Conspiracy author MIKE RUPPERT found dead 17 APR 2014

Conspiracy author MIKE RUPPERT found dead—allegedly a suicide on the evening of April 13. I learned today that Mike Ruppert just after he signed off on his radio show “The Lifeboat Hour” on the 13th was either shot or committed suicide. I did not know Mike personally, but he was one of many people in the awake movement that I was aware of. He was an alternate voice in the midst of Big Brother’s enormous propaganda machinery, and I am sure will be missed by his friends. Mike told his friends that he would never commit suicide. As I have seen a number of my friends suicided, I am prone to view this case in that light, as people on a mission are usually focused on their mission. While we are on the subject of suicide, my view is that it is a poor choice that cowardly shifts the pain to others, and generally does not solve anything. It also highlights the need for all of us to be sensitive & help each other out. I am so-o-o grateful for all the help that people have given me. Any success I have, is really a result of the many people who have lovingly supported me in various ways, not to mention some obvious divine help. I pray for blessings on your life, and that God would give us all the grace to endure what the world throws at us


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