Divided we fall & fail 29 APR 2013

Divided we fall & fail; thoughts on the FreeYourMind conference at Phily. The last few days have been like a spring breeze, w/ the joy of a job well done, & the joy of a child’s smile. I united with the history of where men discussed and acted on concepts of the natural laws of freedom belonging to all men. In the question & ans. period, it was asked when we will quit using their fake funny money. I answered that God showed me in ’90 that the answer to the NWO was community & when we enter proper community we can free ourselves by barter or other means of exchange, until then we have to meet people where they are at. Mark Passeo, conf. creator, gave an excellent talk which I recommend to all on exposing the 10 major lies of the New Age. These are lies that are commonly believed today…such as one should not look at anything negative. Also about our inherent freedom to defend oneself. These last few days have been spent confronting issues, & offering positive new ways to act & take advantage of what life presents us. Lots of big ideas. It was the oppositve of ignorance & fatalism & fear. It was about the sacred journey to find liberating truth and passion in life. I am reminded of how our enemy (who claims to be our best friend) destroys us…You know that over a third of men & women feel the media prompted them to think serious thoughts of breaking up w/ their significant other. Lenon Honor spoke on how the media is using traumas like 9-11 to program us. Others in contact w/ me have also noticed this. Lenon also spoke on how he customizes his home school curriculum for each child’s talents rather than forcing a fixed program on his children. Several discussed how technology is being used destructively. It seemed everyone wanted to thank me for how I’d touched their lives in a positive way. Many asked to have their picture taken with me. We are in this together my friends…& need to stand by each other. This is what people have been doing. We all need good friends, and to weed out the destructive/self-destructive ones, …so let us work & play together…let us eat better & feel better…let us invest in our long term relationships with humor & love. Let us keep expecting great things from life my friends!!


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