COMING TO TERMS W/ COMING TIMES: facing the Final Solution for the faithful & other pending perils. The last twenty or so years show the same pattern for Christians as events prior to the Final Solution for the Jews of Europe. Christians are already killed w/ impunity in Red China, Sudan, & Indonesia. No. Amer.’s entire population is on a mind-control program of learned helplessness, trained to feel hopeless, taught by the schools & mass media that there is no truth, that we should tolerate a diversity of opinions… truth is merely what we accept for the moment.

Most Americans now believe there is no real truth. Like the trauma-based mind-control victims I worked with, who learned that truth was whatever the programmer said, likewise Americans are being taught to conform, but not to believe in any “rigid” truth. If a child in school does 4+3=9….the teacher may accept it by saying, “The kid has the concept, it’s o.k.” I met a normal college-age man recently who could not do a simple 5 x 6 multiplication problem. The children are being rewarded for conformity & obedience. Meanwhile their parents are acting on the learned helplessness that is encouraged by the mass media constantly providing people with contradictory knowledge (one day milk is bad, the next good, etc.) to the point that subconsciously they really believe that they need professionals to do their taxes, legal work, car repairs, health diagnosis, etc. The systems & equipment we use are being intentionally complicated with added procedures so that we are being herded into feeling inadequate. The more we go toward totalitarianism, the more helpless they will try to make us feel. (Contrast this to the old fashioned Amish where men & women feel totally competent.)

Speaking of the Amish (& the like), 12,000 conscientious objectors during WW 2 were allowed to do public service in lieu of military service. The catch is that they got no pay (i.e. it was slavery) & many of them were assigned to mental hospitals where the system messed w/ some of them. During the Vietnam War (1967), the Quakers wanted to send healing (medical supplies) to South Vietnam, the NLF, and No. Vietnam as their Christian duty to love their suffering fellowman. They were not sending any info or anything weird. The U.S. treasury instructed 14,000 U.S. banks not to honor checks, m.o.s or traveler’s checks from the Quakers. As the supplies were to be shipped from Canada, the U.S. govt. asked & got the cooperation of the Royal Bank of Canada. I write these things as an example of what can happen even easier today.

I am familiar with a number of cases where individual Jews survived in Nazi Germany, by having German people in the system who cared about them. Some served in govt. or the military. One lady survived because she married a German factory worker, who during the war became a panzer officer. No doubt the next Final Solution will find a few devout Christians who likewise slip thru the cracks. Remember, God had a place of safety at GEN 6:14-18 (“My help comes from the Lord…PS 121:2). In fact the idea of a genocide against Christians seems difficult for many to grasp, but it is no more outrageous than the case of how a few communists took over the Buddhist country of Cambodia and turned it into killing fields. The fact the Buddhists were the majority made no difference. Likewise, I notice the Christians have been intimidated into being a silent majority. We may be dominant numerically, but when I was a draftsman for FHA, I noted that even though most of the workers were Christian, they acted like everyone else wasn’t and they had to keep their religion to themselves. In fact, that is what the Canadian, Amer. & European govt.s have been legally enforcing on Christians. In CA a business is fined $150,000 for firing a man who wore a dress to work. The court told 2 doctors in CA that they had no legal right to refuse to artificially inseminate a lesbian. Sweden has sent pastors to prison for preaching against homosexuality. Amer. has locked up & shut down churches that preached against homosex. In varying ways these countries have criminalized it to be pro-life or anti-homosexual. Calling one a name is a 30 yr. sentence in one country. But hate against Christians is not a crime. Radical gays have admitted to using Mein Kampf as a tutorial. Like I wrote in one post, here in ’93 they boldly passed out fliers “kill the Christians” on the street to me. It is open season on Christians, who are openly ridiculed on TV, called a “disease” that needs to be eradicated, etc….language that would never be legally tolerated towards any other group. For instance, Howard Stern on national TV says he’d like to “march pro-lifers to the ovens.” The Bible is banned from schools. So are pics of Jesus, prayers to Jesus, nativity scenes and words that sound Christian like Christmas. Canada & our NEA have tried to ban Christians from teaching. Christians are already being singled out for fines, jail time, re-education classes, etc. here. Christians have been fired for posting scriptures at their work stations here in Amer. The courts would not tolerate that for any other group.

The parallels between us & Nazi Germany are too many to detail. For instance, Nazi Germany banned the word “Christmas” from their schools, replacing it w/ Yuletide. Nativity scenes were also banned. The Christian churches were required to agree not to “meddle in politics”. What was done to the Jews is step by step being done here to Christians. We are easily headed for some kind of ban on the Bible!!

Many of the kinds of cases I write about are not getting much publicity. The public is being kept asleep. If the human race did not have enough trouble, also add in the destruction & persecution of God’s faithful remnant, and unfortunately (like in Germany) most people will go along & not care. Meanwhile the Word of God says, “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee: yea, I will help thee…” ISA 41:10 And one final word of encouragement from Paul who knew firsthand about suffering for his faith, “So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.” HEB 13:6. It all sounds ominous, & it is, yet I know the personal stories of Christians in dark lands who suffered greatly, and YET, God did miraculous things in their lives. Hallelujah! Our money is good for reminding us, “In God we trust.”


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