My post on the future of America’s Heartland was not as popular as yesterday’s post “What’s on Your Heart”, but I know certain individuals found it very informative w/ important info. This is a follow up article; & again its appeal will vary.

In line with my recent post on America’s Heartland is the following info. to show how the elite are planning big things for Denver in the future, as well as a little more info on the spiritual significance of Independence, MO which is in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Robert Wood sent me an article based on info from an insider at the massive Denver International Airport that confirms reports about a secret underground facility. Having been to the vast airport (53 square miles) numerous times, it is easy to go through it & never sense that a deep underground base lays underneath it. On the other hand, the vastness of the facility gives one the impression a lot could be easily hid.

As if it were not large enough (currently 2nd largest in the world), Denver’s mayor recently announced more construction to create an “Airport City” or “aerotropolis”, to add more features (business & agriculture) w/in the current airport.

The DUMB under the airport is part of the Continuity of Government (COG) program. (Remember my recent post on America’s Heartland, and the elite’s big plans Denver & Kansas City.) In order to further help conceal the DUM Base, levels at the airport are labeled in a fashion to confuse a person as to your actual elevation. Level 1 is placed into the ground, employees were told to be “protected from vibrations”. The airport’s gate & door numbers correspond to emergency action & response plans that indicate specific details to people in the know. One of the basement levels (Concourse B’s East side lower levels) is now quarantined from any airport staff, ostensibly because an infectious or fungal outbreak.

A pretend 300’ high landfill sits off of Tower Rd. two miles west of Jeppesen Terminal, it serves some function for the DUMB. It remains there in spite of the fact that it is a safety hazard, esp. for flight radar causing false targets by the heavy equipment located there, and that the airport itself has gone to court to get it removed. The dirt in the shuttle train’s tunnel is also fake in places & where fake connected to the deep underground military base.

The informant gave the specific door numbers that lead to the underground base. The Underground section located under United Airlines (interestingly I just was in United’s area switching planes) presently has a door code BE64B which goes to a 3 mile long tunnel to a military entrance set in a group of 5 buildings 120’ beneath the surface located NE of Jeppesen Terminal.

Also his article discussed evidence found that connects the DOD with Airline carriers at the airport. For instance, United Airlines is involved in a DOD Air Transportation program connected to the COG hub located on DIA ground.

I don’t want to rehash all that’s been said before about this underground base at the Denver Airport, there have been reports & rumors about it for years, incl. that it houses an underground prison.

There was also more that I could have written in my last post about Independence. The Mormon temple area has been secretly getting a large influx of many other religions (New Age, Islam, Buddhist & others) doing ceremonies quietly. It is obvious that spiritually this is an important spot for the World System, and we may see it play a role in the upcoming World religion that has been designed for mankind.


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