CROP CIRCLES: Bringing to earth some spaced out theories. First, let’s discuss space. Distances in space between celestial objects are inconceivably vast so they have to measure things in light years—by light I don’t mean low on calories either. A light year is how far light goes in a year, about 6,000,000,000,000 miles. Definitely heavy on the 0’s. Even aliens beginning relatively close to our solar system would have to spend generations to travel here, so the idea that they have travelled for some incredible amount of time over some incredible distance, and then they only want to pop in for a visit for a few minutes or hours? Their technology to travel such distances would have to be extraordinarily marvelous, but they arrive here & only want to draw circle art to communicate with us? What, did their brains freeze on the way here? Surely a real alien with technology tens of thousands of years ahead of us would choose some better communication or perhaps not waste time talking & just conquer us, eat us or evict us.
Hold onto your UFO seats…I feel confident that all the aliens (non-human, not Mexicans) beings we have on this planet are coming from other dimensions or are fake…like in govt. made. There are no aliens coming from far distant galaxies, and a close study will show the govt.s of several countries quietly behind all this UFO-piloted-by-aliens-from-distant-places disinfo. It is fact, that a number of govt.’s have anti-gravity flying saucers, i.e. us, and most if not all the UFO experts connect back to the govt. Laurance Rockefeller, who provided the seed money for the first highly secure military laser satellite communication system in the 1960’s which was built by Ford-Aerospace & Raytheon, has been funding researchers to study the aliens & crop circles, and aliens & UFOs. Colin Andrews is one of the crop circle researchers funded by Rockefeller. Tracing the money back in this case is a strong clue to the govt.’s role in crop circles due to Laurance’s participation in creating the military communication satellite system. Part of the crop circles have been made by military communication satellites testing the accuracy of space-based laser aiming devices. This technology is now outdated. These Army comm satellites (to test themselves after several years) would use an x-y geometric test pattern which would be loaded into the aiming control system and then used on some preselected field of crops (without the farmer’s permission) during the growing season. These military comm. satellite crop circle tests were done in NATO/allied countries, which explains why Lucy Pringle, a British aerial photographer, managed to produce such a big lovely book of photos of Crop Circles from south England made from 1993-2006.
According to Marshall Smith, who worked on technology for military satellites, “the slewing speed of the [infrared laser] beam must be programmed to be just slow enough to ‘kiss’ the wheat and make it bend over, but not slow that it actually burns or destroys the wheat. The infrared beam can penetrate storms or cloud cover, so the test can be done any time during the growing season. Some days later, another visual snooping satellite takes a snapshot of the test pattern and then that photo and the original x-y computer program can be sent to the Army Satellite Command headquarters and compared to ensure that the laser communication satellite still has tracking capability within mil-spec tolerances.” He also adds that of course they must be different patterns so no one gets the idea they are all coming from the same source, the system of “secret” laser communication satellites. Of course, military satellites don’t account for all these geometric patterns. Just like graffiti seems to mysteriously appear and is done by different sources, likewise some of the crop circles are human artists working on the ground, much like graffiti artists. It was the military satellite crop circles that would be found in Japanese rice paddies and other mysterious & remote places, where it was obvious no human on the ground had gone in.
The military no longer needs its approximately 8 laser-communication satellites for continuous world-wide battlefield coverage, as newer technology has replaced it. If the govt. is continuing to mess with our minds concerning crop circles—which they are—then perhaps they have decided it is an extra tool to get us convinced of aliens. I know some UFO-alien believers who have as the foundation of their alien beliefs in the fact of the crop circles. The mainstream media provides a stream of documentaries telling us that crop circles are mysteries, and pointing us in some occultic direction. Believers continue to be puzzled, what are they trying to tell us with this pentagram, or this DNA type pattern, or this swirl? On the most basic level, the message from the PTSNB is: believe in aliens. This then begs the question…why is it so important to the controllers…the Illuminati… that we believe in aliens??


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