DIVISIONS IN THE WORLD ORDER: Patterns of Disunity. This post is to correct misunderstandings & enhance our understanding of the way the World Order works by discussing the Illuminati’s past conflict with the Catholic Church & its current one with the Dragon Secret Society. The pattern we see in such conflicts is similar to Imperial Japan during the 1930’s-WW 2 time period. Everyone in Japan gave allegiance to the Emperor, and yet there were various competing groups, for instance: the secret Black Dragon Society, the Navy & the Army. If the Army had successfully gotten their way, and Japan had attacked Russia in ’41, rather than the U.S. & U.K., then the possibility that the Axis powers might have won WW 2 would have greatly enhanced. (It’s an interesting “what if” for war gaming by the way.) Instead, the Imperial navy prevailed & Japan attacked south & east. Those conspiracy theorists who think all evil is embodied in the Catholic Church are quite ignorant of history. Just one example of thousands from history….On Easter Day, 1575, under the reign of the Protestant Queen Elizabeth 1, 25 Christians (incl. 14 women) assembled in a house church, but were identified and brought before the Church of England bishop. Some of the Christians, not agreeing to the Bishop’s idea that only Anglicans are Christians were burned at the stake, while some were tortured & set free. All power does not reside with the Catholic Church. During the 19th century, the Illuminati hammered the Catholic Church & destroyed much of the Pope’s power. Eventually, a subservient Catholic church was achieved whose hierarchy takes its orders from & lives in peace w/ the Illuminati. This post will try to touch on that past conflict, as well as introduce a new one.

In my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book I mention Dartmouth College’s Dragon Secret Society & its other ones like the Sphinx Soc. I know a lot less about this Dragon Society than the similar ones at Yale like the Order of Skull & Bones and Scroll & Key Secret Soc. Orig. founders of the Dragon Soc. in 1898 incl. an Anderson & a Blake, both family names you will notice in the Bloodlines book. In 1967, a Deane & a Howard were taken up as members. Again these names are elite family names. I understand Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, is the head of the Dragon Secret Society. Now the Rockefeller family has been behind GE, and Nelson Rockefeller was trustee of Dartmouth College (’42-’52). Currently on Dartmouth College’s Bd. of Dir. was an Elijah Paine & Benj. Prescott. (Once again elite surnames.) General Electric, a huge company, is listed by the CFR (7/28/2007 book) as a corp. member of the CFR, and John Welch, the G.E. CEO before Immelt was CFR & his sr. v.p. was also CFR. The Rockefellers are still a powerful Illuminati bloodline. So you can see why I mentioned the Dragon Society as one of the Illuminati’s fraternal societies like I did w/ similar ones like Skull & Bones. While they were previously identified w/ the Illuminati, like the Skull & Bones in recent years they have been given the boot, & now are in competition with them, hoping that they can secretly run this nation. The Dragon Society does not limit its activities to Dartmouth at Hanover, NH but it is working w/ recruits in many colleges. Like the S&B Order has Deer Island, the Dragons have a place in Quebec. Like S&B, they have a building they call “The Tomb” which by the way, the Dragons enter by a secret entrance. Like the S&Bers do Illuminati occult rituals, the Dragons do wilderness vision quests & a mock Welsh Druidic human sacrifice. The fracturing of elite power in the U.S.A. doesn’t really help the common man; a look at the Bush family is a good example of the type of elite these fraternities provide us.

As documented in my Be Wise As Serpents book, illuminized Freemasonry set out to destroy Christianity, first by attacking the Catholic Church, and then after that to finish the ruin of the rest. Freemasonry in the 19th century essentially took over Protestantism, for starters by creating new denominations that they ran, as well as placing their members in key controlling positions in Protestant denominations. (I completely document this in the BWAS book.)

THE ILLUM & FREEMASONRY NEUTER THE POPE. Because people are weak on history, esp. Italian history, they don’t realize that the Pope was a king who ruled a lot of what is modern Italy. Napoleon (a high ranking mason) took the Pope prisoner. Later just prior to our Civil War, the Pope, who was king of the Papal States, lost much of his territory again. But the Pope wasn’t ready to give up. Carbonarism (an illuminati controlled secret soc. in Fr. & It.) set out in the early 1800’s to destroy the Catholic church. In Italy its supreme directorate was the Alta Vendita, and its leadership in Fr. was the Haute Vente. (I mention these because you may see these referred to rather the Carbonari.) DuPont was an orig. mbr. In France. The Chief of the French Secret Police was a mbr. as well as Napoleon III (Lodge of Cesna). The goal was to infiltrate the Cath. Church & destroy it internally & externally, and then ultimately destroy all Christianity. One of its supreme dir. was Illuminati member Guiseppe Mazzini. Mazzini’s right hand man to run his assassinations was the leading Freemason/criminal Lemmi. In 1848, the Pope’s Prime Minister was assassinated in Rome. The Pope disguised himself and fled Rome. Lemmi attempted to kill the Belgium “Black Pope”Jesuit General Peter Beckx on July 9. 1855. Later, he used a Catholic Priest who was a Freemason, who was also the confessor of Ferdinand II, King of Naples, to assassinate the king on 5/22/1857. Lemmi told his Masonic bro. the Prime Minister of Italy Crispi, “Send the prefect of Pavia to hell.” Other leading Freemasons in Europe also working to destroy the Pope incl. Bismarck (ruler of Germany), Lord Palmeston, and Garibaldi (the leading Italian revolutionist whose men wore red shirts). Garibaldi’s language was pure Illuminati: Christianity needed to be replaced “with the priesthood of science & intelligence”. Their attitude was that the Cath. Church was a cadaver that needed to be spit on. In 1871, Bismarck began a campaign of persecution of German Catholics called Kulturkampf. This persecution didn’t end until 1887, when the Pope was finally able to negotiate an end to it.

In 1870, the King of Italy invaded & conquered the remaining Papal States that the Pope was king over. As the King’s armies approached Rome (pop. ¼ million) the Pope called for volunteers to help defend the city…he got only 200 volunteers. (The pope is the person who misinformed conspiracy theorists think runs the world!!) The Pope as well as the next Pope became a prisoner in the Vatican for the next 59 years. Yes, for 59 years the popes never left the small area of the Vatican. By 1888, the Pope did not even feel safe in the Vatican or anywhere in Italy. He made contingency plans that he might be arrested & put in prison by the hateful Italian govt. It was common for crowds in Rome to yell “Death to the Pope”…”Death to Priests”.…In cities like Ravenna, It. with a population of 20,000 the few people who wanted to go to church were too intimidated to step inside a church. Even though the Pope lost his kingdom in 1870 to the Italian army under the House of Savoy, the popes cont. to hope that their land would be restored. They continued until around 1919 saying that the Italian govt. was illegitimate. It was not until Mussolini took power, that an Italian ruler finally made peace with the pope, and instead of trying to destroy the Catholic church, left it in peace. While some of the Illuminati working in the 19th century to destroy the Catholic Church had aristocratic blood, some others of the Black Nobility (neri Papalini) families supported the Pope. We are so far removed from those days when the Catholic Church feared for its lives that we are not even aware of them, and Italian history books gloss over that entire period as they don’t want to even touch how the revolution & unification of Italy was done by Illuminized Freemasons who totally humiliated the pope for years.


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