I won’t spoil it for you to watch by “stealing his thunder”. He interviews Belgium researcher Robert Bauval the author of “The Orion Mystery”. He talks about how Sirius is identified with Isis, and how her husband Osiris is the Lord of Duwat. Graham Hancock visits Seti I’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. This great pharaoh’s tomb has a ceiling with astronomical symbols & star gods. Hancock sees the key date as 10,500 B.C. and believes his info is the key to really understanding the movie Prometheus, although I don’t know how exactly he correlates it all. 
Prometheus as Hancock sees it….

FINAL THOUGHTS. There is no doubt in my mind that mankind has been manipulated by non-human entities. Obviously, some today think it was genetic manipulation like the Engineers (genetic engineers?) like in the movie Prometheus. Massive structures around the planet are still begging for explanations. Has the manipulation of humanity & our lost civilizations been connected by some mysterious single pattern? Prometheus symbolizes the creation of humanity, the engineering of humanity, the guidance and release of technology of humanity, and the occult knowledge that is inspiring the Illuminati hierarchy. Where will the occult hierarchy go with these symbols & mysteries??


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