Analysis of the Japan’s renunciation of pacifism. (10/18/’15) People who have been around me have heard me repeatedly say that we draw to ourselves that which we fear.

FEAR OF FOREIGNERS. After Commodore Perry of the U.S. displayed superior naval power to Japan and forced their nation to open up to the outside world, the Japanese worked towards the goal of having the military might to push foreigners out again. Operating under the Meiji Constitution and absolute monarchy, militarism was given complete control. The resulting war, the Pacific War (part of WW2) gave a foreign power (the USA) total control over Japan. MacArthur, was given power to rule Japan. MacArthur had studied Japan in detail & had numerous important ideas on how to improve it. He was the driving force behind Japan adopting a peace constitution (Heiwa-Kenpoo).

RENOUNCING MILITARY FORCE. The Peace Constitution, adopted in May 1947, has blessed Japan. In its Article 9, it said that the Japanese people “forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation…and the threat or use of force as a means of settling international disputes” and that “land, sea and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained”. Note that military forces would NOT even be created. As the Korean War dragged on, the U.S. govt. felt overstretched in its military obligations, and encouraged Japan to create a “self-defense force” to give the U.S. some slack. This was the first major fudge of Article 9. Recently, the legislature of Japan passed legislation that nullifies Article 9. Again, the U.S. govt. quietly encouraged this new law because again it takes some pressure off of America to defend its interests in the Orient. The new law also allows Japanese companies to export war material, so I can see that Japan’s businesses (a budding military industrial complex) will be excited at the profits to be made. Supposedly, according to the men in Japan who pushed for full military power, now Japan can do something about Japanese citizens taken hostage by “terrorists”. Well, the U.S. has had a military second to no one, and that has not done much to help hostage taking. How well I remember Carter’s aborted military strike that failed to release the Americans held captive in Iran.

FEAR OF CHINA & NORTH KOREA. “Japan’s preparation for national security threats in the region is not sufficient,” Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned, “We must cover all the bases to protect the people’s lives and safety in any possible scenario.” Abe used the aggressiveness of China to begin a campaign to revise the Constitution, which successfully resulted in the legislation he wanted to reverse Article 9. The Philippine govt., which is to receive 10 new coast guard ships from Japan in 2016, was in favor of Japan allowing its military to fight overseas. However, my analysis is this, by allowing itself to use war as a means to solve problems, Japan will only draw what it fears to itself. Red China will be even more certain to consider Japan a threat. Now Japan can have missiles & strategic bombers. And in the same way that military threats ended up leading to WW 1, Japan’s adoption of war as a means to settle disputes, will, in the end, lead to war with China. The principle here is that our fears draw what we fear to ourselves.

OPPOSING VIEWS FROM JAPAN. My friend Ryu Ohta, a writer who exposed the New World Order to his Japanese readers, said to readers that we should not go onto the World power’s “playground” to defeat them, but we should fight it spiritually, which was a level where we could win. Ryu Ohta has passed on, but the truth of what he said continues. How quickly pacifism was tossed aside by Japan’s government…even though there were fierce protests around the country to keep Article 9, which by the way continue. Naomi Takasa has been one of the leaders opposing the new militarism and working to preserve Article 9. I regret to see a nation that had something positive, throw it away to return to methods that history shows to be defective.


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