EAST HAMPTON & the GOVT’S SECRET GERM LAB TO THE EAST. This post is a discussion of the East Hampton area in general & specifically Plum Island, where the govt. has operated a secret germ lab. The village of East Hampton is located on the east side of Long Island, NY along the Atlantic. It has been the playground of the rich (for instance Steven Spielberg has a home there), and sports some rows of expensive mansions. Yesterday, when William Van Duyn posted about enjoying boat trip off of East Hampton, I was reminded about what I had written in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book in the Van Duyn chapter (p. 416) about Gardiner’s Island. Gardiner’s Island is just to the east of East Hampton. Lord Lion Gardiner of the House of Orange (Netherlands) was granted a royal manor on the island in 1639. The Manor was an independent colony until the end of the American Revolution!! Another trace of the Dutch-Belgium presence is nearby Amsterdam Beach owned by Nature Conservancy (a group one of my posts connected back to the elite). I write “Dutch-Belgium” presence because Belgium was part of the Netherlands when the Dutch settled the area, & most of the original settlers to New Amsterdam (renamed NYC) were actually from what is now Belgium, the nation of William Van Duyn. (His mother language is Dutch. Belgium has 2 main languages, French & Dutch.) It was from these early settlers that I was able to pick up on the Van Duyn lineage/genealogies. While in the Library of Congress, I picked up on their history as Dutch nobility, but I missed how the family had previously originated in southern France.

PLUM ISLAND. The East Hampton area, for as small as it is, has lots of curious history. Capt. Kidd stored his treasure on Gardiner’s Island. The Amer. Nazis used the area for rallies, & the German Nazis landed saboteur teams there during WW 2. Then there is Montauk, which is mentioned in my mind control books. But of all these curious things, this post is about Plum Island, especially Lab 257, which is located just to the north of Gardiner Island. In fact, Lord Gardiner was on friendly terms with the commander of the Plum Island Germ research facility. While you most likely have not heard of Plum Island, and like various secret places it often is left OFF of maps or left unidentified, yet you have certainly heard of some the diseases that escaped & spread from there such as Lyme Disease and West Nile fever (blamed on Africa when it started in NYC in ‘99). Lyme disease got its name from the nearby Connecticut city of Old Lyme located just north of Plum Island where Lyme disease was first noticed.

FROM FT. TERRY TO LAB 257. In April 1948, Public Law 48-496 came out which laid the legal groundwork for Lab 257. It said the Sec. of Ag. could est. labs, & Sec. of Ag. Brannan gave the o.k. for Plum Island on July 28, 1952. In 1956, the Sec. of Ag. Ezra Taft Bensen would provide the key speech at the dedication of Plum Island’s Research facility. (Also of interest is that Ezra Taft Bensen was the 13th Pres. of the LDS Mormon church & recommended all Mormons read Gary Allen’s book “None Dare Call It A Conspiracy” about the NWO.) After WW 2, when the U.S. began using Nazi Operation Paperclip scientists, the U.S. govt. looked for a place to do dangerous germ testing. An isolated 840 acre island, Plum Island, called Ft. Terry by the military, had prevailing winds blowing out to sea, so it looked like a good place to test lethal & deadly germs. On some maps it is labeled “U.S. GOVERNMENT—RESTRICTED DANGEROUS ANIMAL DISEASES”. As an example of the security, a dog which broke lose & swam from a passing boat onto the island was destroyed by the guards. The area has been restricted from visitors, except on rare occasions. A declassified army doc of 1951 indicates that the Army Chemical Corp was doing Biological Warfare experiments on Plum Island. There seems to be several dates when the research “began” because the oversight was handed from one agency to another. On about July 1, 1954, the Army handed the research lab over to the USDA. The “Animal Disease Center” began in 1956. I believe that the germ warfare testing has stopped recently.

CAST OF CHARACTERS. The two founding fathers of Lab 257 deserve mention: Dr. Erich Traub—Nazi germ specialist, who worked for the Nazis, Russians, Americans & West Germans developing weapons grade germ warfare. He was one of the founding fathers of Plum Island’s Lab 257 and a member of Operation Paperclip. And the other was Dr. William A. Hagan, an American researcher during & after WW 2 into weapons grade germ weapons. He along with Dr. Traub was a founding father of Lab 257. He researched Anthrax during WW 2, & donated 12 vials of lethal anthrax to Plum Island, est. to be enough to kill 1 million people. He commanded Plum Island for a while.
Two other commanders of the island of note were: Dr. Jerry Callis-commander of Plum Island for 35 years beginning in 1963, and Dr. Roger Breeze-an Englishman & commander of Plum Island after Callis in 1998.

AMERICANS USED AS GUINEA PIGS. Hundreds of tests using germs have been carried out on the American people. One for example was during the summer of 1966, when a test of germ warfare was conducted in the NY subways system. Govt. agents tossed lightbulbs filled with Bacillus subtilis at three subway stations onto the tracks to see how the trains would spead it. In 1967, germs from Lab 257 destroyed the duck industry on Long Island. Up to then it had been one of Long Island’s main industry. The virus was called the Dutch duck plague (aka as Duck virus enteritis) because it was said to have come from the Netherlands & Belgium. It was the first outbreak of a “foreign” animal disease in the U.S. They blamed it on Dutch tourists.

There are many more details about the deadly secret germ warfare Lab 257 that has surfaced, but the reader gets the gist of the thing. You can see why I was compelled to write this when I read that Mr. Van Duyn was vacationing to the east of this whole dangerous mess. In general, the Lab has been good at containing its dangerous germs, and in general the winds blow out to sea, but one problem they have had over the years is that they are in hurricane alley and have been hit a no. of times. In 1991, when Hurricane Bob hit the Lab head on there was a biological melt down, freezers of dozens of deadly pathogens thawing, sewage leaking, the biocontainment system failed. Crew B fought the battle against the leakage, and when it was all done, they were fired by the govt.! The diseases the workers contracted in the fight were denied by the govt. who said, “Prove it that you caught it at Plum Island” and got doctors to not diagnose the problems. Nothing wrong here, everyone has this. Welcome to Brave New World American-style. The things they use our tax dollars for!! By the way, some people have paid a price for exposing Plum Island.


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