This post is helpful tips for your health. Our health is revealed in our pupils, face & body. Have you noticed that in general animals in nature usually look healthy? Now many of the people I see in public don’t look healthy. How are the people you see every day…are they healthy? Do you feel healthy? It seems Americans are unhealthier than when I was young, for instance, kids now are having diabetes. Lots of people are making obviously unhealthy choices, so maybe health is not important for people, but if health is important to you, then let’s get started.

Kyäni. Kyäni means strong medicine & is the company that makes 4 powerful natural nutritional supplements. By the way, I am not a distributor for Kyäni, but I personally know people who have testimonies that are health miracles, like the following 3 Kyäni testimonies: “Due to my husband’s health condition which included a previous heart attack, high blood pressure & elevated blood sugar levels, I was desperate to find something to help him. Then, like an angel sending God’s answer to my prayers, out of the blue a friend…. I would love to thank Kyäni you have change my life. I have had migraines for almost 20 years I have two pinched nerves muscle pain two bulging disks in my lower back. I was taking between 22-25 prescription pills a day…. About one year ago in May, I was bedridden with rheumatoid arthritis, contracted from having water on my knees for six years. It affected me everywhere– in my hands, wrists, arms and legs. I was a mess…” For brevity sake, I only gave you the beginning of what each said, you can read the entire testimonies @

Basically they have a Sunrise product & a Sunset product. They have two Nitric Oxide products that are also powerful that can be taken at any time, which some people are using topically (on the skin) with miracle-like results. The products have rebuilt people’s bodies. Our bodies are wonderfully made, & can rejuvenate themselves given the right things. Some report cancer put into remission. As you can see, I believe in their products, but realize that there isn’t room in this post to do the products justice.

Here is a quote from the above site about the products: “Kyäni’s high-impact products are based on cutting-edge science and nutrition. The Kyäni Health Triangle™ features Wild Alaskan Blueberries, Tocotrienols (the most potent form of vitamin E), omega-3 fatty acids, & Nitric Oxide all in one easy-to-use system. Each of these ingredients has substantial, third-party data & scientific evidence to show their effectiveness on the body in lab research, & even human clinical trials. This site serves as an initial compilation of research available on Kyäni’s ingredients. Review the research & see for yourself why the Kyäni Health Triangle™ is extremely effective in promoting health and wellness.”

CAMELINA GOLD OIL. I selected this Eastern European culinary oil because it is relatively unknown but very healthy. It contains an abundant amount of omega 3 fatty acids…& is made up of about 35% omega 3’s. And it is relatively low in omega 6 fatty acids, resulting in a favorable omega 3 to omega 6 ratio of 2:1. I have met the lady who grows this on her family farm in eastern Washington, and she talked about how the oil is good for the skin, and how doctors sent her people for she is using it to help cancer patients. The site to find it on the Internet .

KILLING US GENTLY. One day sugar will be recognized as toxic (along with many other popular products). Raw honey & rice syrup are obviously healthier. When I went cold turkey & had no refined sugar for 2 ½ years my taste buds totally changed for the better. We bombard our tongues with so much sugar & salt, that our taste buds are deadened. I’ve watched people pile on sugar onto to their bowl of presweetened cereal. Not only does that come with a heavy health price tag, it also destroys our ability to taste & enjoy…hmmm.

Our products are laced w/ chemicals, and increasingly GM. We are polluting our cells; it’s like never taking the trash out from our temples (bodies). Preservatives & weird coloring keep our food edible but not healthy. I hear that teenagers are able to use Kool-Aid to dye their hair. Artificial coloring often comes from coal tar. They keep finding that many cause cancer, & one by one keep getting banned; since I was a kid 13 dyes have been banned. Yellow #5, which is still used in cookies, cake mixes & soft drinks, was linked in studies to thyroid cancer in lab animals. The Olestra additive, approved by the FDA is indeed fat-free, but has been linked to cancer & heart disease. It is used in fat-free snacks! I could go on about other things they mix into our processed food, but you get the point. I’m not trying to make you to throw up that processed food you had for dinner. Although it might healthier! Each year, 9,000 Americans die from tainted food, & yet we worry about terrorists who kill a handful.

Combining foods is common for Americans. Most of the time we combine foods into recipes we do it in harmful ways. For instance, melons & apples digest quickly if they are eaten by themselves. They have a difficult time digesting when we eat things w/ them. The whole science of how to combine or not combine foods to make us healthier is in the primitive stage. It is a book-size topic!

We should not take health for granted. Those were my tips (the good, bad & the ugly) for you. And I have in no way exhausted all the ways we can help our health! God bless you my friend.


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