A look at the Military-industrial Complex (MIC). Who can argue with the cause of “National Security”?? Today, a powerful secret web of arms manufacturers, congressional committees, bankers, arms dealers, & the U.S. military named the Military-industrial Complex stands in the way of the ideals of the Constitution. Its technology of violence not only expanded to give it the ability to destroy the planet, but also created unsolved problems such as nuclear waste, such as Plutonium-239 with a poisonous half life of 24,400 years! Nuclear power plants can’t be dismantled, & once deactivated will stand as monuments to the satanic philosophy that built them. The original American ideal of freedom conceived our military as protecting our freedom & serving the nation’s needs, not dominating its institutions. Playing upon that ideal, leaders who have secretly desired the MIC to gain predominance, have asked Americans to support the creation & enlargement of the MIC. Today, regardless of realities, military needs, or economic justifications, & the ideals of American freedom, the MIC is able to manipulate the government to continue supporting its expensive projects. It was part of the consortium of powers that assassinated JFK. It served as a key player in the Illuminati’s goal of “perpetual war” during the 20th century. It is now supporting the American military’s role as policeman for the World Order, & helping with projects to bring in a visible New World Order.

DISTINCTIONS ELIMINATED. The framers of the Constitution, in order to achieve a balance of power, so that power was not concentrated created several levels & branches to govt. The MIC has collapsed distinctions between the private & public, business & govt., civilian & military, and the individual & the state. High ranking officers when they retire frequently enter the civilian side of the MIC. Jesse Ventura, in a well researched, well-written book “They Killed Our President”, explains how Pres. JFK was at odds with the hawkish MIC. He explains that after Gen. Lemnitzer, Chrmn. of the Jt. Chiefs of Staff, and DCI of the CIA Allan Dulles, treated JFK like a kindergartner when trying to get him to approve a surprise nuclear attack on the USSR, JFK & the MIC were at war with each other. Shockingly, Sen. Proxmire has called the MIC “stupid”, and “arrogant” and said they had little regard for integrity. Bear in mind, that at least 10% of American workers work directly or indirectly for the MIC, and 50% of adult males are former or present mmbrs of the armed forces.(U.S. Statistical Abstracts, 1971, Tables 392,397,399,417)

ORIGINS OF THE MIC. The idealistic rational creators of the Declaration of Independence & the Bill of Rights lived in a pre-industrial era. In 1852, navy Cdr. Samuel Francis DuPont, of the Illuminati DuPont family wrote an important paper “Report on the National Defense” which advocated a large navy “that we may at no distant day, be forced, in our own defense, to aid this cause of freedom by an active war.” DuPont proposed building state-of-the-art warships that could rival the best European warships by using propellers driven by steam engines. His proposal was backed by the Young Americans. Now let me digress & explain who the Young Amer. movement was…Illuminati member Giuseppe Mazzini created the international Young movement, personally founding Young Italy & Young Europe groups. Young Poland was founded by Freemason Konarski in 1834, and Young Switz. by Freemason Melegari. Young America was founded by Jewish socialist Edwin de Leon, mmbr. of the Euphradian Soc. The Young Hegelian movement backed the Young America movement. Also supportive of DuPont’s ideas was influential & famous Hungarian Freemason, lawyer & revolutionist Lajos (Louis) Kossuth. Kossuth put out the Hungarian Decl. of Independence & had many places in the U.S. named for him, as well as monuments. Pres. Pierce, of the Illum. elite Pierce family & mmbr of the elite order Society of the Cincinnati, helped get DuPont’s modern fleet proposal pushed through Congress. Pierce stated in 1853, “the policy of my administration…preservation of the rights of commerce and peace of the world” would require expansion of the navy. Congress in Apr. 1854 passed a bill to build DuPont’s 6 new steam frigates & 2 others which had been started. The 1854 Frigate Engine contracts could be used as the beginning of the MIC. Because the contracted engines “notoriously” failed, the Merrimac frigate was in dry dock when the Confederacy took over Gosport Navy yard in Virginia early in 1861. The Merrimac was rebuilt as the Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia. Informed of its construction, the U.S. Navy sped up its contracts to build the Monitor-class ironclads, which continued the evolution of the MIC.

EISENHOWER’S FAMOUS MIC WARNING. The evolution of the MIC, started by the Navy in the 1850’s, & stimulated by the construction contracts for battleships in the early 1890’s, WW 1’s War Industries Board, WW2’s War Production Board, reached such levels of power in 1961, that Eisenhower warned in his outgoing Presidential speech that the MIC’s power was everywhere in the lives of Americans!! In fact, it was that speech that gave us the name “Military-industrial Complex”. Prior to that, the public called them “Merchants of Death”, which in some ways is a less descriptive term as it misses the govt./mil./banker aspects of the MI Complex. Did Eisenhower have a change of heart, a gasp of conscience when he was leaving the White House?? I ask that because Eisenhower’s brothers were high ranking Masons, & Eisenhower himself had worked with Bernard Baruch on the 1930 M Day Plan (which were the plans to change a peacetime democracy into a centrally controlled war economy) where Ike suggested that the President should be a dictator. At the time, Pres. Hoover, a Rothschild agent, believed that the elite decision makers of industry should come together & regulate the market. He believed govt.’s job was to protect the public from laissez-faire capitalism. Bernard Baruch ran the U.S. war economy during WW 1 as chrmn of the War Industries Bd., & FDR considered having him run it in WW 2. He was part of FDR’s “brain trust”, had been a Wall St. broker, philanthropist, & an advisor to presidents. He was Jewish w/ a mansion in So. Carolina. In ’46, he was the U.S.’s delegate to the UN Atomic Energy Commission. The elite-run Bechtel corp. is just one example of a MIC corporation that I have exposed in the past, who have enormous power in Washington. Pres. Lyndon Johnson was their man, as was Reagan, who had 4 Bechtel men in his cabinet.

IMPORTANCE OF THE MIC. The MIC is intimately interwoven into the creation of computers and the Internet. They helped refine the concept of MIL specs, mass production & interchangeable parts. When the U.S. military had to expand in WW2 from a small peacetime size to incorporate 15 million men & women into the armed forces it severely taxed the organizational & production ability of American industry. Planes, merchant ships, and tanks were prodigiously produced at rates that were at times unbelievable to the enemy. The complexity of modern equipment is perhaps not realized by the reader. A Lockhead C-141 Starlifter has 250,000 parts and requires 20,000 engineering drawings to make. The Army’s Nike-Hercules System has even more parts-1,500,000 parts and requires 80,000 engineering drawings to produce. Large warships take years to produce. Skilled workers, equipment, factories, dry docks and technology are not acquired overnight. Maintaining an MIC can serve a national defense purpose, IF that is what they are used for. Currently, one can document for oneself the direction our military is going…martial law…study FM 3-39.4 (an Internet explanation of this & its connection to Jade Helm 15 is found at…/femas-re-education-camps-revealed-jade…/ ) The U.S. govt. has been hiring staff for these concentration camps since 2009. The creation of these conc. camps has been a long term project. In a World system full of Hitler wanna-bes, a MIC seems vital to preserve freedom, except that this is not its intention. If anything, they are working to help move us into a New World Order. For sure they manipulate our patriotism & survival instincts. For decades the MIC has directed academic research, and has instructed the U.S. govt. how to give foreign aid, to whom & with what strings should be attached. The MIC has thousands of lobbyists in Wash. D.C. Lest we forget, the control of the entire U.S. economy, for instance the railroads, was granted to the MIC during the world wars.

TODAY’S AMER. MIC & ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Marine fire teams train on the video game Doom. The Navy designed a ship command ctr. as the “Disney Room”. The MIC is now in alliance with the entertainment industry. Virtual war, where the next generations of warriors can destroy the enemy by “playing” what seems to be a video game is being created. This is the next step in the evolution of the MIC The army has been carrying out digitized warfare experiments in the Mojave Desert at their National Training Ctr. Researcher James Der Derian went into the belly of the beast to write the book “Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network”. He reports on such things as the collaborative efforts of Hollywood, the Univ. of So. CA, and the Pentagon to est. an Institute for Creative Technologies, where such things as video games are designed for the next war.

TODAY’S RUSSIAN MIC. The counter part to the US MIC is the Russian MIC. Historically, the West, incl. the US industry, have helped the USSR, even during the Cold War. Today, that continues, for instance Sukhoi-Ilyushin-Boeing work together to create new jets with a range of 6,000 km. The Gagarin Aircraft Manufacturing Assoc. based at Khabarovsk-On-Amur (in the Far East) is using U.S. made engines in their BE-103 amphibian plane that needs no runway & lands on water or snow. The traditional buyers of Russian military equipment incl. China, India, Iran, Malaysia, & Indonesia. From ’91 to ’98 the Russian MIC declined, but Putin has been re-invigorating it. There are 15 branches to the Russian MIC, and the aviation branch accounted for 60% of Russian MIC exports in 2001. Gas & military equipment are Russia’s 2 top export items. Russia’s MIC has developed some excellent weapons, incl. a Vikhir supersonic anti-tank missile which can pierce 1 meter of armor! It’s KAB-500Kr smart bombs were said to be the world’s best. On the flip side, Mig 21s & Mig 23s made in India have had a history of crashes–perhaps due to poor quality spare parts, poor pilot training, & old machinery making the parts.

FINAL THOUGHTS. In a technological World like today a MIC is important to survival. Unfortunately, the American MIC is not going to preserve the ideal American values which so many Constitutionalists value. The new generation of young Americans are being indoctrinated to hate such freedoms as free speech. The American MIC is actually an extension of the World system commanded by the Illuminati, & is increasingly involved in global projects for the elite.


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