A look at modern bio warfare. Plagues (designer pathogens) have been engineered that could wipe out human life. Other bio weapons can alter sleep patterns, heart rhythms & moods without detection. In fact, most if not all of life’s processes—reproduction, growth, & thinking can be targeted with bio weapons now in existence. While germs are a terrifying way to die, let’s take a look at this scary subject by putting on our faith in God Almighty & moving forward in hope, rather than freezing in fear & neglect, or escaping into wild speculation.

Just north of where I went to high school lies Ft. Riley, KS. In Mar. 1918, the influenza began there that was to spread globally & kill over 21 million people. From Ft. Riley the influenza (later called the Spanish Influenza) spread to military bases, and then in 2 “waves” went global. In 1946, an influenza outbreak began at U.S. military bases in Asia, and then spread to others, incl. Ft. Monmouth, NJ. In 1976, when new recruits began basic at Ft. Dix, NJ they were inoculated for smallpox, & an outbreak of swine flu began that hit approx. 230 soldiers & killed one. Experts say its appearance & disappearance are a mystery. It never spread beyond the base. All the influenza strains since 1918 have been derivatives from that 1918 influenza bug. A sometimes lethal flu carried by migratory birds that emerged in 1997, was allowed to spread globally over the next 7 yrs. because it was considered unacceptable to cull the migratory birds. In 1997, a flu came out of Russia that targeted people under 25. Experts looking at the bug under the scopes felt the virus had been kept in a deep freeze for yrs. because it showed no antigenic drift. Was it something released by some agency?

The military lied about agent orange. They lied about the Gulf War Syndrome. In fact, they have a history of falsification. So when they began in the fall of ‘96 to mandate that troops get Anthrax vaccinations or face court martials, a small percentage of servicemen didn’t trust the vaccinations incl. military medical personnel & refused…400 military personnel were disciplined (some went to jail), & 51 were court martialed. The reservists could simply quit, & hundreds of reserve pilots did. As far as I know, no one died from the vaccinations although a small percentage did end up in the hospital, according to the military, 8 out of 260,000. In the coming months, legal battles were waged on behalf of those who didn’t want to take the vaccinations…and it came out that there were no long term safety studies of the vaccine, & that the sole company making them, BioPort, had problems with quality control, for instance, in ’96, the FDA inspectors had rejected 3 million doses of the vaccine. The military said the vaccinations were to protect Amer. troops from terrorism.

The threat of bio weapons is real. Our military should know as they inherited Japan’s bio weapon research at the end of WW 2, and went on to spend trillions of dollars developing all kinds of toxic biological weapons, for instance, an aggressive superbug that causes Black Death (like the 1300s) but is more contagious, faster & more lethal.

When Nixon was President, he was looking for ways to gain popularity, & he felt the destruction of our bio weapons would enhance his popularity w/ a nation that was torn by a large anti-war movement. He ordered their destruction, but Ft. Detrick, MD, one of the places that made the germ weapons along w/ Pine Bluff, Ark., simply ignored his orders. (Sort of like the teenager who knows he can physically stand up to his father, so he does what he pleases.) However, the U.S. military did begin to tone down its efforts in germ warfare. But their competition in the USSR did not, even though they claimed they had. In hundreds of sites in the USSR, bio weaponry was researched & produced on an unbelievable scale. Their massive program created hundreds of tons of anthrax (super strains resistant to antibiotics, heat or cold), & large quantities of many other plagues. They had enough to kill the entire planet many times over & still they would not stop. In fact, after the cold war, it was slowly learned that the Soviets were way beyond America in bio warfare, & the Amer. were curious to learn what they could. For instance, the Russians had drones that could spray aerosolized pathogens, & the Soviets had pioneered giving mass vaccinations by aerosol, jet-sprayed or oral vaccines. In 1960, the Soviets inoculated 6.6 million citizens for smallpox in 3 wks. by an oral vaccine. (The U.S. only experimented w/ such ideas AFTER the cold war.)

Because bio weapons were so lethal, the Russians put lots of their production & test plants in Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan, whose Muslim minorities they considered expendable. They also did lots of chemical warfare & nuke tests in these areas. They did 456 nuke tests in Kazakhstan, 116 in the open air leaving radiation everywhere. Near Sverdlovsk in the Urals, in Apr. ’79, a cloud of anthrax escaped the secret facility & killed 1,000 people. Emigres, defectors & satellite intelligence allowed the U.S. to know about the disaster, but it was not confirmed for nearly 2 decades until the walls of deception came down. In ’97, the U.S. & Russian bio weapon researchers began cooperating.

Around ’94 or ’95, while a speaker at Global Science Congresses, I met a microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris, who was also a Christian patriot concerned about the vulnerability of the U.S. to biological warfare. He gave a number of talks warning about the dangers & possible ideas to protect oneself. I believe he was sincere about warning the American people…& our military/govt. at that time was in denial that there was a problem. Sometime after I met him at the Congress, he decided to take things into his own hands & develop a remedy. I learned that he had bought some anthrax from the same company as Saddam Hussein, that the Feds did not believe his story that he was trying to develop protection for the Amer. people, & in’96 he was arrested & sent to prison. Years later, in 2000, the Feds spent $10 million on an exercise Operation TopOff which was to see how Denver would react to a mock germ attack. The response was a real disaster. Even today, the United States has no viable protection for its citizens from bio warfare. Unfortunately, 2 small cults have proved that it is relatively easy: the AUM cult in Japan used Sarin gas (chemical warfare), & the Rajneeshees here in Oregon in Wasco Co. used salmonella (germ) attacks. The extent of the Rajneeshee attacks were seriously downplayed by the media. Many countries have developed biological weapons, but they have seldom been employed.

Biblical prophecy speaks of plagues in the end times: Zech 14:12, MT 24:7 & LK 21:11 which speak of “famines & pestilences”, and REV 16: 2-3, 21. Recently, a super bug came thru the U.S., some said it was a mutant staph germ, flues & staph can be somewhat similar. Within families & churches, some remained immune, some got it for perhaps 10 days, & some were terribly sick for a month. The point is that there are certainly things we can do to increase our resistance & immunity: eating & drinking so our bodies are alkaline, building up our immune systems in other ways, living in uncrowded, sanitary environments with ventilation, and taking certain alternative products. I notice that people with naturally high body temps rarely get sick. It is not my goal to give the complete set of positive things we can do, simply to declare that no matter what plague has ravaged populations, there have always been some who survived, & a few who remained immune.

To sum up my thoughts, no matter how one looks at it: Biblically or from an informed secular view, we are quite vulnerable to plagues. Are there things that can be done to mitigate the threat? There are many helpful things, but the practice has generally been to block our minds from the possibilities of threats, & to ignore things that could be helpful. It is hoped that this post would begin a thought process of hope where readers would take steps to improve their risks, and to focus as well on divine hope.


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