This Aug. 9, ‘15 post is about Hillary, with a specific focus on Doug Haggman’s exclusive new report which came out this morning exposing a host of characters that are protecting Hillary in the ongoing email scandal. The PTSNB have protected & encouraged Hillary & Bill’s careers, for instance, her husband at 31 became governor of Arkansas. (While Hillary up to now is beyond being touchable with legalities, if her powerful backers would waver in their support, she could go down like the secret coup that tossed Nixon out.) Bill & Hillary have weathered all kinds of legal assaults. One police officer assigned to guard the couple while he was Ark.’s governor said, “Deep down that woman [Hillary] really hated this state, the people in it, and almost everything else except being top dog.”

ARKANSAS GOVERNOR’S SCHOOL. One of Hillary’s favorite great claims of educational achievements is the Arkansas Governor’s School (AGS) at Conway, AR. Because most readers are most likely not aware of this school and what it does…it would be worthwhile to review this “Hillary achievement”. Between a high school student’s jr. & sr. year, if the student’s high school nominates him or her to the AGS program, and if they are selected, they can attend a 6-wk. residential program for gifted & talented students. (On the surface, the idea that a special program exists for gifted & talented students cheers most of us up….until one learns what the students are taught!) The cream of the crop that AGS accepts are brought to the campus during summer break. The students have their connection to the outside world cut off. While this makes sense, it is also what cults do to program people…and indeed many of the students that attend the AGS are victims of t.b.m.c.

TAUGHT SOCIALISM & WITCHCRAFT. Once at AGS, the program begins to undermine the children’s values including parental authority (as if that needed much encouragement with teenagers). The students are given “death education” to desensitize them to dead corpses and to study suicide. For values they are taught socialist political theory, the importance of strong govt. to care for us, and pantheism & witchy religion. They are taught that homosexuality is normal & good and that moral values are relative. While the public pictures of the AGS show students in normal student attire, I got a report that students were urged to “be free” incl. walking around nearly nude if they wanted. Sounds like the Clintons are successfully transferring their wanky value system to Arkansas’s best & brightest. Students are monitored & provided the fast track to worldly success depending upon their success in such programs. (Christians are advised not to be squeezed into the World’s mold, not to conform to the World’s thinking.-RM 12:2)

HAGGMAN’S EXCLUSIVE REPORT. Doug Haggman has had a series of reports on the Clinton’s and today’s had new info that seemed exclusive to his research. If you are interested in the scandal involving Hillary and her emails, you will may want to listen to this morning’s youtube video. He spoke in detail about how Hillary had 3 email acts. during the Benghazi affair. I found it interesting that the “Gang of 8” high ranking Republicans & Democrat Congressmen have known all along about Hillary’s various email accounts and have protected her, instead of doing their legal duty.

OTHERS. Haggman says that Huma Abedin, who has been Hillary’s travelling chief of staff, has all of Hillary’s emails but was instructed by her lawyers to destroy them before tomorrow. (Huma Abedin has been accused of having 3 close family members connected to the Muslim Bro. I have not looked into whether there is substance to these claims.) Haggman also talks a lot about Eric & Sue Hothem, who have been close helpers to the Clintons. Both got jobs with Illum. firms after serving the Clintons…Eric moving on first to Citigroup (Rothschild’s) and then on to J.P. Morgan Chase (Rockefeller’s, Susan Swart, Hillary’s Dept. of State Info officer, went on to a high position in the Illum.’s IMF. (No surprise as Hillary is an Illuminata.) Anyway, Eric Hothem set up the server for Hillary’s email, and as an aside sent in $335K to Roger Clinton in 2001 for Hillary. Judicial Watch has filed a suit to get Hillary’s emails. Other notables who Haggman names are Brian Pagliano, Cheryl Mills and Harold T. Geisel. He is naming people who have Hillary’s emails (like Cheryl Mills), or know important info about them (B. Pagliano). He brings out an important point—by law there is supposed to an inspector general bringing accountability to the State Dept. Obama NEVER appointed an inspector to watch the State Dept. How convenient.

PEOPLE SEE WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE. There are countless compromised crooks in this country that are in on the take, and they see the Clintons only doing what they themselves are doing. I noticed that husbands who cheat on their wives defended Bill during his White house sexual scandal. (Bill had already survived the “Doomsday List” of women he’d done & betrayed that surfaced in the late ‘80s.) I note that some people refuse to believe that Hillary could do any wrong…rose colored glasses for sure (if you will pardon the pun, as she worked for the p.c. Rose Law firm). I also recently saw a political bumper sticker that looked like the kind put on to support a candidates run for president, it read, “Hillary for prison 2016”.

FINAL THOUGHTS. The Clinton’s are an excellent example of how corrupt this nation’s political affairs are. The people we pay hundreds of millions of dollars to guide & protect this nation are busy betraying us. For instance, read the book “Compromised: Clinton, Bush & the CIA: How the Presidency was Co-opted by the CIA” by Terry Reed & John Cummings. Doug Haggman hopes to make a difference and slow Hillary down, or even more. High drama…will anyone be able to slow her march to the presidency??


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