EBOLA, PANDEMICS & THE ILLUMINATI. The large interest generated by my recent post on Pandemics (122 likes, 55 shares up to now) encouraged me to write more on the subject. This post will expose the connections between the Illuminati, WHO, & how Ebola will be dealt with. WHO, HQed in Geneva, Switz. is the world agency delegated to declared a “pandemic”. Before we discuss the Illum.’s control of WHO, let’s deal with immune systems in developing nations, who will bear the brunt of a pandemic.

HEALTH, NUTRITION & IMMUNE SYSTEMS IN DEVELOPING NATIONS. Malnutrition & other diseases can make people more vulnerable to Ebola. The World Health Org. (WHO), and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) have the job in these vulnerable African nations to protect them & us from pandemics. WHO predicted that by 2015 2.3 billion adults would be overweight & 700 million obese. As we have discussed being overweight does not mean one is receiving good nutrition (in fact, it most likely is a sign to the contrary), nor does it mean one has a good immune system. The Illum. run IMF encouraged globalization of food products in developing nations by insisting they liberalize their trade laws as a condition to get loans.

Deregulation, reduction of trade barriers & other trade liberalizations mostly aided & encouraged the large food corporations which I exposed years ago being connected to the Illuminati & ancient elite families (like Agnelli, Nestle, Bunge, McMillan & Safra). These big corporations are Cargill, ConAgra, and Archer Daniel Midlands (ADM) who are called “transnational food corporations”, and who internationally control the entire food supply chain, to wit: seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, production, processing & the manufacturing of foods, as well as their marketing. For instance, Cargill is the largest Argentine agrifood exporter, and is in over 66 countries. Cargill operates 25 companies/joint ventures in Red China. On the packaged food end, the big ones, incl. Nestle, Kraft and PepsiCo; are all run by the elite. At the end are the retailers, and the largest total food retailer in the U.S. was Walmart ($312.4 billion food sales in 2006). What has that meant—in other words, why do I bring up this globalization of food by these big corporations? Because thanks to them, the large amount of processed foods & dangerous toxic substances that have been giving Americans degenerative diseases, are now being increasing eaten by developing nations, with the result that they are ruining their health & immune systems. Since NAFTA, obesity has doubled in Mexico. The use of dangerous hydrogenated veg. oil, has tripled in Red China and quadrupled in India. The Low middle classes of developing nations have gone hog wild for processed foods.

AIDS & SARS—PANDEMICS OR PANICS?? WHO and UNAIDS (allied to big pharma) used a computer program Epimodel to simulate the growth of AIDS. This is how they terrified the world with bogus figures about the AIDS epidemic. An intelligent Christian told me in 1984 that America would be depopulated by AIDS. The Rock Stars were warning us about a pandemic. Mind-controlled slave Madonna was active in scaring people about AIDS. The testing for AIDS in Africa is rather flaky, some are diagnosed based on symptoms like weight lost & diarrhea. Also, the truth is that almost all African countries were not keeping statistics on anything related to deaths & causes of death. This is why WHO used a computer program to generate their statistics. The only nation that did keep records, South Africa, has official statistics that show the WHO stats to have been overblown exaggerations. The Epimodel, once it was exposed, was replaced by the ASSA model, and then it too was replaced in 2002. But how many heard that in 2002, they revised their statistic of 250,000 dead to 65,000. The media & others created paranoia about SARS, the first 21st century pandemic. Some might say that the paranoia caused more damage than the disease. Less than 900 people died, the travel industry (like airlines) lost an est. $50 billion. One place where SARS was efficiently spread was in Singapore & Hong Kong’s ER’s and critical care wards. Moving forward, the 2011 Hollywood horror film Contagion shows a pandemic like Ebola.

Who controls WHO?? An anonymous knowledgeable insider says it’s crazy how obedient the U.N.’s WHO is to Bill Gates and his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Another insider says that the Gates Foundation monopolizes agendas of the international health organizations like WHO and that it is very controlling & “dominating”. Another knowledgeable insider explained that diverse scientific viewpts. are suppressed by the foundation, & researchers have to toe the foundation’s party line. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is an Illuminati foundation. It is the major player in the health sector and was founded in 2000, & endowed with $29 billion. It continues to receive ongoing financing from the Illuminati. It is the biggest charity in the world. And people in international health care are terrified to expose or contradict the Gates Foundation.

CONVERTING MONEY INTO POWER & GLOBAL HEALTH PROBLEMS INTO BIG BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. It is not my goal to say it doesn’t do good…I will let God judge the Gates Foundation…what I am trying to show is how the players in the Ebola pandemic scare are all controlled by the Illuminati. If you consider that WHO received $336,877,670 from the Gates Foundation, you begin to see why WHO jumps up & says, “Yes sir!” to the Foundation. The World Bank Group in its first seven yrs. received the cumulative figure of $134,486,883 from the foundation. The global health actors and the global health agenda is dominated by the foundation. And this Illum. foundation has little real accountability. Global health research centers & international health opinion makers are recipients of foundation money. Research funding is linked to the Gates Foundation, and interestingly, this research serves those in power, their corporations, esp. pharma corp. like Monsanto, & their agendas. Big Pharma is close to the Foundation. In the first seven yrs., the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave US$ 8.1 billion in global health grants!! Infectious diseases received $1.9 billion. Global health strategies received $2.9 billion. Basically anything involved with vaccinations (a.k.a. immunizations) has received incredible amounts of money from the Gates Foundation. They have been interested in health patents, & techno-pharma type solutions. However, the Gates Foundation has been disinterested towards helping developing health care systems. I’m talking about the need for trained nurses & things like that. However, they have funneled money to NGO’s to lobby govt. officials around the world to enact the policies the Foundation wants.

SOME BASIC EBOLA RELATED FACTS: PRC METHOD & INFO ON VIRUSES. Fruit bats have been identified carrying Ebola, fortunately most of us don’t come into contact with bats. It is a virus with a fatality rate one source gave as 68%. The Ebola’s hemorrhagic & other symptoms are not unique, so people may not be able to immediately decide what it is that the person has. PRC is a modern method that allows a lab to identify from a tiny amount a viral RNA’s genome (i.e. its genetic code). In theory, this should give researchers the tool to precisely track a pandemic. Ebola is a filamentous filovirus only 80 nm (nanometers) in diameter. (Most bacteria by contrast are like 1,000 nm.) Also keep in mind the different kinds of pathogens: virus, bacterium, & protozoan are totally different things. Bacteria are much easier to deal with, than a virus like Ebola. Ebola has been given the most dangerous Biosafety Level 4. Viral vaccinations often create mild localized infections of the disease itself. When SARS came to Toronto, and the vaccine was limited in supply, many paranoid people got outraged at the govt. for not giving them shots. Later, when the population learned that the SARS vaccine actually gives you a mild infection of SARS, you could not get people to take the vaccination.

This post has covered how the IMF helped the Illum.-run corporations to take control of agriculture and food products globally, thereby globally eroding mankind’s health with processed foods. It has discussed how the Illuminati via the Gates Foundation controls the global network of agencies & groups that deal with pandemics, including the key player WHO. Then a no. of interesting facts were given, for instance, that a viral vaccination typically gives you an infection of the viral disease itself. Hopefully, this additional info will assist you in critically thinking about these subjects.


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