DISCERNING THE GREAT COUNTERFEIT: The fake vs. the real city of gold. This is a message to draw people away from spiritual death, & point them to life. It is to help those of us who don’t want to share in the plagues of the fake city & for those who can sing Psalm 42:1 with me, “As the hart panteth after the water, so my soul longeth after thee; You alone are my heart’s desire, And I long to worship Thee. You alone are my strength, my shield; To You alone may my spirit yield.”

A FAKE & COUNTERFEIT RELIGIOUS SYSTEM PARALLEL TO THE TRUE FAITH HAS BEEN CONTINUALLY BUILT BY THE ADVERSARY. Just as the North debauched Confederate paper currency by flooding the South with counterfeit bills, and the Nazi counterfeit British money was so perfect it caused the U.K. to withdraw their currency, likewise Satan works continually to counterfeit the things of God, flooding the world with counterfeit believers & churches. There is a great city that is guilded (decked, surfaced) with gold (REV 18:16), and then there is God’s city that is made of pure gold. (REV 21:18) God’s faithful are warned not to stay in the Counterfeit city, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” REV 18:4

We are taught that the Lord must build a city (1) or people labor in vain. One example of this in Biblical history is the city built without considering God which is mentioned in EZK 27:4, it was destroyed by the Lord. History is full of other examples. Substituting man’s materials for God’s has also been popular. Altars were to be of stone (natural from God) rather than manmade of brick. God judged their brick altars.(2) The Bible is full of accounts of false prophets, false shepherds, false religious leaders. Christ told the religious posers that they prevented people from finding God (3); that pattern continues. Converts are taught to be the same grotesque caricature of Christ as the slippery salesmen who talked them into church memberships. They are then denominalized into the same blindness that is attached to their particular denomination, instead of giving them the freedom in Christ to be taught by the Spirit.

JUDAS GOATS lead sheep to the slaughter. A new convert at the Billy Graham Crusade was directed to join a Catholic church. It took him years to realize he’d been a sheep led to the slaughter by a Judas goat. Billy Graham is being kept alive as the most favored Judas goat to lead Christians to the slaughter in the near future.(4) Spirit-led believers hopefully will use discernment.

BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO OBSERVE MISHPAHT… (5) “Give, therefore, Thy servant, an understanding heart to judge Thy people, that I may discern between good and evil.” God replied, “Because you have asked this thing…understanding to discern mishpaht [the standard of right & wrong], Behold, I have…given you a wise & understanding heart…”(6) “He does not forget the cry of the humble.”(7) Our pride is like static that prevents one from tuning in to a radio station. “Lord we need humility. Open our hearts & spiritual eyes, give us ears open to you, & help us silence the distractions that we may hear your still voice & experience the inner call of You, God, in our lives.” “Nearer, my God, to Thee! E’en though it be a cross that raiseth me, Still all my song shall be, nearer, my God, to Thee.”

THE TEMPLE VEIL WAS TORN. The Temple in Jerusalem had a beautiful Babylonian tapestry that protected the Holy of Holies. When Christ was crucified, an earthquake tore the tapestry in half. In guarded accounts in the Talmud (Talmud TB Yoma 36b & SEPP, 1, c, iii, 38b) it is mentioned about the earthquake that tore the veil & which caused godly people to rise out of the graves. The book of Hebrews explains that the veil over the Holy of Holies was torn to show us we as believers can go boldly before the spiritual presence of God. The old priesthood and temple rituals are obsolete. Christ’s death gave us fresh access to God’s Spirit, just as Christ said it would. (8) The mainstream churches w/ their priests & religious elite have rebuilt that veil between man & God. The harlot churches said nothing when the state of Pennsylvania jailed a Christian couple because they handed out Christian tracts without a seminary education. True believers must overcome the core nature of the accuser of the brethren. (9) Christ (10) & possibly Michael the Archangel (11) advocate in God’s court for the believers. Satan sends us defiling bitterness to get us to respond with self-preservation, rather than place ourselves under God’s protection. The churches often are the tools used by the accuser of the brethren.

FOR A TAX BREAK MY PEOPLE HAVE DENIED MY HEADSHIP.(12) You heard it said “father like son”, so the child takes on the character of its parent, the 501c3 church resembles its head, the state, with CEO pastors, & board of director elders. Not only does the church as a state corporation sign paperwork that the attorney general is its head, they must be continually asking the state’s permission to exist! Yes these corporate churches exist as state-granted privileged entities, and state authorization has meant state control. According to the U.S. govt. the first amendment (freedom of religion) does not apply to church schools, Sunday schools, and sermons because they are all “educational”. Many churches have been closed for preaching sermons that are not govt. authorized , and the numbers of these have gone unreported. Christ said, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs…”(13)

GOD’S PRESENCE vs. RELIGIOUS LEADERSHIP. The Spirit of Christ will teach us everything plus remind us of Christ’s words.(14) An important lesson taught in MT 17:4 is that religious leaders should be careful not to build false dead religious works. Peter, James & John accompany Yahshua up a mountain (thought to be the 9,166 ft. high snow-capped Mt. Hermon). Peter has just recently been rebuked by Yahshua.(15) Therefore Peter is really careful to do things spiritually correct: he starts by addressing Yahshua as “Lord”, then he makes a positive non-controversial statement “it is good we are right here”, and then he says, “if it be your will” let’s build 3 tabernacles. A great religious idea that was totally not lined up with what God was doing. We already have a record of Peter taking leadership of the disciples on 4 previous occasions, & he gets things consistently wrong! Mark explains in his gospel Peter doesn’t know what he is talking about here. Before Peter can finish with his religious building proposal, the presence of God in a cloud covers them.(16) It is prophesied that there would be a famine for God’s Word today.(17) And in that famine there is a lot of “kindling of their own fires”—making human religious plans without God, (18) and burdening the people with fears preached by false prophets with false info.(19) Those awake can see through preachers who frighten us about terrorists who we are supposed to fight in a “War on Terror”. “Where the Lord is, the Spirit is, Where the Spirit is, is the Lord’s freedom.” (20) His freedom sets us free from fear, from the bondage of sin, and freedom from the veil separating us from God. The Christian, with God’s law written on his heart by the Spirit, is no longer in bondage to religion. Because we are no longer shackled we can walk in the guidance of Christ’s Spirit. (21) Now my noble God-fearing brothers & sisters, your blameless Spirit-led loving lives expose the Children of Wrath. Whether you feel it, the heart of God beats for you.

GOD’S WAYS ARE NOT OUR WAYS. When religious leaders do religious things, they like things to be visible. God’s works are often invisible.(22) When Israel was in slavery for 400 yrs. it looked like God was absent & not working. God was working in Israel those 400 yrs. creating broken, contrite hearts so that He could manifest Himself in their presence when He did the exodus. IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER EXODUS. COME OUT OF HER.

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