BUILDING A BETTER TOWER OF BABEL BY GLOBALIZATION & COLLABORATION OF THE WORLD’S 6 MAJOR CONTROL SYSTEMS. The Roman nobility placed themselves into consulships (STATE), censorship (MEDIA), and the priesthoods (CHURCH). The Babylonian method (used by many World empires) was to unite the power of the priests (CHURCH) w/ the power of the king (STATE). When the World Order in ancient times built the original Tower of Babel, it is recorded that YHWH God said, “Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” So God broke them up into competing nations. God is not an internationalist…is not a globalist, because evil is restrained when it is broken up & divided. Likewise, the founding fathers, in order to insure liberty, did a lot of separation of powers, including separation of church & state, separation of judicial functions from legislative and executive functions & separation of federal, state and local govt. powers. These separations have been subverted in countless ways. A recent example you may have heard about is how Houston is requiring ministers to submit their sermons to the city govt. for approval. This post is how the nations of the world can advance themselves by close collaboration between economic decision makers (MARKET) and those in govt. (STATE). As the global govt. & global economy get stronger, there will be a natural increase in close collaboration between the various major systems of World control. A tower is a good picture of what is being discussed, because the separate legs of a large electric tower or an old western windmill had their legs structurally connected so they reinforced the strength of each other.

INTERDEPENDENCE, GLOBALIZATION, COOPERATION & STRATEGIC CORP. ALLIANCES. The old model of success, pursued by Hitler & Imperial Japan & the British Empire of the 19th century was to amass territory & capture natural resources. In a global environment of interdependence, mastering flows is more important than having a fixed stock of some resource. Wars of aggression to capture resources like Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany carried out, have been revealed to be counterproductive & costly. Post-war Japan & Germany, both short on many natural resources, began to realize where economic success really can be had. Singapore & Hong Kong are models of what nations can do without territory & natural resources. Singapore outsources its manufacturing to China, Indonesia & Johore. Hong Kong, when still a British colony, outsourced much of its manufacturing to southern China.

A nation like Singapore is like the head and China the body, where they symbiotically function together. China produces what has been designed, financed & needed by others. Once the product is made in China, non-Chinese will market the product. China functions as the hands while some other nation, Japan, Singapore, the U.S. or Canada serve as the brain. This kind of interdependence can thrive in an international climate of trust, liberal movement of finances, instant global communication, and dependable global shipping capabilities. In Europe, Switz. is the model of a brain state, and a specific example is Nestle, which produces 98% of its product outside of Switz. The concept of head & body nations explains my recent post about the Illuminati trying to develop Ghana, Nigeria, the two Congos, Kenya & Tanzania to be “body” nations—that is productive manufacturing nations for the “head” nations of the West & Japan.

CLOSE COOPERATION BETWEEN THE STATE & MARKET. For the new paradigm to work, it requires a balanced cooperation between the power of the state & the decision makers of the market. One can go back historically and see these connections in action. In 1900, the Briansk Company in Russia set off a power struggle when Russian directors were removed and replaced by Frenchmen on Briansk’s Bd. of Directors. The displaced Russian management got Russian creditors to call in 8 million rubles of loans. The Illuminati’s Societe Generale of France gave an 8 million ruble increase in capital to Briansk in Jan. 1901, and its director Dorizon got the French govt. to exert the strongest pressure on the Russian govt. The Russians were threatened with cut offs in credit in the markets, etc. In the end, a resolution was created where Briansk survived, and both the French & Russian concerns could feel they won. In Dec. 1994, a French company wanted the deal for managing the Brazilian rain forests & air traffic in Brazil. The U.S. govt. worked for Raytheon and outmaneuvered the French for the $1 billion contract. A nation’s economic strategy is as important if not more so than its military strategy, and ambassadors, like in the above two examples, really function as financial & trade reps for their nations.

EXCEPTIONS. Not every nation has caught on to the new global interdependence, and the flows of capital, info, and production. Israel, Russia, Pakistan & India are still fixated on territorial expansion. Economic reliance on other nations requires trust…something China lacks. Global trade routes and instant communication need to remain intact. It is possible that a conflict modeled on the older paradigm will break out. The new paradigm needs the guarantee that foreign direct investments into a country like Red China will not be seized. An example of one nation that changed towards the new model was Mexico when it joined NAFTA. Investors felt safe in bringing in capital & creating factories, but then competition from China quickly took much of NAFTA’s advantages away from Mexico. Will the old kind of rivalries and the old thinking create a major war, or will the globalists shift things towards their new Tower of Babel without a third world war??

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT. If the U.S. is not to remain a “body” nation of factories and a producer of raw materials, it needs to progress to be a “brain” nation of research & development. That requires excellent schools and great graduates…something that America is continually falling behind on. The Japanese already widely refer to us as “the plantation”, that is merely a source of raw materials. There are nations like Switz. & Libya where teachers are highly paid as well as our lawyers. But who gets well paid in America? Lawyers & entertainers (pro-athletes & big rock stars).

TRADERS & TRADING. Jews, Indians and Chinese have served as merchants & traders worldwide. Venice & the British Empire are examples of trading empires. Part of the problem that the British empire developed is seen in the American Revolution, which to a large degree developed from commerce and trading issues. Direct control of a nation is not needed if the mechanisms are put in place where there is economic cooperation. England has had a great deal of economic influence on the U.S. since our “independence”. The European Union is as example of how cooperation rather than conquest will achieve more for the World Order. Companies that stay small and flexible can adapt quickly to changes. A large company that is intent on having all its own capabilities in house has invested a great deal in a fixed manufacturing/production ability can be destabilized by market changes. So many companies are realizing, just like nations, that strategic alliances are very profitable. Rather than conquering other companies, cooperating with them is often of more advantage. Some countries are seeing the advantages of subsidiaries rather than mergers. The head nations are realizing there are intangible goods that are more valuable than natural resources. How this will all play out in the near future remains to be seen, but I can say this, for a successful New World Order, the 6 major systems of control are going to have to come together in close cooperation.


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