This post is a continuation of my chapter 2.6 “The Healing Light” in my Be Wise As Serpents book which links Christian Science to the Illuminati, Freemasons, & metaphysics. That chapter, which was written in 1990, just after my Watchtower & Masons book, neglected to mention the CIA connection. It’s not that I was not aware that the Christian Science religion was used as a front for the CIA, for sure I was, but my focus at that time was on Freemasonry. In 1971, one of my high school teachers, who had sized up my abilities & interests, informed me that the Christian Science Monitor was propaganda for the CIA! At that time, I was a regular reader of several newspapers, incl. the Christian Science Monitor (and I was also less informed than now).

C.S. MONITOR AS A CIA FRONT. The Christian Science Monitor has served as a propaganda vehicle for the CIA. During the Vietnam War period, the periodical had the reputation of being conservative. It helped the CIA fight the USSR during the cold war. But one must realize that the World’s “conservatives” like the Republican party, or Rush Limbaugh, are not true conservatives, but part of a well crafted dialectic. Over the years, the CIA , itself controlled by the Illuminati, has become even more supportive of the globalists & the banksters, and the Christian Science Monitor has followed that trend. It is now described by some of its old readers as being “liberal”! In the Be Wise As Serpents, I listed a long list of Freemasons who had served as editors of the Christian Science Monitor over the years, but in terms of the CIA, the recent & relatively famous editor of the CS Monitor has been CIA agent John H. Hoagland, who also serves as a Director of American Film Technologies Inc. He is also Chrmn of J-Net Group, Inc., a Delaware multimedia publishing company (the ‘Group’). From 1983-92 Mr. Hoagland served as Chrmn of Monitor Television, Inc., a major producer of daily television news, & as General Manager of The Christian Science Monitor. In 1989, he was appointed to the U.S. State Department Special Task Force on Telecommunications & Broadcasting in Eastern Europe, definitely a spot the CIA wanted one of their men to fill. He has also served on the Private Sector Television Committee of the U.S. Information Agency, the Advisory Committee on International Communications of the U.S. State Department & the Bd. of Directors of the International Media Fund. After he graduated from Yale in ’51, he joined the CIA. His dau. Robin, who lives in the elite town of Hyannis, MS, when she was young & still not qualified, was appointed to be one of the 5 Board mmbrs that control Christian Science. Two other Hoaglands that are also prominent & grads of Yale are: Donald Wright Hoagland, a mmber of the Illum.’s Order of Skull & Bones and a powerful man in the Denver, CO area; and Peter Jackson Hoagland, senator from NE.

MORE CIA-CS CONNECTIONS. During the cold war, the CIA used Christian Science metaphysics against the USSR, & in return the Russians used their secret black magic against the CIA’s Christian Science white magic…a war of magic. Worldwide (according to church stats) there are only 400,000 Christian Scientists. At any rate, two directors of the CIA: Admiral Stansfield M. Turner & William H. Webster (who was also FBI dir.) have been Christian Scientists. Heads of the CIA were involved with Watergate. Nixon, trying to coverup Watergate, asked Harry Robbins Haldeman (1926-1993) to tell the CIA to pressure the FBI into dropping the Watergate investigation. They didn’t, and Haldeman & John Ehrlichman, called Nixon’s “Gatekeepers” both ended up going to Federal prison. Both Haldeman & Ehrlichman were Christian Scientists. The principle Christian Science college is at Elsah, IL and is named Principia College. 3 professors (perhaps more) are known to be “ex”-CIA employees. Principia is a CIA recruiting campus. Principia was designed by Bernard R. Maybeck (1862-1957), who also designed the famous 1910 Berkeley, CA 1st Church of Christ Scientist building, the Bohemian Grove’s clubhouse, and the Palace of Fine Arts (in San Fran.) which the Illuminati uses for ceremonies/rituals. (As an aside, Haldeman’s ghostwriteer (quoted in the LA Times, 1/1/96, said that Haldeman believed the words ‘the Bay of Pigs thing’ was code language for the CIA types involved with the JFK assassination.)( As another interesting tidbit, Haldeman’s grandfather founded the Oz Film Manuf. Co.) (By the way, Haldeman & Ehrlichman, before going to prison for Watergate crimes, got Congress to extend the Christian Scientist’s church’s copyright to Eddy’s book “Science & Health” until 2046. It had run out in 1971. The Supr. Ct. struck down what Congress did.)

ILLUMINATI CONNECTIONS. Mary Baker Eddy was of the Illum.’s Baker family, as some of my books point out. I have spoken at length with one of her descendants who talked about how his family is Illuminati…clear back to her by the way. She was friends with occultist/33 degree Freemason Henry Steele Olcott, who was assoc. with the Theosophical Soc., which itself connects to the Illuminati. She also received help early on from Augusta Stetson, who taught Christian Science in NYC from 1886 to 1909. Augusta had married into the Illuminati branch of the Stetson family. Mary Baker Eddy was a dynamic person known by her followers as “our beloved leader”.

The religion she created is a form of Gnosticism, where reality is spiritual & the material world is an illusion. “The Christ” is a divine nature for all mankind. Her book “Science & Health” is placed by followers on par w/ the Bible, and it denies that Yahshua (Jesus) was the Christ. (S&H 26:10, cf. S&H 333:32). Her teachings are a blend of Hegel’s philosophy, Hinduism, & Freemason Swedenborg’s mystic teachings. Her first husband (Geo. Washington Glover) was a Freemason & she used the Freemason Knights Templar logo for her Christian Science logo, just as Charles T. Russell, founder of the WT Society used it on his publications. Interestingly, both have pyramids assoc. with their burials. Russell’s lays across from a large Masonic bldg. and has the Knights Templar logo on it. Eddy’s pyramid weighs 100 tons; & was donated near her home in NH by the Freemasons. After her masonic husband died, she was left penniless; but her reputation as a healer during her last 3 decades of life, allowed her to die in 1910 with an estate valued at $1.5 million. Like Joseph Smith, Jr., also from an Illum. bloodline, Mary Baker Eddy said she was returning to “primitive Christianity”. Nancy Astor of the Astor Illum. family was a Christian Scientist, so also were Joan Crawford & Doris Day.

SCANDAL. One of the early C.S. scandals was similar to the succession problems that plagued the WT Society when Russell died (by the way on Halloween). The leadership illegally forged Eddy’s signatures so they could rewrite the church manual of operations. One might call this a mutiny. Yrs. later, Bliss Knapp, a Christian Scientist, decided to write a book describing Mary Baker Eddy as the REV chapt. 12 “woman clothed with the sun”. This statement’s view varies from Eddy’s public statements (although some say that privately she allowed this connection). This was written up in Knapp’s book. He gave the Christian Science church $100 million to print it. The church printed Knapp’s book, but it caused controversy, and many were dissatisfied that Knapp was given so much leeway. Speaking about controversy, one member of the church’s decision makers, Michael Pabst, decided not to fight with the rest of the leaders who were all corrupt. He resigned & moved far away in Maine. Remember, our CIA man John H. Hoagland. He was given control of a project to have a C.S. Monitor station. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent, which bankrupted the church in ’92. The radio project of Hoagland’s was a failure, and people were resigning and no longer donating to the CS church. Somewhere the church got perhaps billions of dollars after many members got dissatisfied in recent years. Most of us, if we bankrupted our employer would be fired…not Hoagland…he got a promotion & more responsibility!!

MASONIC INVOLVMENT IN CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. It is interesting that the NY Times (May 18, 1904, pg.8, first section-?) has an article saying that even though the Christian Science church allows their members to join Freemasonry, that Freemasonry would not accept them. I have repeatedly seen this kind of dissociating BS subterfuge by the Masons & various religious groups. As I brought out in the Be Wise As Serpents, a 1921 Masonic The New Age magazine highly praised her, and for years the Freemason’s monthly magazine printed her material.
(from my BWAS book) LIST of EDITORS of the C.S. Monitor who were Freemasons:
1908-14–Alexander Dodds (Mason)
1922-29–Albert F. Gilmore (Mason)
1926-27–Charles E. Heitman (asso. ed.)(32 deg.Mason)
1924-39–Roland R. Harrison (Cornell grad.) Mason.
1945-many yrs.–Erwin D. Canham (Rhodes Scholar) Mason.
1945 onward–Paul D. Deland (managing ed., 32 degree)

SUMMARY. This post has presented more info on the connections between the Christian Science church and the Illuminati, the CIA & Freemasonry. This is enough info for this post…hope this has been helpful. May God bless you my friend.


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