EXPOSING FINANCIAL MYTHS OF THE WORLD: 4 pretensions, 4 players & 4 predictions. This post’s purpose is to provide important information to prepare & protect you the reader.

MYTH 1. The Federal Reserve has control of the U.S. economy. The Fed is a central bank, and central bankers love central planning. The idea is that an answer dictated from the top-down can solve complex economic situations with countless variables which are beyond mere models. Communist Russia & China failed repeatedly with centralized economic planning, and we will too. You can realize this because there are repeatedly unintended consequences that are the opposite of what the Fed says its policies are to accomplish. For instance, reacting to the last financial panic, the Fed has manipulated interest rates to zero, which has forced banks to do off-balance-sheet tricks and asset swaps that are very risky & set us up for another similar crash. Economic forecasts by the Fed are worse than the weatherman with the weather. Some of the acts by the Fed simply create massive global confusion. The Fed is terrified of deflation because real gains from deflation are very difficult to tax, & the real value of govt. debt (& private) escalates, which could quickly lead to a default by the govt. & the private sector, and the result would be failing banks. Consequently, the Fed constantly promotes inflation, which makes our trading partners go thru deflation. From Sept. ‘12 to May ’13, the Jap. yen dropped 33% because of the Fed’s inflation. This yen change then hurt Korean exports, so Korea cut their interest rates, which caused a further domino effect in other countries, so what began in America with the Fed, then spread into global chaos.

MYTH 2. China has a strong economy that will continue miraculous growth. China is run by a centralized communist elite of bureaucrats who are totally corrupt like the warlords they replaced. If one analyzes what has happened, and where China is today, there is a lot of smoke & mirrors. These elite are making policies to enrich themselves, while overall their development projects are dysfunctional losses to China. Its growth has been decelerating, but this has been covered up by fraudulent reports, large borrowing, & Ponzi schemes. The Chinese govt. banks have created a Ponzi scheme for Chinese investors out of WMPs. These are the same kind of gambling securities, collateralized debt & loan obligations that caused the 2008 financial crash in the U.S., except they are taking greater risks than American institutions were before 2008. Chinese banks look good, but in reality they are an accident waiting to collapse if their investors don’t roll over the WMPs when they mature. All Ponzi schemes have their limits. At some pt. Chinese banks will have to close. China will survive like the U.S. did the 2008 crash…but the fake strength of the Chinese economy will be exposed. If you watch the Chinese elite (who are billionaires), they are moving their money out of the country as fast as they can. Chinese law only allows a person to take $50,000/yr. out so they have created numerous schemes to get their billions of dollars of loot out before their economy crashes.

MYTH 3. The U.S.A. has no need to worry about a financial attack by China, as we are not vulnerable & even if we were, it would hurt China which is invested in America. All warfare entails loss. If China destroys us financially, they will certainly take a loss, but a small one compared to a military attack…and a financial attack could do more damage. China has studied how to surprise attack us financially in great detail. They know all the vulnerable nodes & networks. Our entire financial system could be taken down as fast as Pearl Harbor, & it won’t be a single harbor, but the entire wealth of the U.S. that will be destroyed. China has a military spy organization Unit 61398, while our financial cyberspace spy equivalent is the NSA’s Office of Tailored Access Ops (TAO). Reports indicate what you may suspect, our intelligence is better than theirs. But that makes little difference if they strike first! Financial war games have been played around the world. On 4/23/13 America saw an example of what can happen. Just a few days after the Boston False flag Marathon bombing, a group of Islamic hackers hacked into an Assoc. Press Twitter account & sent out a false news story saying Obama had been injured in a terrorist attack. The Dow Jones Index immediately dropped & $136 billion was wiped out before more accurate reports refuted the false one. There have been other examples. Our markets & economy are so vulnerable in so many ways it would take a book to explain them all. Like I say, a financial war with the U.S. would cost less, and do more damage to us, than a direct military attack. And China, because of its gold reserves & other stockpiled assets, could survive retaliation.

MYTH 4. THE E.U. IS A WEAK ECONOMIC UNIT. The Illuminati directly run the E.U. and intend to maintain it as the center of their global One World Government. Brussels is their capital. The E.U. has more actual gold than either the U.S. or China. And the Euro is backed by a significant part of the overall global reserves. Brussels, Germany and the ECB (Central Bank) developed the Berlin Consensus in 2012 for the E.U. The Consensus shows that Europe is committed to sustained growth and to savings & trade, in contrast to the U.S. & China. Typical of German love for ingenuity, technology & design will play a big role in the E.U.’s economic future. When one notes the numbers of applications for patents filed with the World Intellectual Property Org. one notes that the E.U. filed 27.5%, the U.S. 26.8% & China was 9%. While China has some incredible geniuses, their culture stifles creativity. In contrast, Europe is fully capable of competing with Yankee ingenuity, and their institutions of higher learning are bettering the Americans. The Germans treat their workers with respect, in contrast with China. German managers have taken their ideas to other parts of the E.U. Noticing the strength of the E.U., Chinese investors have switched from America to Europe, investing twice as much in recent years into Europe. China has been supporting the Euro. The Europeans will be competitive in the world’s future markets. The Germans will try to continue the Wirtschaftswunder that raised Germany from total annihilation to an economic power, this time with the entire E.U.

PLAYER #1 BRICS. BRICS=Brazil, Russia, India, China, & So. Africa. Of these Brazil is the most honest real developing economy of the 5, because for starters, corruption is not widespread like in Russia, China & So. Africa. Real entrepreneurs have a chance. Brazil has lots of natural resources. Brazil has been moving forward. BRICS want India & Brazil to become permanent members of the U.N. Security council. This would mean that the security council would consist of 4 BRICS nations, w/ the U.S., U.K. & France now in the minority. Brazil has begun a 20,000 mile undersea fiber optic cable network that will join all the BRICS nations in a secure communication system which theoretically will not be vulnerable to U.S. spying. Ha!

PLAYER #2 IMF. The “I” might as well stand for Illuminati. The IMF is really a global central bank, headed up by Illuminata Christine LaGarde. Her right hand man who she picked as deputy managing director is a globalist from China Dr. Min Zhu, who acts with a globalist viewpoint. In Zhu’s globalist views, he considers South America to fall into China’s sphere of influence. So you can see how IMF policies will reflect that view in the future. I suspect that the leading American at the IMF, David Lipton is also an Illuminati member; his mentor was Robert Rubin, chrm. of the CFR. The Illuminati-run IMF can financially destroy any nation’s ruler. It can also create money. Illum. businesses like JPMorgan Chase & Goldman Sachs are favored by the IMF. The IMF is focused on keeping the Euro strong. The U.S. was quietly, via the IMF, helping bailout Europe in 2011, when nations like Greece & Portugal were putting stress on the E.U. The IMF’s SDR’s is a type of world currency (in disguise, for it is not printed in bills, but moved electronically). At the current exchange rate, more than $300 billion worth of SDRs have been created. That is small compared to the amount of U.S. dollars of which there are about $14.5 trillion on the books, of which $1.3 trillion is actual currency. The IMF have said that they would like SDRs to become the world’s reserve currency…and the embryo of a global currency.

PLAYER #3 HEDGE FUNDS. American hedge funds are used for financial intelligence gathering by the Russians & Chinese. Hedge funds are always seeking to discover things that will give them a trading advantage…perhaps a new technology, new projects or new product, which are great pieces of info to discover. In order to accomplish this, corrupt bankers & lawyers have been hired. Professional managers, developed to serve their foreign directors/handlers have gained experience at the best financial institutions so they seem very qualified for their positions. The idea is to create front companies, & cutouts to the point that any ties back to Russia & China are totally obscured. As these hedge funds have operated for years, no one would suspect their ultimate loyalty is not the U.S. They also can be used as front line assault teams to take down our economy. They can piggyback on a down turn in the stock market to sell stock & push a small downward trend into a single day crash.

PLAYER #4. THE E.U. The E.U. is an Illuminati creation, and has not been bashful to openly show that to those with eyes to see, for instance, describing themselves as the new Tower of Babel. The top leadership in the Illum. is European with a Eurocentric outlook. While China wastes money building ghost cities, the Europeans are actually making productive infrastructure upgrades. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is 34 mi. long & runs under the Swiss Alps. It will save an hour travel time for passengers, and may double or triple the amount of freight that can currently be moved. That is a genuine money making upgrade. They are also ironing out other difficulties w/ genuine solutions. Look at what the Europeans have done in the last previous centuries, and one will see what they can do when they get their act together (if you will pardon the pun).

PREDICTION #1. During the next global meltdown, the euro will stay fairly strong…while the Amer. $ and Chinese yuan struggle. Today, the euro is third behind the $ and yuan in global use, but it is reliable, getting stronger & belongs to the largest trading bloc in the world. When the other two fail, people will turn to the euro, so if I were to invest in a currency the euro would be my choice.

PREDICTION #2. Water and electricity will always be in demand. Who can get by without their lights, stove & frig? If I were to invest in stock I would go for the largest publicly traded utility company American Water Works Co. Inc. as well as the global frontrunner in power & automation ABB Ltd.

PREDICTION #3. In general, owning stock is not advisable as we get ready for a major “market correction” (i.e. collapse). (Silver & gold are real money & will retain value.) Several financial institutions are especially vulnerable. While insiders have told me for 20 yrs. Bank of America will survive the big crash, I seriously doubt that. It barely survived the 2008 crash, & is the most vulnerable big bank today. BoA has paid out over $50 billion due to legal problems from the 2008 crisis. It is what gurus label “one of the most overleveraged” companies in the world. Even the Illuminati institutions: Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley & Wells Fargo & Co. are all in seriously vulnerable positions. All these are high risks for failure in the big crash. I’ve said for a long time their own corporations would also fail in the big crash. American auto & the weaker travel companies will not make it either, for instance Orbitz. Facebook & Twitter depend on ads for their income, so the question is how much advertising will come in during the crash! We may have to meet in another venue besides Facebook, when their revenues are depleted.

PREDICTION #4. If the crash creates an explosion of social unrest, the civilian Federal govt. will relocate from Wash. D.C. into the secure FEMA base Mt. Weather, Loudoun Co., VA (codenamed “High Pt. Special Facility”). The military part will relocate from the Pentagon to Raven Rock Mtn., PA (Blue Ridge Summit near Ft. Ritchie, codenamed “Site R”). (I mention both on pg. 306 of Deeper Insights.) The two are tied together w/ secure communications, even though they are 30 mi. apart. No matter what happens to the rest of us, the U.S. govt. will thrive. They are prepared, are we?


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