This post is about the increase in discontentment as evidenced by secession movements. While Americans have tended to be unified during the twentieth century, the pressures of the draconian World Order are causing divisions between conservative rural areas & the liberal cities. And rural areas tend to be self-sufficient vs. large numbers of urban people on govt. handouts, there are rural areas that are predominantly anti-NWO, for instance, stores in some areas of rural Idaho sell anti-NWO periodicals on their stands. Several states have secession movements to secede from the USA. The secession movements in Hawaii & Texas want to return their states to being sovereign nations, like they were before they joined the USA. California & Vermont were also independent nations (on a lesser scale) before they joined the USA also. Alaska, Hawaii & Texas have sizable portions of their populations that are fed up with the socialist police state that the USA has become, and would like to regain control of their state’s original independent national sovereignty so they could chart better policies more compatible with the best interests of their land.

When Texas became part of the USA, it was an internationally recognized nation, so actually what happened was the merger of two countries. The 2 nations made a contract, of which the US reneged on once TX was part of the U.S. Technically that invalidated the contract of merger. Based upon that, there was a group in the ‘90’s that set up a Texas govt. as a nation, and I personally spoke by telephone to representatives of the Republic of Texas, before the US govt. chased and shot and disbanded them. Others have taken their places pushing for Texas independence by secession. Texas has always had its own identity. And for a moment was again independent before joining the Confederate States of America. The last land battle of the Civil War was fought in TX, and then they suffered severely under reconstruction until being readmitted into the USA. I recently travelled in Texas and can testify that the economy is booming, in contrast to the stagnant economy of my state Oregon. Texas’s economy is so big, that if they became a separate nation they would rank 14th largest of the world’s economies. But Texas is also called Tex-Mex because its population is increasingly Mexican. If the Lone Star state became a nation, it might well become Little Mexico within a few years, and I know that is not the direction that Texans who want their independence are trying to achieve. While at least 25% of Texans want independence, some who want freedom from the Fed. govt.’s tyranny do not support it, fearing that it will lead to annexation by Mexico.

I have been surprised at how many Americans don’t realize that Alaska was a Russian colony before the US bought it from Russia. In the ‘90’s a secret protocol between the U.S. & Russia, under the auspices of the New World Order, laid out a plan to return Alaska to Russia. As far as I know, this is still on the books, and to be implemented over time. During the ‘90’s I would report various activities happening in Alaska in line with this plan. Most Alaskans would rather be detached from the USA. This likely will eventually happen, although not in the way they expect.

On a smaller scale, across America are disenchanted counties that want to secede and form their own states. 8 northern Colorado counties had officials meet last July to secede from Colorado and form their own state. By the way, first these counties have to vote to secede, then they have to get the state legislature to approve & then get the approval of the Congress in Wash. D.C. About the same chance as a snowball in hell. Five western counties in MD want to secede from their state. In southern AZ, they want to create the state of Baja AZ. There is talk and action in California to break into 6 states. And then there is Siskyou County in no. Calif.

Recently, Siskiyou County’s Board of Supervisors voted almost unanimously to secede from Calif. & have recently called upon neighboring counties in northern Calif. & southern OR to do the same. They are calling them to reform the state of Jefferson. Actually, the state of Jefferson has been around all our lives. The formation of the state of Jefferson took place in WW 2, & shared headlines with the fighting of WW 2. It has lingered unofficially for all those years in northern Calif. & southern OR.

There are other divisions going on in the US also. Some people in the Midwest and the South don’t care much for the West coast, which they see as insanely liberal. However, the rural areas of Oregon, Washington and California are often very conservative, but the large liberal urban populations drown their voice out. This kind of phenomena is typical worldwide, where cities have often had political power over the rural areas. What this post is highlighting is that the divisions in America are not melting or fading, but appear to be increasing, which is significant for a nation that has been unified during the 20th century. In spite of the influence of TV, the American dialects are growing apart also. Remember how Latin broke up into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian & Romanian. American English is drifting the same direction. One has to wonder, should things continue, where will the USA be in 40 or 50 years?


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