A look at Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise Mapother IV actually). The mind control is meant to be undetectable, but the handlers, programmers, & mind controlled slaves do a great deal in public that is obvious once one knows the patterns. For instance, his daughter with the Hindu name Suri (Sun, or Lord Krishna) appears with her Ruby Red slippers & other sexual slave programmer items. Suri’s mother has that dead eyed look that some of the MPD sexual slaves exhibit.

CHILDHOOD. As one would expect, Tom had a physically/mentally abusive father and received his share of trauma. Tom would be hit and not know why. Tom is known to be verbally abusive to others, so clearly he is passing on the pain he has been subjected to. Tom’s father is reported to have told Tom to eat imaginary food when he was hungry. I have actually watched parents in public with programmed children doing exactly this as part of the mind control abuse! Tom’s memories of his childhood and teenage years are very confused and most of them that he talks about have little basis in reality. One friend during high school described Tom’s memories well, “What he says and what the reality was are two different things.” Another said Tom had a “confused and empty mind”, which is the way a multiple can come across. At age 6, Tom was diagnosed with a learning disability, which had disappeared by high school. When Star Wars (a programming movie) came out, he watched it over and over. His elementary years were at private Catholic schools. Glen Ridge is called the Beverly Hills of NJ. For high school, Tom went to Glen Ridge’s upscale public high school. Athletes from the school got exposed for raping a 17 yr. old. In Sept. 1976, Tom went to a remote Catholic seminary, St. Francis boarding school. As he ended high school, Tobe Gibson, his initial agent, and the picture Taps! got his acting career started.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH & SCIENTOLOGY. Generations of the Mapother family, incl. Tom’s father, have graduated from St. Xaviers in Louisville, KT, a private Catholic school. Tom Cruise has been associated with those two religious institutions (Cath. & Scientology) both of which are actively involved in the Illum.’s trauma based mind control. Many of the members of Scientology are programmed multiples. Actor John Travolta & musician Van Morrison are two other celebrities who have been part of Scientology. Readers may know things about their lives also. Scientology has a Neo-Gothic celebrity center at the bottom of Hollywood Hills…they make a big effort to recruit celebrities.

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, as many readers know, was close to Aleister Crowley, and performed Crowley’s satanic type of sexual magick. L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “All men shall be my slaves. All women shall succumb to my charms.” He strongly advocated his followers use deception to succeed. His Technique 88 says, “The only way you can control people is to lie to them.” In my books on trauma-based mind control, I have entire chapters devoted to how Deception is taken to a science by the programmers. Truth to Hubbard was what you said it was, “If it isn’t true for you, it isn’t true.” This is the type of thinking taught to slaves. As there are exposes of Scientology available to the public, readers can also find more info on their own. Tom, after he donated $1 million to Scientology reached the level of Operating Thetan VII, which according to Hubbard is the level where you become a god. The Thetan level requires the Scientologist to go into a trance.

By the way, Tom was brought into Scientology through one of the female leaders, Mimi (Miriam) Spickler, who Tom married in a NY Unitarian church in bluejeans on May 9, 1987. New recruits to Scientology are called “raw meat”. Mimi, who has a photographic memory, appears to me to be mpd, as were two other of Tom’s wifes: Nichole Kidmann and Katie Holmes, both of which are obvious programmed multiples, & both from Catholic upbringings. Tom & Katie live in separate wings of a $35 million mansion in Beverly Hills. After Scientology helped Tom split with Mimi (who they wanted to demote due to her father leaving the cult), it was only a few days before Nicole Kidmann & Tom were romantically together. Tom’s membership in Scientology wasn’t exposed until later in 1990. In 1992, Nicole & Tom discussed adopting children. The children they finally adopted are now being raised by Scientology, and of course are being subjected to mind control. After Nicole’s divorce, Tom began a romance immediately with another woman raised Catholic, Penelope Cruz. Later, he had another Catholic lady Sofia, from Columbia, who ran for the hills rather than let Tom talk her into joining Scientology.

MOVIES. Top Gun, which made Tom Cruise famous, also gave the Navy their largest influx of volunteers since WW 2. The other movie to comment on is Eyes Wide Shut, which opened in July 1999, and is an amazing display of the Illuminati & their life style. Stanley Kubrick, who filmed countless porn scenes with Nicole & Tom and Nicole & Gary Goba filmed Eyes Wide Shut in Herefordshire, U.K. at a Rothschild mansion. He himself had a home near to St. Albans. Interestingly, only four days after the private screening of Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick died of a heart attack.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Tom Cruise is a great actor. He, like so many other Hollywood actors, has been subjected to the trauma based mind control. If one reads my books which describe the variety of alters and roles that the standard m.c. slave has, then you have a better picture of Tom. Many of these slaves, like Tom, have great memories, usually due to the brain stem scarring. On my side of things, I have been encouraged that so many people have taken my research written up in my books on mind control & have used what they learned to expose numerous people in Hollywood. Things are no longer hidden. This then has been a brief look at just one of the Hollywood’s many programmed multiples.


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