There is no basis in the 3D factual world to believe that a so-called planet Nibiru will hit the earth. Because so many people are convinced that the end of the world is coming soon with a collision with a planet and are living in fear, I am taking time from my overloaded schedule to set the record straight. Since the 1990-91 period when I began to go public exposing the New World Order, people have been asking me about Nibiru, and even today I was asked. My answer has not changed in 25 yrs.; this entire Nibiru story is a hoax that has no basis in reality. However, I also noticed over the years that in spite my explanations of realities, believers, who think a collision will destroy the world, continue to believe in it. Readers are welcome to their own opinions, this post is not trying to tell anyone how to think, but is an attempt to keep things real.

THE ELITE & WHAT THEY KNOW & ARE DOING. People are using the mania of the World Order and the elite to build underground shelters and bases as proof they plan to survive a planetary collision. For instance, in the early ‘90’s, the elite (like the Rothschilds) in Napa Valley had constructed underground shelters. They were building such underground structures long before the Nibiru story became popular, so there is no connection. Their shelters are not a response to the Nibiru story. In 1965, because I was member of the Enrichment Class—fast learners pulled out of the classroom for accelerated courses—I was privileged to tour the underground base inside the iconic Diamond Head volcano where the govt. of Hawaii was to go if need be. It’s possible that some of these elite underground dwellings are like Diamond Head, a contingency for, and not a certainty of a big disaster.

THE 12TH PLANET. Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010), an ex-Soviet, came out with a book The Twelfth Planet in 1976. According to him this planet had Annunaki (nephalim) on it and supposedly visited us every 3,600 yrs. Supposedly they were 45 million years ahead of our development. Sitchin claimed that heat from radioactive decay & a thick atmosphere kept Nibiru warm on its wild eccentric orbit. The orbit of this fake planet was the first thing I would challenge. People don’t realize that an object that spends 99% of its time farther out than the dwarf planet Pluto is operating in zero temperature. There is no heat. It is a frozen solid environment. Then this planet is going to swing near the sun & roast! Such temperature extremes exclude life going from absolute cold to extreme boiling heat. I also highly questioned Sitchin’s translations of Sumerian, and have since seen my skepticism validated by true linguists who say he quoted things out of context and mistranslated a lot. But many people read his books & believed and the Coast to Coast radio show had him on many times. (Back then people were trying to get me on Coast to Coast and Art Bell was not interested.) There was no proof of what Sitchin said except his purported translations of ancient Sumerian texts.

NANCY LIEDER & THE ZETAS. The next notable person to promote Nibiru was a woman Nancy Lieder, who said she had been abducted by the Zetas, and implanted so that they could send her thoughts. Supposedly the Zetas wanted to warn us of Nibiru. My research in the early ‘90’s convinced me all the abductees I was meeting were programmed multiples. And whatever these aliens were, especially the Zetas, they could NOT BE TRUSTED. I was interviewing abductees who had been traumatized & mind controlled. So the idea that the Zetas are going to give us life-saving prophecies is silly. Indeed, in the event, the info they gave her was bogus. She said the end of the world was May 27, 2003. She encouraged people to kill their pets, & for whatever reason killed her dog. She has had to revise her stories several times.

THE BANDWAGON. Over the years, many others have bought the Nibiru (aka Planet X) scare. They have come forward with bits and pieces of things they think prove it. For instance, because some astronomers have used the term Planet X, they mistakenly think that validates this Nibiru scare. Some astronomers who have theorized an unseen planet…and some were postulating that small planets were beyond Pluto, which proved to be the case…would use the term Planet X. But that does not mean they were using it in the context of Nibiru. They were just theorizing that something was beyond Pluto that was not named. UB313 was then seen and later called Eris, and this again was mistakingly taken as proof of Nibiru…when it was simply a dwarf planet with nothing to do with the Nibiru idea. I recently saw a man who is claiming that someone unknown in the military told someone else unknown who told someone else unknown who told him that the military is briefing dependents that Nibiru is going to hit the earth. The man who is reporting all this hearsay as fact, says that the military typically does not give such briefings unless it is going to happen in four months. So we are presented with this hearsay that will keep people scared for the next four months at least. However, again, if the military is truly briefing the millions of dependents, we would not have to rely on hearsay, there would be some awake patriot caring dependent who would come forward & report what she or he had been warned.

Yesterday a news story reported: “Scientists from the University of Cambridge and Complutense University of Madrid claim they have found evidence that two additional planets could be lurking in our Solar System beyond Pluto. The scientists analyzed objects beyond Neptune, called extreme trans-Neptunian objects (ETNO), which normally should be flying around randomly in space, but in this case show some unusual symmetry.” My comments are that dwarf planets beyond Pluto continue to discovered, but this is not proof of Nibiru. Unfortunately, the writer of the article concludes with the speculation: “These potential worlds should be bigger than Earth and may give way to evidence of the existence of Planet X…” If we look at the reports, they don’t say they discovered planets, only that evidence suggests planets, and they make no claim to their size, only that their theorized trajectories appear to have symmetry, which has nothing to do with the weird elliptical orbit that is claimed for Nibiru.

MISIDENTIFICATIONS. Both the Comet Elenin and the Comet ISON were identified by Nibiru believers as being Nibiru on its way. Both comets in fact disintegrated and never came remotely close to threatening this planet. Supposedly an infrared picture was taken of Nibiru. There is no infrared picture.

I have been around the community of people who reject the System’s controlled media for decades. Unfortunately, some of the same people who are skeptical (with good reason) of the controlled media, seem to abandon skeptic with the alternative media. There needs to be a balance in our approach, and we need to try to step by step nail things down to reality. I know some of my own conclusions on various subjects seem far out, but if one had seen the step by step vetting process, then my conclusions seem to be legitimate. Obviously, many things are beyond absolute proof. For instance, there are sea creatures that I have not seen, and never will, but I accept the reports of their existence. I have yet to see any proof that is convincing on Nibiru.

HOLLYWEIRD. Hollywood is unfortunately where many people go to discover truth. So the Sooby-Doo cartoon on Nibiru and the movie 2012 are taken as proof of the dangers of a collision. I have seen that some people operate on the notion that if they see it, even in a movie, it has basis in reality. Seeing is believing. In today’s climate of mass mind control, what we see is often simply fake and is designed to manipulate our thinking. My take on things is that there is no threat in the next few years of any planetary collision. I have seen people who act sincere in the Awake/Patriot community who have no hesitation to spread baloney (God knows their motivations). As I said, people will believe what they want, and that is their choice. I dislike seeing these kind of fear campaigns terrorize people; and would remind Christians that the Word of God repeatedly tells us to have courage, and to not be fearful. 
May the Spirit of Truth be our companion.


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