Everyone appreciates being understood & listened to, and agape is to look at both sides of an issue. No one is all knowing, whether at the top or bottom of the heap of humanity. It goes without saying that dialogue between the top & bottom has the potential to help humanity. Along that line then, this post shares some recent info discussed in communication between me & some Illuminati kingpins. We were all born with 2 ears & one mouth, suggesting that humans were designed to listen more than talk! There are two sides to a door, & two sides to a marriage. What did I learn when I communicated with these kingpins??

The head of the Rothschild family today is a Baron. He requested that I simply call him Charles or Jacob. I hear he has been a peacemaker within his family. While he prefers not to be addressed with his title, even without the title, he has a longer name than most of us: Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild. When I asked him what we can do to bring accountability to our leaders he basically answered that “sadly…power corrupts”, and that “if you take a corrupt person in power & replace [him] with a fair & just person, sooner or later they also will become swallowed in corruption.” In other words, accountability is an ongoing issue that can’t be resolved once and for all. When asked what the Rothschild goals were for Israel, he said that neither he nor “my Family” involve themselves in Israeli politics. He also said, “Judaism is our religion, our belief, our life.” I understand this to mean, that while Israel is important to him & his family, he is not involved in running the nation. Charles Jacobus Rothschild also commented on William C. Van Duyn, “William is the most extraordinary man.” Also he pointed out that he was born in Pauillac, France (1936). What I found interesting is that Hugh Trevor-Roper was his tutor growing up. One final thought from him, he said, “the most thought provoking thing in our time is that we are still not thinking.”

William Van Duyn, who stays constantly busy, has been using the age-old tactic of the carrot-&-stick approach to influence the world. THE STICK. At times he has to meet with the head of “the Bureau” who runs about 50 assassins to insure that high level criminals will not walk free, even if they beat the court system. He does not mind that I report this. This limited vigilante system is in the process of expanding worldwide. My impression is that he’d like corrupt people in high places to think about how they act.

THE CARROT. On the carrot side, he has created the Van Duyn Foundation, based at 9490 Vaduz, Lichtenstein. (For those challenged by geography, Lichtenstein is a tiny independent nation/principality run by the Prince of Lichtenstein, one of the world’s richest men. Although he runs his tiny nation w/ total control, I have heard very good things about the Prince.) The Van Duyn foundation has been run since 1 January 2009 as a so-called private asset structure (PAS). Assets devoted to a specific purpose acquire an independent status and, in the PAS, their own legal personality. The PAS is thus a legal entity structured as a special purpose fund only to be used for ethical investments & donations. The establishment is a legally independent foundation permanently devoted to economical, educational and social purposes or to other stipulations, which is registered in the Public Register and has no character under public law. The Van Duyn Foundation assets (establishment capital, reserves and profit brought forward) are liable for their stated obligations.

Here are excerpts from Mr. Van Duyn’s recent speech at Interlaken, Switz. “Your Excellencies, Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to thank the Swiss Foreign Minister & OSCE Chairperson… Officer Didier Burkhalter for inviting me to this important conference. I admire the hard work of the OSCE, with its comprehensive approach to security linking politico-military, economic and environmental and human rights objectives. It was well-placed to assist participating States in preventing and combating terrorism,….I say that terrorism represented [sic, in text sent me, he probably said “represents”] a threat common to all OSCE participating States. I also add that counter-terrorism strategies can only deliver sustainable results if they are implemented in legal, transparent, and accountable ways. Please let me reaffirm to you that the absolute respect of all obligations under international law is a priority in the World’s fight against terrorism. I would like to put the topic of kidnapping for ransom on the agenda, as such kidnappings have become an important source of terrorist financing. Making the case for a no-ransom policy,
Therefore I like to provide you some information on its respective approach, based on three pillars:
1) prevention, in order to dissuade different citizens from travelling in areas with a high risk of kidnapping;
2) increasing the number of countries that adhere to a no-ransom payment policy;
3) intensifying international co-operation on specific kidnapping cases in order to obtain the safe and secure release of hostages. 
….In 2013, 120 000 children disappeared or get kidnapped all around the world. …children get kidnapped for prostitution… the terrorists are financing their evil attacks against American civilization. In Asia, more specific in the Philippines, children get kidnapped for financial reasons. South America and Mexico are using young kidnapped recruiters (age between 12 and 20) to fight for the Drug Barons and to activate a drug war….
Today, I wish to encourage a discussion on measures that should be taken to prevent and limit this phenomenon and on how the OSCE can support participating States in this regard. Thank you. May God bless you.

This has been a short report on what these leaders are saying & thinking. This is posted with the kind permission of Charles Rothschild. In a totally unrelated note, since I have been exposing the growing power of China, the Chinese have begun preliminary work to build another canal similar to the Panama Canal across Nicaragua. They have already have agreements w/ Nicaragua & Ortega. Have a great day.


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