This is a short article introducing some past history of the U.S. govt.’s secret human selective breeding which was connected to t.b.m.c. The concept under discussion has gone by many names: Genetic engineering, Scientific breeding, Guided evolution, & Eugenics. The idea is that inferior people should be discarded & the human race intentionally molded to the next “evolutionary step” by genetically breeding superior qualities. (This short article will not go into the strange govt. breeding programs going on in underground bases & so forth. I received strong hints to me from current Illum. members that humans as we know them will be replaced. That would be a topic for another post.)

THE AMERICAN GRANT MENTORS HITLER. German & American eugenics (in practice & theory) were similar before the end of WW2 revealed the horrors of the Nazi eugenics. After that it became unpopular to publicly support eugenics. American geneticist & anthropologist Stephen Saetz documented in a well-researched study of eugenics of the Third Reich, that German eugenic practice was similar to its American counterpart. What may surprise people is Adolf Hitler got his racial cleansing ideas from Madison Grant (1865-1937, Yale grad., Sierra Club mmbr.). Grant’s eugenics book “The Passing of the Great Race” was described by Hitler as “my bible”. In the ‘30’s, Hitler wrote Grant a fan letter. The book was introduced by the Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials in defense of what they had done. Someone else who looked up to Grant & his eugenic ideas was Pres. Teddy Roosevelt who wrote, “The great problem of civilization is to secure a relative increase of the valuable as compared with less valuable or noxious elements in the population. This problem cannot be met unless we give full consideration to the immense influence of heredity.”

PRE-WW 2 AMERICAN EUGENICS RESEARCH. The Illuminati Rockefeller & Harriman families financed a eugenics research facility at Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. (It is also interesting that Long Island contained the following: HQ for American Nazis, a secret German sub base, Montauk AFB where mind control later went on, large areas full of the elite’s mansions, & other interesting sites.) Half the American geneticists were in favor of eugenics. Many of the university biology depts. were run by eugenic supporters. There was no shortage of prestigious advocates of eugenics incl: Alexander Graham Bell, Gifford Pinchot, Margaret Sanger (fndr. Planned Parenthood), Kansas City’s Rabbi Harry Mayer, and Psych.s G. Stanley Hall, Henry Goddard & William McDougall…to name a few.

PRE-WW 2 BRITISH SUPPORT. The founders of Fabian Socialism Beatrice & Sidney Webb were eugenicists…so were H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Julian Huxley, Arthur Balfour, the Archbishop of York, and Winston Churchill, who was a sponsor of the Eugenics Society. Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton (1822-1911) dedicated much of his fortune to eugenics research.

POST-WW 2. The horrors of the Nazi racial policies meant that “eugenics” became a tainted label. But the elite and American scientists who wanted eugenics didn’t stop their research, they merely went underground. It is reported that Nazi scientists who were doing eugenics research were brought in to the states via Operation Paperclip. We know the Nazis, esp. the SS, did lots of human experimentation. We know that Kurt Blome, who worked on vaccines & biological warfare, & who collaborated w/ Japan’s notorious bio warfare Unit 731 was brought to the U.S. And Hubertus Strughold, who did medical experiments at Dauchau is another example of a Nazi secretly brought into the U.S. by Op. Paperclip. He had the aeromedical library at Brook’s AFB named after him. Likewise, a famous American eugenicist & philanthropist Charles M. Goethe has a bldg. named after him at Calif. State Univ. at Sacramento. Goethe, whose estate was valued at $24million when he died, was a financial patron of eugenic research, and was supportive of the Nazi eugenics program, even after WW 2 (although he was more private about his views). When Sacramento State Univ. feted Goethe in ‘65, Pres. LBJ sent a telegram commending him as “an American whose life has been so richly dedicated to the service of humanity”. CA Gov. Edmund Brown (Illum. mmbr.) called him “our number one citizen.” Returning to Operation Paperclip…Reportedly, the U.S. govt. brought their trophy Nazi eugenic scientists over to Biloxi, Mississippi where they had Kessler Air Force Base. Biloxi had casinos as far back as the ‘40s, & is nicknamed “the playground of the South”. It’s now an important casino city, having imported chefs.

THE BILOXI GENETIC OP. After WW 2, genetic engineering continued in the late ‘40’s at Biloxi, Miss. until c. 1966. The genetic operation used the military hospital in the area. Special chosen men & women (often from elite/Illum. families) were brought together, and after being subjected to mind control were sent on picnics to an area called the Back Bayou so that they would copulate. The children born from these unions were birthed at a maternity home run by the Volunteers of America in New Orleans & at the Jewish Touro Hospital on Foucher St., New Orleans. Their birth mothers would leave them to the govt. who them proceeded to carry out t.b.m.c. on the children, and use them in various capacities.

THE POST-1966 PROVO, UT BREEDING OPERATION. The U.S. govt. moved their selective breeding operation from Biloxi to Provo, UT. An example of an Aryan programmed family coming out of Provo are the Osmond family of entertainers. They are all under trauma-base mind control. Interestingly, the 31st gov. of CA Goodwin Knight (grad. Stanford Univ.) was from Provo, and he gave one of the opening speeches at Disneyland. Bob Hope, m.c. handler, and Reba McEntire (mind controlled slave) are examples of MK Ultra people who have performed at Provo on Independence Day. Provo is 98% Mormon, is the largest training ctr. for LDS missionaries (some of which are t.b.m.c. victims who function as spies for the CIA while on the mission field, & later join the FBI). The Provo Mormon Temple is the busiest Mormon temple.

OTHER HISTORY OF HUMAN BREEDING IN THE USA. Besides the govt. & Illuminati bloodlines, some of the plantation owners during slavery did selective breeding. (This was esp. notable in Santo Domingo, Haiti.) The Oneida commune (1848-1881) in NY also did selective breeding, which they called stirpiculture. Selective breeding was introduced into the commune in 1869. Candidates were matched by a committee. The commune’s practice was that all members could have sex with anyone else, and older women were sexual mentors to teenage boys. Children were raised in a communal child care system. A system of birth control was used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Towards the later years of the commune, members were finding that they preferred traditional marriages. When the leader was wanted by law enforcement for rape, he fled to Canada, & the commune ceased. This reminds me of a hippie turned psychologist who told me that the people he had been around that had practiced free love had all rejected it in favor of traditional marriage. (Sometimes people have to reinvent the wheel for themselves.)

FINAL THOUGHTS. This expose of secret selective breeding overlaps with t.b. mind control. This is merely a small look at one aspect of such things. If anyone has more info on this my email address is: [email protected]


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