DEATH BY GLOBALISM: The role & fate of America’s Middle Class. This post is my personal analysis of the importance & future of Amer.’s Middle Class based upon my personal research & understanding.

THE NEW ILLUM. LEADERS TAKE A NEW VIEW OF THE MIDDLE CLASS. I have not covered the subject of social classes since my Be Wise As Serpents (1991), where I discuss the Hindu caste system & how it relates basically in a one-to-one relationship to H.G. Wells Gnostic hierarchy. This I proposed was where the Illuminati was taking us. At the top of the Hindu caste system are the Aryan (Brahmin) Priests & the Rulers. In Well’s hierarchy it is the World Directorate & its Wise Men. Below that come the Vaisyas (Hindu-skilled trades, merchants, & officials) which equates to Well’s functional elite (Technocrats, who he names Order of Samurai) and below them the skilled workers. The bottom levels in the Hindu system are the Sudras (unskilled workers) & below them at the bottom are the Harijans (pariahs/untouchables). Wells calls these the “common masses”. Well’s name Order of the Samurai implies that these Middle Class technocrats may well come from Asian nations like Japan & China where their middle class professionals have learned subservience to autocratic rule. I was under the impression that the Illuminati did not care for America’s Middle Class for various reasons, & had them targeted for destruction, while it has built up China’s Middle Class since 1990. So it was nice to learn that the new leadership of the Illuminati which took over a few years back fully realizes the value of the American Middle Class, & has even taken some steps to help preserve our Middle Class. How that realization will translate into real life during the upcoming eco. crash is an interesting question.

THE BIBLICAL VIEW. Christ said that the poor would always be with us, in other words class distinctions are here to stay to the end. We are given wisdom in Proverbs 30:9 to be middle class-ish: “…give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me: lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the Lord? Or lest I be poor, & steal, & take the name of my God in vain.” There are different views as to how the Body of Christ should be structured…the Amish take a view that individuals each own their own property but use it for the common good, and keep everyone in the community relatively equal in class. The Hutterites, another Anabaptist group similar to the Amish, decided the best Christian model was the true communism of the early Acts church (ACTS 4:34-5:11). No one owns private property, it is all held in community by the Brotherhood. Both of these groups keep the individuals in their communities relatively equal, which studies show makes for the happiest communities. It is why the Danes are a very happy people (according to some studies the happiest in Europe)—there is very little class difference within Denmark’s population. Getting more income does not make people happier, happiness is an internal choice. However, studies show that there are proportionally more happy rich people than poor ones. Class can shape a person’s self-image, esp. because people believe you are paid what you are worth. People lose self-respect if they feel ashamed of their social status, plus they often think they would get more respect if they could be upper class. Some faithful men in the Bible were upper class: for example, Abraham, King David & King Solomon. Some of the prophets were poor. Christ, Moses & David experienced being part of all the classes. (Final Biblical thought: rich, poor or in between, all are equal when they meet their Maker.PRV 22:2)

ROME’S MIDDLE CLASS. While the self-awareness of class consciousness did not occur until early in the Industrial Revolution (the term Middle Class entered the Oxford Dictionary in 1812), ancient civilizations like Rome had a Middle Class. The Roman Imperial System created a consistent pattern of urban life as well as a similar Middle Class throughout their empire, even though various regions had different social & cultural differences. Their Middle Class was made up of artisans, merchants, professionals and shopkeepers (like grocers). There was lots of economic specialization. Skilled craftsmen (making such things as sausages, soap, baked goods & cooking utensils) and their merchants created cheap high-quality goods by mass production that raised the overall quality of life & standard of living for everyone. When the Roman Empire fell, the Middle Class was destroyed for 1,000 years along with their production of cheap high-quality goods, & the standard of living! The Roman upper class did not care what businesses the Middle Class operated because they rented them property & had their rents paid in coin.

WINNER TAKE ALL: THE ELITE’S ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE MIDDLE CLASS. The greed of the power-drunk elite has often clouded their appreciation of the Middle Class. The Amer. Robber Barons developed monopolies and left to their own devices would have eliminated the Middle Class. If you have ever played the game Monopoly (invented in the 18 hundreds to teach people about the Robber barons), then you realize that when someone has several high dollar monopolies, they bankrupt everyone. That is what happens in real life too, and when the Middle Class has exhausted their money & credit, the entire system collapses, because the monopolies of the elite become worthless when there is no cash flow to enrich their monopolies. In real life, they don’t just bankrupt everyone else, they bankrupt everyone incl. themselves as the system collapses! Reaganomics & Globalism were hard on the Middle Class. It’s decline is often dated as starting in 1979, just prior to Reagan’s Presidency.

The present hierarchy leaders comprehend the value of the Middle Class. The Middle Class has always given its wealthy & talented to the upper class. Its doctors, engineers, company directors, good-size farmers, & proprietors are important for a modern society. The Middle Class has been called “the backbone of society” and its virtues form a stabilizing force in societies. In line w/ all this, Thomas Jefferson in a letter warned that if the Middle Class were eliminated, then society would have an “abusive state of man” with “automatons of misery” who had “no sensibilities but sinning & suffering”. Indeed, it appeared in the 1990’s that such was the goal of the elite. And one Middle-class man, enraged at losing everything because the elite “steal from the middle class” and act like it is “business as usual” did a kamikaze flight with his plane into the IRS building. A close study of revolutions will, I believe, disclose that they are actually started by the disgruntled Middle Class like this man…the lower class may join & supply most of the rebels, but to start with they are too beat down & focused on survival to plot successful revolutions like ours where there is constant change. Dynamic social change however tends to hurt the Middle Class the most. When the Middle Class is well-off they can invest in their children (health & schooling) which helps society overall. If they are hurting, then there is a decline in the professional classes (which we have seen) and there is a loss of mass markets (which has been happening). If lacking the means to afford new housing, home builders then are put out of work. A weak Middle Class hurts higher education enrollment as well as Social Security revenues. If the Middle Class is ruined, & does not rebel, it sets the stage for an oppressive regime, and the call among the masses for a messiah type person (like Sparticus) to save them. A humiliated Middle Class can grow their shame into resentment & then into rage.

This has been a look at how the Middle Class plays a vital role in society. The decline of the Middle Class means losses to both the upper & lower classes, and if allowed to decline ‘til gone, it will destroy the standard of living & the stability of a nation. The Middle Class is the most vulnerable class, & things are getting beyond their control to change. But the Class doesn’t need a free society to exist; Red China’s Middle Class, which is dependent upon the totalitarian state for its existence, is proof of that.


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