Evil Contains the Seed of Its Own Destruction 13 MAY 2013

Evil Contains the Seed of Its Own Destruction.

Politically Correct historians today don’t believe history can be used to teach lessons, but then many of them also feel that way about the ancient wisdom of the Bible too. But the common people, perhaps using common sense, by & large know better. While history & the Bible are often misapplied, their abuse does not remove the fact that they can teach us.

Ancient Rome has served as a template, a model for the elite who created & ruled this nation. That explains the strange spelling of Capitol Hill (named after Rome’s Capitoline Hill) rather than “capital”, as well as the Jefferson Memorial modeled on Rome’s Pantheon, D.C.’s Union Station modeled on Rome’s Baths of Diocletian, & the Washington monument matching Rome’s Obelisk. Bricks & Colonnades abound in Washington, D.C. in imitation of Roman architecture.

Rome was an evil empire, where one person out of 10,000 was filthy rich like a Rockefeller, Astor, Dupont or Rothschild, and the rest were poor. At times half of the poor were slaves. No wonder our elite like to use it as a model. And it contained the seeds of its own destruction, and likewise so does the System that used it as a model. What destroyed Rome?—well there were so many things wrong with it there are over 200 theories as to why it’s power ceased…and my guess is that many of them were concurrent, in other words, many causes I believe were colluding simultaneously together to bring down the mighty empire of Rome, and are also at work today.

For instance, privatization of govt. Author Ramsay MacMullen (& others) believe privatization of govt. power destroyed Rome. This process caused the govt. to lose all sense of direction, and its power disintegrated into selfish interests. One sees the same process active today. Our prisons & military (& other things) are being privatized. Private prisons are concerned about making money, not the basic welfare of inmates (such as feeding them) & other concerns that should be addressed. Half of what would have been military in the last Iraqi war was done privately, incl. private armies (mercenaries) running around shooting & guarding instead of our troops. This matches exactly what Rome did. Further, when Rome found it hard to get troops, they offered citizenship to foreigners to recruit them, just like the US govt. is doing. Now the guards that guard West Point, USMA, my home in ’73 to ’75 as a cadet, are from a private security subsidiary of Wackenhut (which I exposed years ago as connected to Skull & Bones & the Illum.). Can you believe it, the U.S. military doesn’t protect one of their best bases? Rome all over again.

How about the pride of Washington, D.C. which the Washington Post called “the most important city in the Universe”, matched by their ignorance of other cultures. Rome all over again. The decadence of our senators & representatives (Rome had 2 houses also: senators & the populus), and the incredible corruption of our large bureaucratic govt. is on par with Rome. I got a chance to see this first hand on visits to Wash.,D.C. Rome’s Republican govt. slid into tyranny, secret police, with govt. secrecy just as ours has. Rome was a welfare state that kept their population happy with cheap food & entertainment. While their elite’s greed never abated, the value of their money inflated.

Rome, as the sole superpower, saw their mission as the global leader. The Roman Empire developed a military industrial complex, & tried to police the world with permanent armies in the field. Rome found their commitments overstretched their military capability. They developed units similar to our Stryker brigade that could move quickly for emergency reactions to crises. But the enormous economic drain of their military which still didn’t match the size of their commitments also helped destroy Rome.

Their culture had gone downhill. Rome had modern conveniences with our modern moral rot. They had toilet seats in the Coliseum that match our modern ones (I’ve sat on these ancient seats) & they had heated pools like my gym’s jaccuzi (which again I’ve personally seen)…but Rome’s family life had fallen apart, and their birth rates had fallen off (some say because of the hot baths killing sperm). They couldn’t keep millions of foreigners from crossing their Danube (like our Rio Grande), and Romans had lost interest in hard work. That’s why they increasingly let foreigners do their fighting. I had an Italian friend who described to me how growing up in Italy they would feast…then on purpose vomit to eat more; old traditions die hard. I am reminded of Rome’s system of patronage when I see the Cheney & Bush families hobnobbing with the Saudi princes. Note the Saudi’s paid for much of Bush’s first Iraqi War. The elite today do the same obligations of respect (obsequium) that the Roman elite did, (and today’s mafia perform). Different cultures, yet the same culture of unaccountable power.

Viewing prophecy as truth & recognizing prophetic patterns, we realize the pattern of sin and its consequences which is playing out. “And the kings of the earth who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning.” REV 18:9. America is indeed modeling Rome, & following her to destruction.


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