When a dog barks at everything, people get in the habit of ignoring it. Then there are dogs that can’t be bothered, they are busy sleeping. This post is a discussion about honesty in reporting. While this post is not about me, its issues relate to me. Some of you appreciate how dedicated I am to being accurate. There are plenty of shills, or whatever they are, that say I don’t know anything because I am not running off at the mouth about the latest new rumor being spread as truth in the truth/conspiracy community. They like to suggest I am holding back & not telling the real secrets. I am confident most of my readers see thru it all. I’ve been pleased how astute some truthers have been in sorting out sources & info. What happens to me is a small symptom of a larger issue. I have followed up on things that are reported as fact, for instance, a report that 17,000 Russian troops were in an Oregon National Forest; I rented a plane & flew a pattern over the entire area…no troops.

Cardiff, NY, Saturday, Oct. 16, 1869, (11 a.m.) a group of men digging a farm well, dig thru some roots & discover what looks like the remains of a 10’ giant. The farmer of the land wants to rebury it, & dig the well elsewhere, but locals that day demand that the farmer let the public see it. They say it’s the most important thing to hit that small 150 person town. (Cardiff has only a post office, church, hotel, 3 stores & 2 blacksmiths.)

The next day, the local Onondaga tribe comes to check out the remains thinking it might be linked to their ancient stories about stone giants. 4 surgeons & doctors give their professional judgment that it is a genuine petrified man. The local men place a fig leaf over the giant’s circumcised genitals, but the next day the local women succeeded in having it removed leaving it nude. The next day, reporters & scientists arrive. The reporters get their story, along w/ the scientists declaring it authentic. So on the 3rd day the NY Tribune headlines on the front page, “A FOSSIL GIANT—SINGULAR DISCOVERY NEAR SYRACUSE”. (Syracuse was the nearby county seat.) The NY Herald headlined “A PETRIFIED GIANT”. Reporters & scientists kept coming over for the next few weeks. James Hall, a great Amer. paleontologist, pres. Amer. Assoc. for Advancement of Science, dir. NY State Museum of Nat. History, & geologist for NY State (in other words a heavyweight scientist), told reporters, “It has lain in its present position for ages.” It was genuine. And all over the country, newspapers in other states simply repeated what the NY papers were saying. The Giant was big news for several months.

The hoax unraveled in December when someone from Ft. Dodge, KS (near what became Dodge City) paid the fee to look at the giant & recognized that the giant was made from gypsum from where he mined. Soon the parts of the hoax began to come out. The hoax had been perpetrated by George Hull, an atheist who loved science & hated Christians with a passion. Hull had “married” his 16 yr. old niece & had 2 children w/ her. Hull’s two main occupations had been 1. Making cigars, 2. Making money as a criminal. Just one of his tricks was to burn his tobacco barns & collect insurance. He was a practiced swindler long before he thought up the giant hoax. He had managed to get a 12’x4’ block of gypsum & had a sculpture in Chicago make the giant, & then he moved it quietly to a distant relative’s farm near Cardiff. (By the way, Hull’s activities in the small town of Ackley, Iowa also interest me because C.T. Russell’s people owned land there, & I wrote about Ackley in my Be Wise As Serpents book.) In his twisted thinking, Hull thought the Giant would discredit Christianity (but it was the scientists that were fooled). The Giant shows how easy it is to fool lots of people (60,000 people went to see it…25,000 in the first week.) Scientists & newspapers across America were positive it was genuine. It also illustrates another important point, once a few scientists & reporters declared something true, most people simply parroted what they say. These kind of hoaxes continue to be perpetrated by the mass media every day, the only difference is that you will never see them admit to the lies. And the parroting goes on & on.

My friend witnessed today to an atheist mathematician in his thirties, & the mathematician said math has evolved & 2+2 does not always equal 4. He didn’t believe in absolute truth, & had lots of garbled thinking…a product of our modern public schools. This atheist’s wild statements matched so many of the things I’ve warned about in recent posts. Much of what he said was illogical, but then he said logic was overrated. Again, a lot of parroting, like “Science has completely disproved the Bible.”

A portion of the Word that is enjoyable to read (ISAIAH 56:10:12) says in part, “His watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant; they are dumb dogs.” It goes on to say God’s people’s watchmen are blind, ignorant, dumb, sleeping & drunk. The prophets Jeremiah & Ezekiel gave similar warnings. What was said about the watchmen then still applies to today.


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