EARLY SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE FAILURES in the U.K., Australia, & Canada, & govt. cover ups. (This post was requested by a fb friend in the U.K.) In 1919 after WW I, the U.K. came out w/ a health insurance scheme & then suppressed studies & evidence that it was failing. When I lived in Canada for 8 months, I spoke w/ a radio announcer who was trying to expose the failures of their socialized medicine, such as you could die waiting for treatment, & people were slipping through the cracks in the system. In the 1930’s, Australia adopted socialized medicine, & the govt. proceeded to spew forth propaganda about how better things had become. Because people don’t have the bigger picture and have short memories, the propaganda was having an effect, so an old time doctor wrote a book exposing the whole thing. In the early ‘90’s, I came across & obtained his book exposing how things were drastically worse in the ‘30’s…I write from memory on Australia, because I don’t know where his book has gone. Rickets & other preventable diseases were common in Australia in the ‘30s.
In the U.K., 2 significant studies came out in 1936 showing the failure of the health insurance & other British govt. socialized schemes. One was the Rowett Institute’s study done in cooperation with the Dept. of Ag. The Rowett Institute’s report was barred from printing by the govt. The head of the Institute, Dr. John Boyd Orr, was called on the carpet by Sir Wood, Minister of Health, & told to his face the report was false because there was no poverty in the U.K. since it had been socialized. Dr. Orr decided to go directly to the public via radio. The govt. warned him that he & another doctor that wanted to go on radio would lose their medical licenses by being taken off the Medical Register. The other doctor backed off, but Dr. Orr went on radio & lost his license. Then he privately published the findings of the Rowett Institute, since the govt. had blocked normal publishing routes. The other negative report, also suppressed, was done by the British Medical Association. Chief Med. Officer, Sir George Newman, went on record saying inquiry into poor health in the U.K. was “inadvisable”. When another health care worker, Lady Rhys Williams reported serious health & nutritional problems, the govt. replied that her report was “speculation”.
In 1919, the U.K.’s Ministry of Health was created along with socialized health care. While propaganda flooded the working class w/ how much better off they were, the real statistics showed a different story. Maternal mortality rates rose 22% during the first decade of socialized health insurance. Industrial workers died 50% more than the average death-rate, & the rich areas 20% lower than the aver. death rate. The majority of kids showed signs of rickets (lack of Vita. D). Women had high rates of anemia. 80% of the working class families lived in intolerable appalling situations. Numerous studies tried to expose these terrible conditions, but the govt. worked hard to suppress it all. Urban workers existed in a state of malnourishment due to poverty. The govt. only decided to change things for the better, when they needed the workers to produce war material in WW II under long working hours, & the soldiers to fight hard in battle. In 1948, the British National Health Care Act was instituted. The NHS (Nat. Health Serv.) now takes care of the Brits. There is co-pay & everyone pays taxes. Health care is never FREE just because the govt. runs it. Recently, the govt. declared that people diagnosed with cancer have the right to see a doctor w/in 2 weeks. Socialized medical care is notorious for long waits & less screening.
In the 1880’s, Chancellor von Bismarck, (under Illuminati impetus & in line w/ the once head of Freemasonry Frederick the Great’s socialist ideas) instituted health insurance, which by 1928 had extended to essentially all Germans. This was the first socialized health insurance. The German doctors became short order cooks in soup kitchens. As they were paid per client, & some got the nickname “Kassenloewe” which meant “sickness fund lion”, as the patients were simply an item on a conveyor belt to be run thru as quickly as possible. The Nazi’s loved socialized health care as it gave them control over everyone, & more leverage to promote correct political thinking. Why people want to turn over the most important private matters to the state is beyond me. I’d prefer to retain my rights to see the doctor of my choice, & likewise want the doctor to have a similar right. The Medical mafia under the govt. will also dictate what kind of medical care you get—drugs & surgery—certainly not naturopaths & perhaps not even chiropractors, & for sure not natural safe things like herbal treatments & preventive medical ideas.
Obama is bringing us more socialized medical care. More, because Medicare & Medicaid came in & raised the medical rates drastically, although most people blame the doctors. Our medical system is scandalously allowed to charge crazy rates. For instance, a person who works in medical care told me her hospital charges clients $75 for an aspirin. They are allowed to overcharge like this, so that we all want socialized medicine. I note how America’s enemy Cuba, which did such an outstanding job with health care, rarely got any positive reports here in the U.S. In other words, we hear what they want us to hear, because the corrupt media provides us with the politically correct version of events. I anticipate we will be told how great Obama’s health care program is working. The Cato Institute & individual libertarians have worked to stop mandatory socialized medical insurance.


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