BRAZIL: AN EXAMPLE OF WIDESPREAD PATTERNS OF POWER. This post uses Brazil as an example of how worldly power has manifested itself in the past, & cont. to manifest itself to create a global New World Order. It also functions as a follow up article on how environmental groups are being used as fronts for other agendas. Brazil is significant in many ways, it is the world’s largest producer of coffee; and both by area & population…it is the 5th largest nation in the world. Its history could serve as a template of how worldly power has manifested itself. As an entity, Brazil began as a Portuguese colony which became the dominant political state in So. America. The first Portuguese settlement was in 1532. The nation went thru several phases, a colonial phase until 1815, then direct rule by the Portuguese royal house escaping Napoleon’s seizure of Portugal, and then the overthrow of that House in 1889 by the military. In 1889, the military dictatorship set up a “republic”. In 1945, they set up a “democracy”…no matter what they called it, it has been a military dictatorship, or what people derisively call “a banana republic”.

When I was first released from prison, a group of Brazilians strongly wanted me to speak in person to them about the NWO, unfortunately I was not at liberty to travel there. Their desire to learn & support me was the strongest of anyone, but waned when I could not travel there; they wanted to speak in person. (On a personal level, to write about the horrors/abuses of power in Brazil, incl. how our CIA & FBI helped their military oppress their own people w/ kidnapping & torture to death, makes my stomach queasy & nauseous. This post will be gentle on readers.)

HAVES & HAVE NOTS. Brazil has always had two extremes: the extremely rich & powerful, & the poor & powerless. In general terms, African slaves were brought in to work, first the sugar plantations, & later the tobacco farms. Slaves were so cheap, it was often considered more economical to work them to death without proper care & then simply replace them. Plantation owners lived totally depraved lives, w/ female slaves catering to them sexually for years on end. Brazil’s brand of slavery makes Amer. slavery look benign! Slaves who escaped formed Maroon (aka Quilombolas) settlements, the Palmeres one, led by King Zumbi, the most famous. The 1988 Brazilian Constitution recognized their land ownership as an indigenous people. While Brazil’s history is full of many different details, one fact has remained constant: there has been a wide distance between the Haves, and the Have Nots. The cities are full of ghettos & starving orphans running the streets, & the jungles full of hunted, oppressed, starving natives, while the Haves are as well off as anywhere.

MILITARY DICTATORSHIPS, PRODUCT OF USA. With considerable American govt. assistance, a Brazilian military dictatorship came into power in 1964 calling itself a “republic”. America has trained hundreds of their top officers at Wash.’s International Policy Academy, trained many tens of thousands of Brazilian police thru “public safety programs”. Torture was taught to Brazilians at the U.S. School of the Americas. To insure that all of America’s military dictatorships stayed in power, Operation Condor, a program of political repression was organized by the U.S. govt. in 1975. All the Latin American countries of So. Amer. (except Ecuador) were heavily involved in Operation Condor. Ecuador participated only peripherally. 400,000 dissidents were arrested & imprisoned. In the first 10 years of Operation Condor in Brazil, 366 people were killed or disappeared & are presumed dead. Overall, the totals are est. at 60,000 murdered. So much for America promoting democracy!! Our CIA set up the computer programs for Operation Condor, and our Canal Zone’s communication installation was used to keep the various Latin Amer. Intel. chiefs in touch. In Brazil, this was the chief of the Serviço Nacional de Informações, or SNI (National Information Service) now known as Agência Brasileira de Inteligência. Our FBI & CIA helped track down people for Operation Condor. Because of his role in Operation Condor, on 2/16/2007, a request for the extradition of Henry Kissinger for kidnapping, torture & disappearances was filed in the Uruguay Supr. Court. However, Uruguay gave their own torturers immunity. The 1986 Law of Impunity gives amnesty to all Uruguayan citizens who committed human rights abuses under Operation Condor. While Brazil was not so blatant in giving amnesty, no one has been convicted of human rights abuses during the military dictatorships. The common people in general suffer from the military, because so much of the budget goes to the Armed Forces rather than to education, health, sanitation & infrastructure.

PIGGYBACKING OFF OF MILITARY CORRUPTION. The Org. of Amer. States (OAS) passed a resolution that advocates replacing these corrupt Latin Amer. militaries with an Inter-Amer. Defense Force, in other words, a multinational force similar to NATO. So the new goal is to dismantle the national forces & create South American military & police entities. The dialectic to all this has been Cuba, leftist groups, and drug narco-terrorist groups throughout the region. Back in the USA, the Woodrow Wilson Center, an elite think tank, supported an effort called Inter-American Dialogue. This group in turn has proposed supranational groups to watch the corrupt militaries & to est. international groups to replace the sovereignty of Latin American nations.

USING NGO’S TO REMOVE SOVEREIGNTY. The destruction of both the Amazon rain forest and the indigenous people (nicknamed “forest people”) in Brazil are causes good hearted people want to prevent. Under these banner issues, dozens of NGO environmental groups have become active in Brazil’s affairs. Behind these banner issues they are running other agendas. National territories are being turned over to NGOs. The EU has been quietly assisting environmental groups operating in Brazil. The WWF and Friends of the Earth have offices in Brussels, & have received millions. 25 other groups have reportedly received more than 1 million euros each from the EU. Friends of the Earth has additionally received 2.1 million pounds from various departments of the European Commission. Certainly, the protection of the environment is a commendable task. The Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI) completed the most extensive accurate mapping to date of the indigenous people of the Amazon. While it is beyond the reach of this post to discuss in detail, the non-environmental activities of many of these environmental groups need to be questioned. Are they exploring for later exploitation? Are they being used to pry away the national ownership of land & give it to the elite? The environmental groups stopped a hydroelectric dam being constructed at Contigo, Brazil to protect the yellow frog. The Belo Monte dam project has been harassed by law suits. The Belo Monte dam will be the world’s 3rd largest hydroelectric dam & will provide important electricity for economic expansion. On the flip side, a 60 mile stretch of river with indigenous people, will have about 85% loss of water flow. Which is the more important priority? A Canadian gold mine project of the Belo Sun Mining Corp. was stopped. It was planning to start up an open mine in 2016, which would have been Brazil’s largest gold mine, but also one that would ruin the environment. By the way, Brazil has increasingly been supplying China with raw materials.

PRIMITIVE-ISM. Some of the founders of Environmentalism, like Jean Jacques Rousseau, have exalted nature & hated humanity. William McKibben, author of End of Nature, sees all man-made things as evil. Another environmentalist Edward Abbey, author of The Monkey Wrench Gang (also titled in Eng. “The Gang Key”) advocated anti-human terrorist acts. That is why EarthFirst! uses the wrench as their symbol. They support the goal of 90% population reduction. They also advocate that people with terminally ill diseases or near death should suicide themselves in acts that destroy the infrastructure of society. Their journal says: You are terminally ill? have a debilitating disease? Then die not whining; die a practical death detonating an eco-kamikaze mission. These are some of the attitudes of some of the hard core environmentalists becoming active in Brazil. Meanwhile, many of the supporters of this return to the Garden of Eden type thinking are chic high-class people in places like Malibu, CA & Manhattan, NYC, who don’t realize that nature is not exciting, forgiving, comforting & cuddly like some Survivor reality show. In 1993, I spent time with one of these eco-terrorists who was a programmed multiple. There is now an air of unreality being driven into policy planning for places like Brazil. Where is all this taking the World?

QUICK SUMMATION. This post has been designed to introduce the problems mankind faces in Brazil. The history of Brazil is a history of exploitation & abuse of humans. Brazil is a nation rich in resources, which attracts China. In recent years, environmental groups have become active in Brazil, and some of their stated goals are commendable, but they can also be seen running agendas for the New World Order. The manifestations of abusive power in Brazil provide a template for understanding abuse of power anywhere.


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