Global governance with foresight. From my limited exposure to world class financial thinkers, I know they do strategic planning & building for the future. This post’s purpose is to widen our understanding of the elite’s economic strategy & tactics by using my current research project. I have been working on a story these last 3 months that involves an unsolved murder which involves several people tied to natural resources involving: hydroelectric power, nuclear energy & timber. The elite have long term objectives which require them to project into the future: new products, new technology, new consumer behavior, and future govt. policy changes. It helps to be one of the Illuminati kingpins who see things from the “driver’s seat”; they can manipulate market conditions, governments, & other factors. In some situations, they even have to eliminate people.

DEATHS FOR A PURPOSE. Last year saw dozens of bankers die, & one of my posts on this was “Inside Look at Banker’s Deaths”. Clearly, some of these on my list below were suicided (murdered) for a strategic reason. Were they corrupt and ripping everyone off incl. their own banks? Were they a threat because they knew something like a FOREX bank fraud or would not cooperate? The answer would have to be on a case by case basis. What we saw is that a sizable number of prominent wealthy bankers could be murdered, in circumstances that in some cases were obviously murder, and yet the police (& the mass media) ruled their deaths suicide.

BANKER DEATH LIST OF 2014: Kenneth Ballando (or Bellando), David Bird (Wall St. Journalist assoc. w/ bankers), William Broeksmit, Therese Brouwer, David Bird, Ryan Henry Crane, Tim Dickenson, Mike Dueker, Tod Robert Edward, Juergen Frick, Calogero Gambino, Joseph A. Giampapa, Richard Gravino, Andrew Jarzyk, Lewis Katz, Mahafarid Amir Khosravi (Amir Mansour Aria), Julian Knott, Thieu Leenen, Thierry Leyne, Li Junjie, Lydia (Paris banker), Gabriel Magee, Shawn D. Miller, Melissa Millian, Benoît Philippens, Autumn Radtke, Eddie Reilly, Richard Rockefeller, Jason Alan Salais, Thomas James Schenkman, Jan Peter Schmittmann, Carlos Six, Karl Slym, James Stuart Jr., Geert Tack, Richard Talley, Nicholas Valtz, Jan Winkelhuijzen.

TWO MANIPULATIONS REVEALED. In my current murder investigation, there were two economic manipulations that were involved. One was long term, one short term.

LONG TERM. Using a front man, someone with power & good strategic business planning, bought up the timber in Benton Co., and adjacent areas during the depression, when land was being sold weekly at govt. auctions for failure to pay back taxes. The timber could not be cut & milled for a profit then, because the methods of cutting, sawing & transporting were not well developed for that kind of area. Their front man at the right time about 40 yrs. later provided Willamette Industries (based in Portland), an Illuminati connected Fortune 500 corportation, with timber.

SHORT TERM. Many of us have busy lives, and we don’t look much beyond that, so it is quite understandable if people in my area don’t think much of the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). But BPA is a major financial factor in this nation. It is quite politicized, & U.S. presidents visit it and pay attention to it. The BPA manages 31 federal hydroelectric dams on the Columbia & its tributaries, not to mention many other generating plants & dams in NW USA. Certain skilled people “run the river”—that is control the dams, and how the dams are operated determines electrical supplies & rates. River management is very complex & a delicate art. Some changes in rainfall & electrical demand can have significant economic results. It then comes as no surprise that the Illum. sponsored, via their Ford Foundation, a $4 million study “The Energy Policy Project”. And an example of govt. energy planning is Carter’s 1978 PURPA Energy Plan. And it may be no surprise to readers, that people like the chrm of the Nuclear Regulatory Comm. Ivan Selin is CFR. In my current case at hand, the person in charge of running BPA’s hydroelectric dams was a programmed multiple who provided insiders with operating info that allowed them to do insider trading…predicting what was going to happen in energy supply & demand & prices. Readers may not be aware that the costs for electricity vary quite a bit. In our region, certain corporations have been given special rates, and surplus electricity is sold for rates different than what you & I pay each month. The point is that the slight short term changes are economic opportunities.

HISTORICAL PRECEDENCES. In my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book I provide other instances where cold blooded strategies are implemented to give a kingpin an economic advantage. The book also reveals how certain people are groomed or permitted to gain wealth or exploit a potential endeavor. Economic principles can also work for anyone with the savvy to know how to apply them, & not everyone making money is using insider info or criminal means. The Word teaches us that wars come from greed, and that gives us one more final example of ops done with strategic business plans for the future.


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