This is a short post calling people’s attention to what has been called “the world’s most profitable spy company”, which most people are largely unaware about. It may have gotten more attention recently, since the whistleblower Edward J. Snowden worked for Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH). It was one of BAH’s employees, James R. Clapper, who incited Snowden to blow the whistle, when Snowden saw him as the acting dir. of National Intelligence lie to Congress that American Intelligence groups don’t collect data on Americans. That blatant lie upset Snowden. Clapper is just one of countless BAH employees that have been/are also actually part of American intelligence. Two other notable examples are dir. CIA R. James Woolsey, Jr. (also a Rhodes Scholar & sr. v.p. at BAH) and John Michael McConnell (dir. NSA from ’92-’96, dir. Nat. Intel. who was also v. chrmn BAH).

PART OF U.S. INTELLIGENCE. Half of the budgets of American intelligence agencies are spent with BAH who contracts to do many jobs for the intelligence agencies. Half of BAH employees have top security clearances, & some work directly inside the NSA building at Ft. Meade, and some work at BAH buildings located strategically near the NSA and CIA. 99% of BAH’s income comes from U.S. govt. sources. One might say BAH is an extension of U.S. intelligence…yet it is in not widely known about by the general public.

OVERALL DESCRIPTION OF ITS WORK. Wikipedia summed up the kind of intel work it does very well, “Its core business is the provision of management, technology and security services, to civilian government agencies, as a security and defense contractor to defense and intelligence agencies, and to civil and commercial entities. Their scope of services includes strategic planning, human capital and learning, communications, operational improvement, information technology work, systems engineering, organizational change efforts, computer modeling and simulation, program management, assurance and resilience, and economic business analysis.”

SPECIFIC ACHIEVEMENTS. In WW 2, it developed a sensor system to track German U-boats. This made a large contribution to victory. In Jan., 2014, BAH launched the Centennial-1 satellite. BAH played a big role in creating the controversial SWIFT surveillance program. BAH is currently very active in the Middle East. It is listed within Fortune’s list of 500 largest public companies.

OTHER COMPANIES. A split off of BAH is Booz & Co. It’s competitors who do similar work for U.S. intelligence include: Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), CACI, and BAE Systems (BAESY).

SECRET SOCIETIES. It goes without saying that there are many programmed multiples, members of secrets societies (for instance a random example, Howard Taylor Phelan, a Skull & Bone mmbr. with the NSA) within all this. The Illuminati have their members & means of control within U.S. intelligence and BAH. The BAH since 2008 has been owned by the Carlyle Group, which has majority ownership.



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