This is a recap of what I discussed on his show today. I just finished a 2-hr. show with Chris which goes over the Truth Frequency Radio based in Denver, CO plus a number of other venues. Most of Chris’ listeners are in Europe. He told me we had 70,000 listeners actively listening to today’s show. As the archives in the past have cost money to listen to, I have not done a good job of providing links, but I will provide you a written run down on what we discussed. The entire show today was based on questions that listeners had from our previous show on mind control. One of the world’s best hypnotists, Rod Scarth, was to have joined us from the continent, but was unable to connect. Rod has come forward and is helping to expose the t.b.m.c. Today, since he was having connecting problems, I did the show alone w/ the host.

ERIK JAN HANUSSEN. Chris asked me about the medium/hypnotist/magician who taught Hitler how to hypnotize people with his gestures & expressions. Hanussen was a Jewish hypnotist who joined the Nazi Party. (Yes, you read right—Jewish, which is why he is basically not known today.) In 1932, he & Hitler began a series of training sessions where he trained Hitler in hypnosis. I told Chris it was great that he brought up Hanussen because it touches on a number of important subjects, incl. mind control & false flags. Hanussen was part of the Reichstag Nazi false flag where the important govt. bldg. Reichstag was burned down. Hanussen (one of Europe’s most famous mediums) had predicted the Reichstag fire, and was involved in hypnotically programming some of the participants. Van der Lubbe was the patsy. Karl Ernst, who was part of the Nazi SA and close to Hanussen was said to have participated in the Reichstag false flag. Karl Ernst & Hanussen were both arrested by the SS and executed. I theorize that the executions were to get rid of witnesses to the false flag.

HITLER’S MIND CONTROL RALLIES. In terms of mind control, one can watch Hitler in action & see his hypnosis on film. George Estabrooks, one of the top hypnotists, who I mention in my mind control books, and who wrote the book Hypnotism (1946) said that Hitler was one to the greatest hypnotists of all times. I mentioned that as a historian, I would repeatedly read how Hitler’s generals would be put under his spells. Hitler used his large rallies (like Rock concerts) to put people into trance. The rallies were large theater productions which were intense experiences where the participants were focused, put into trance and then given covert mass hypnosis. You will notice Hitler repeating words 3x in his talks. He uses repetition, verbal confusion—a long sentence followed with a hypnotic suggestion, pacing & leading, & anchoring in his talks to hypnotically plant suggestions into the masses. Hitler had first learned about mass mind control from the book Psychologie der Massen written by French shrink Gustave Le Bon. Then Chris & I discussed Hitler’s weird sexuality, how he had been punked at gay bars before WW I, etc. At some pt. Chris mentioned Gerald Suster’s book “Hitler Black Magician” (1996)—that was either both during the show & after, or after the show, when we privately talked.

EXTENT OF MIND CONTROL IN THE U.S. GOVT. Over the course of the 2 hours we repeatedly came back to mind control & the U.S. govt. I discussed how m.c. is the name of the game for members of the U.S. govt. We discussed Geo. Bush, Sr., Dick Cheney and Hillary and their roles in m.c. I was asked about the lady who started screaming in the House of Reps about Freemasons & global evil conspiracy. I said I watched what she did on the mainstream news, but don’t have any more information. I mentioned that the typical pattern is that the mainstream news only show people that are part of the World Order’s scripts…the rest of us they ignore. We discussed drones, and implanted chips with neurons.

ALTER PERSONALITIES AND SPLITTING THE MIND. I was asked what an alter was & how the mind was split in t.b.m.c. The answers I gave to these kinds of questions followed the information that I have in my mind control books. No need to repeat here what people can read in my books. I discussed some about the PDE (primal dissociative experience) where the core is split from reality and creates MPD (DID).

SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA BLOODLINE. Chris has done a lot of research into the Sachen-Coberg und Gotha family and their role into financing WW 1 & II. They are an Illuminati bloodline and they are running England & Belgium. We discussed their role in various things. Chris discussed the Belgium Congo & how British mercenaries are used to murder people to get their diamonds. I discussed this bloodline, and how it connects to Abraham Lincoln & Belgium. We discussed the importance of Belgium to the World Order.

SUMMATION. This has been a synopsis of the 2 hr. show. Chris plans to have me back on & wants me to be on a fellow European radio show. Have a great day my friends.


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