Yesterday, when I was on Zen Garcia’s radio show I talked about the trauma-based mind control. No one had any idea what I’d talk about. About ¾ of the way thru the show, communication was lost with him for perhaps 10 minutes, more or less. Since then our computers have not worked well. 30 min. ago Dolores tried to share a video on my timeline of Harney county resisters tearing down FBI spy cameras. Her computer totally locked up and would not reboot. And of course, she was stopped from sharing it. I have been struggling all day to keep my Internet and facebook communication going. We will continue to use the Internet as long as we can. This next week I will be busy in college and probably won’t have much opportunity time-wise to upset this “new” world order & its minions. It is clear that the System will take down communication on what they don’t want people to see on Harney Co. People learn what you can while you can. We have 3 computers now that don’t want to work…barely got on this time ….


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