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Last evening, I was on Drew Lamb’s radio show. The link to his show last night: http://www.ucy.tv/…/Double_Crossed_with_Drew,_David_and_Chu…
I am scheduled to be on his show again on May 22nd.

DREW GETS MY ACCLAMATION FOR BEING THE 1ST MEDIA SOURCE TO CATCH ONTO MY OUTCOMING STORY OF WILLIAM C. VAN DUYN. Excellent job Drew!!! I have been waiting to see how long it would take for both the alternative media & main stream media to catch on to the story I released which is the biggest story so far in the 21st century. Drew takes the prize!! For the first time, I spoke about the outcoming on radio.

I find Drew fascinating…Of all the radio hosts out there, (and over the years I’ve experienced perhaps close to a hundred), Drew fascinates me the most with what he is doing and what he knows. I like to go on his show to learn from him! And that is the type of guy who first recognized my big story for what it was….figures. Recently, Drew called into the Alex Jones show as a call-in, because AJ was discussing radiation, and Drew has been monitoring with equipment the radiation, and then day by day keeping people constantly informed on the latest about the Fukushima Daiichi radiation disaster. It is not a pleasant story, but the radiation keeps coming, and it will not be going away. Drew takes magnesium & kelp. I do too; and I don’t buy produce from CA or northern Mex. which got the initial heavy dose of fallout when the first stuff came over in the jet stream. All we can do is mitigate the disaster, which by the way has been covered-up and greatly downplayed. Drew was so interesting & informed when he called in, that Alex then had him on his show. (Drew also in private conversation gave me horror story after story of people he personally knows—incl. some who are young–who are having cancer & children w/ birth defects. Fukushima??)

Drew is also fascinating for some of his other kinds of projects. He lives in the Ashland, southern Oregon area. That area has a long history of seceding from the U.S. One of the links about his newest project the second Republic of Jefferson is: http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us-jeff.html
Some of you may be aware that southern Oregon & northern Calif. seceded in 1941 for about 10 months & formed their own Republic. (The Republic of Jefferson flag will be attached to this post or put on the thread.)The attack on Pearl Harbor refocused everyone’s attention & efforts to build a new Republic fizzled out. In recent years the area has called itself The State of Jefferson, as an attempt to leave the new world orderish Amerika. However, the state of Jefferson movement has been co-opted by special interest groups interested in controlling water. The new republic is being based on the concept that the nation that governs least governs best. In building the framework & philosophy of their new govt. they are trying to set up a nation of responsible free people. That means no property taxes & so forth. Drew Lamb is certainly of the caliber & mettle of one of the USA’s founding fathers. His sustainable ag innovations are astounding also. He is truly an American hero, & he loves my posts. He is currently trying to get information out to people about the Republic they are creating. If you want to help him with that let me know. I did not ask for his permission to give out his phone no., so I will just pass on to him your info that you want to assist him.

JFK’S ASSASSINATION. The most profound event of my youth, the watershed event that changed the USA, was JFK’s assassination. I happened to be in the US in Council Grove, KS at the time on home leave. I had just spent two years living in the Hindu kingdom of Nepal, but was back in the states for half a year. I had eaten a cheeseburger for lunch at the Rendezvous Restaurant & was halfway back to school when I was told of JFK being shot. We were all stunned. The rest of the day at school was spent staring in shock. Later I would watch on TV as Jack Ruby shot Oswald in front of many police as he was being moved. Shock on shock. Nothing was the same after that. The events of that day are indelibly etched into my brain like they happened yesterday. Perhaps even clearer than yesterday! For the younger generation, their watershed event was 9-11…and the JFK assassination doesn’t register the emotional impact it had for us older folks.

Many of us would follow the Warren Commission & realize it was a coverup & garbage. Things smelled foul from the start. The JFK assassination became the biggest entry point for many of us that there was a conspiracy of powerful people ruling the world…and we realized nothing was as it seems…and that the mass media feeds us lies. Hundreds of brave people pooled their knowledge & over time researchers like Jim Marrs pieced together much of what happened. But there still remain questions. I went to Dealey Plaza to see things for myself. The other side could be expected to muddy the waters with disinfo…for instance, the Zapruder footage was released. The Zapruder footage was shot by Abraham Zapruder and was turned over to C.D. Jackson, who was connected to both the CIA & Illum. From there the film got tampered with. A court case (the Clay Shaw trial 1967-69) subpoenaed the film & a blurry copy was reluctantly turned over to people. Evidence eventually came out that the film frames have been tampered with. The frames show obvious tampering. Later, a FOI release shows that the Zapruder film went to the CIA’s Nat. Photo Interp. Ctr. right after it was obtained…obviously for alteration. So what was thought by many to be the best evidence is problematic.

Bruce Roberts, who already had inside knowledge, created a web of worldwide informants using rubies to pay for info. From that came the Gemstone files. He had dredged up lots of inside info on the JFK assassination (& other events), some of which got into a paper called the “Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files”. He paid his life for it. When Roberts got cancer, he said it had been inflicted on him by the CIA. As an extremely informed person he would have known. Other brave researchers built upon what they were able to obtain of his research. Larry Flynt offered a $1 million reward to anyone who could solve the JFK ass. plot, & 2 months later he was shot & paralyzed from the waist down. From Bruce Robert’s work came a bevy of brave researchers who built upon what survived of Robert’s research, like Gerald A. Carroll.

So it occurred to me that a meaningful gesture of the hierarchy’s new glasnost would be to give the world some answers on the plot that killed JFK. So I started that process, a dialogue about events of NOV 22, 1963…a day I will never forget. Mr. Van Duyn, the current head, is too young to remember it like I do. In regards to the JFK assassination, William Van Duyn does want us to receive clarification. So that is what I have been working on. But I will save all that for later, as well as insure I have permission, but will share now one tidbit… My comment was: “Allen Dulles was the CIA director, and the CIA was involved with the entire assassination once the Illuminati decreed it. That is confusing to me because Allen was a close associate with JFK & his brother RFK. They both admired him. So somehow there had to be something important that Dulles needed to protect, and/or perhaps Dulles was just following Illuminati orders.” The response I got was, “Dulles followed orders like a puppy.”

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