Christ was putting down the World Order 7 MAR 2013

Christ was putting down the World Order. Surprised? This is clear based on the Gospels, IF we know the CONTEXT of his life! During Christ’s life the form of govt. in Palestine was a tyrannical police state w/ informers, on par with Stalin’s regime at its worst. Just as paranoid as Stalin, Herod killed his mother & sons. Life for the common person was brutal & many starved working for the elite. Wealth was concentrated in a few chosen families. Christ came as a liberator like Moses, his prefigurement.

Herod, under the Roman’s Imperium, chose the priestly families that ran Herod’s temple centered at his capital in Jerusalem. His temple took 80 years to build, & when finished was one of the wonders of the Roman Empire. The massiveness of the temple & other govt. buildings were meant to intimidate commoners to comply. The temple priests worked for the Romans, sacrificing to their gods & collecting taxes for them. And within the guardians of religious purity, the Pharisees, many led double lives of secretly practicing kabalistic Satanic rituals; their duplicity was obvious enough that the Qumran community rejected them & went into the wilderness to await their demise.

Rome used the same tactics then as today’s World Order does now to control people: by information, entertainment, patriotism, culture, taxes & welfare. News was used to conceal the elite’s crimes & make their power look natural & legit. ANY AUTHORITY in Palestine that was not directed by the World System was a challenge to their universal authority & power. The presence of the Emperor (called Lord & Savior) was publicly everywhere in pictures, on coins & statues. The best analogy is Stalin’s USSR.

We know only part of what Yahshua did; even that is startling! We think of the High Priest, the Sadducees, & Pharisees as merely religious leaders, w/out realizing they were Rome’s control mechanism (governors/police system) to control an extremely relig. people. Opposing them was opposing Rome’s Imperium. Christ came with a powerful non-authorized authority, & fulfilled the long held desires of liberation of the subjugated people. Look at the Lord’s prayer in the context of an exploited starving people, who are forced to borrow money from the system’s money lenders at high rates to keep from dying. “Give us this day our daily bread…forgive us our debts…” When John the Baptist wondered if Yahshua really was the Messiah, Yahshua stated to his deputies the works Yahshua had done for the common subjugated people as proof (LK 7:22). He preached that the needy should be supported (not the elite who typically got all the money). Open political protest was impossible. To make a modern analogy, the Shah of Iran forbid political protests; so the religious rites for mourning Moslem martyrs directed by the religious leaders were used as political protests, & reportedly went unnoticed as such by our CIA who have an Amer. mentality of separation of church & state. Gandhi’s religious movement overthrew British political rule of India. Christ may not have participated in politics (he had no possibility), but just the act of having Simon the Zealot (a terrorist of his day) on his discipling team was an act similar to an American today adding a Muslim terrorist in a leadership role to his group, and tacking on an ex-IRS agent to the team doesn’t even it out. Apostle Paul continues this quiet revolution; note his words in 1 COR 15:24 about Christ, “…he puts an end to all rule and all authority and power.”

I haven’t done justice to my theme which would take hundreds of pages to properly show, but I hope that maybe I have slightly opened up people’s eyes to reveal that Christ was overthrowing the entire World System, incl. tossing out the evil spirits behind things too. So the leaders (who were bothered by his spiritual cleansing) accused him of using Beelzubub, chief evil spirit, to cast out demons; in the same way, as people in the system have accused me of working for the Illum. (which even recently happened on fb!) …Sorry so long, hard topic to explain.


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