DARK SPIRITUAL FORCES IN THE U.K. This is an updated short look at the strange spirits, occult forces & occult groups that have become so popular with the English. It is estimated that total witches & pagans in the U.K. number 250,000. The British have been HQ for witchcraft & Illuminati power for many years. Their tiny area was chosen by the PTSNB to extend Illuminati power worldwide via the British Empire. But paganism of course goes back to the U.K.’s spiritual foundational roots, note for instance, National Geographic’s Aug. 2014 article about Orkney Islands’ 5,000 yr. old “Stonehenge” (the Stones of Senness & the Ring of Brodgar) that predates the actual Stonehenge.

SAY WHAT? Could you imagine a Senator publicly saying his mother was a reptilian ET and that he fathered a child with an ET? What Simon Parkes, an MP (Member of Parliament), has been saying & getting by with is quite remarkable. If an American Senator said the bizarre things that Parkes often says publicly, the Senator’s career would be over. Simon Parkes is a British politician from the seaside town of Stakesby and his constituency is the well-to-do Whitby area. In fact, Parkes himself is from an elite bloodline, who were involved with MI-5. He claims his first memory in life was a reptilian taking him out of his crib. He has a Mantid ET handler & he made a soul agreement with the Mantid aliens at 11 to be part of their program. He calls an 9 ft. green reptilian his “real mother”, and publicly claims to have fathered an ET baby named Zarka with a reptilian he calls “Cat Queen”. Some people thought that publicly speaking these things would ruin his re-election chances. He was re-elected. Many abductees claim to be closer to God when they are with these aliens who supposedly act like guardian spirits or angels, intermediaries between us & the Divine. But Parkes is not all positive about the ETs. He says there will be a fake alien arrival with back engineered technology to deceive us into thinking they are here to help us. Parkes has esp. talked via A.M.M.A.C.H. (Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline) radio interviews. Joanne Summerscales, leader of AMMACH, has appeared to be an info gathering agent for the PTSNB and AMMACH a way to monitor abductees. In one of their conferences, they made the abductees look crazy. (By the way, AMMACH has branched out from the U.K. & held a meeting for abductees in Phoenix, AZ where mind control, human cloning & Milabs were discussed.)

PARKES’ & OTHER’S WARNINGS. My experience with abductees is this: they are all under mind control & the info they give is a combo of baloney & some truth. I was fully aware of all his info, incl. the Snake & Dragon patches, winged serpents, etc., etc. back in 1992, so Parkes’ and other abductee info is nothing new, but his ability to openly speak these things as a political leader is a new development. There is an intimate connection between the occult world & UFO abductions.

Parkes speaks about an Illuminati agenda. He speaks about the Gen spirits (of the Middle East). He speaks about the Snake & Dragon symbols worn on black op & special op uniforms, which show that the wingless reptillians, dracos & dragon ETs are running these black op programs. Many others have said similar things, incl. abductee Steve Richards of Holographic Kinetics who has said the top controllers are the Winged Serpents. Dr. Corrado Malanga refers to as the “Horus-Ra” winged serpents from the “dark universe”. Dr. Malanga describes a special op uniform patch of a Templar with a sword depicting protection of the Earth “grid”, which is an artificial energetic construct which acts to prevent souls from returning to the Source, and serves to entrap human souls into endless recycling with little or no memory of previous lives. We are told this “grid” is an Archontic technological construct that is connected to what “light” we encounter in Near Death Experiences and at death, and is really a trap to keep our souls from moving to Source & throws us back into bodies to be recycled. Parkes also mentions that the orbs that visually appear & disappear in rooms or are seen by certain kinds of video equipment are in actuality a higher level consciousness. Others discussed these orbs back in the ‘90s.

EMIN. EMIN was founded by Raymond “Leo” Amon, back around the ‘70s as a philosophic group to connect to non-human spiritual forces & guide the planet. EMIN stands for “eminent ones”, who are to globally lead humanity spiritually. They each take a new name. They bring in spirits without rituals. They have redesigned the Tarot cards several ways & are into astrology. Leo has had two women, one of which– Lady Ethra– lives in luxurious secrecy in the US & is unapproachable to Emin members. Leo wrote material designed to “influence the mind” via “coding”. The material is hypnotic. He said it was to raise psychic awareness. His EMIN group has created offshoots such as: The Template Society, Feminenza, & Ruby Heart counseling. Feminenza promotes an inner journey for women around the world. Membership in EMIN is by invitation only, and requires a monthly subscription fee. They have long meetings (at times 6 hrs. to an entire weekend) and are, I believe, HQed in London, and have Notingham mtgs. and So. Wales’ mtgs. They have a community in Israel of about 200 people which is visited frequently by their British members.

2 MAJOR RITUAL GROUPS. The Children of Artemis (CoA) and the Servants of the Light (SOL) are two prominent witchcraft groups. SOL is a full Mystery School founded by Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki. One of its members, Gareth Knight, wrote the Practical Guide to Kabalistic Symbolism. They meet in lodges. The CoA has taken a leadership role within British witch covens & publishes a magazine Witchcraft & Wicca which is geared to attract young people. They meet in covens. Two other major types of paganism in the U.K. are Druidry and Heathenry, esp. Germanic Heathenism practiced in groups like Odinism, Fyrnsidu, and the Wuffacynn of Suffolk. Odinism has been gaining popularity here in US also, and is given an overall boost because of it prison popularity. In the prisons, it is a means to organize White power. The Queen of England (who has caught attention for a recent trial of her satanic activities) belongs to the Druid group Gorsedd of Bards of the Isle founded in 1792 in London. The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams also is a member. Not surprising considering their Masonic affiliations.

CONCLUSIONS. We have been discussing spirits—demonic powers—and British individuals & groups involved with them. Over 30 years ago, the Queen of Britain’s witches, Doreen Irvine, who was totally demon possessed, involved with drugs & prostitution, was freed from her demonic bondage and gave her life to Christ. She had even been involved with Satan, desecrating churches & hurting people via voodoo. Christ gave her a new life in a positive direction. A number of my fb friends are British, and some of them are dedicated Christians and pray for their nation. God still operates even in the U.K. “They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever & ever.” DAN 12:3. “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you; and ye shall be witnesses unto me…” ACT 1:8. Christ is still working through his remnant; he is still in the business of changing lives.


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