It has been a while since I took time to continue educating others on the elite. This post will provide an array of info concerning a few of those elite bloodlines that I covered in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book, the British Royal Family, Bill & Hillary Clinton, William Randolph Hearst, Armand Hammer, and the Reynolds & Duke families. One of the problems that people have when they learn about these bloodlines are the elite’s insatiable desire for child sexual slaves. This article will touch on this, the mind control that divides the mind, and the Hegelian dialectics (false conflicts) that divide us into controlled conflicts.

RECENT SCANDAL. The House of Windsor, actually the House of Coburg-Sachse, has been royal theater during our lives. The power of British throne has been used to create idols. Readers may remember the public image that the British royalty encouraged for Prince Andrew as a war hero. A number of tabloids, quoting FBI reports & a woman who was a teen sex slave have been exposing how Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire, provided under-aged sex slaves to powerful men on his private Virgin Island. The scandal includes Prince Andrew of the British monarchy & Bill Clinton. The National Enquirer headline reads “PRINCE ANDREW & THE SEX SLAVE CAUGHT ON VIDEO!” Besides his private island in the Virgin Islands, Epstein had a sex-den at his Palm Beach estate where he used young sex slaves. FBI raided this estate and recovered some videos. Epstein also had a Manhattan townhouse, which included a dungeon like “massage room”. At all of these locations, Epstein had numerous hidden cameras to not only produce porn, but also porn videos that could be used to blackmail the powerful men that he supplied with girl sexual slaves. I wonder if Epstein’s proclivity to blackmail other powerful men was what brought about the sting operation against him.

DECADES OF SUPPRESSED SCANDALS. Over the decades, House of Windsor has constantly had to try to suppress sexual scandals of the worst kind, and in recent years reports of satanic rituals. Queen Elizabeth’s husband Philip, cut off from the marriage bed had his own series of scandals to suppress, incl. one with Elizabeth’s younger cousin Princess Alexandra. Buckingham Palace itself is a strange environment, and typically a large percentage of the servants have been notoriously gay and bi. There was a homosexual ring of Guardsmen for the royals, who claimed Mountbatten (Philip’s uncle) was part of them during 1975 scandal. 36 men were dismissed from the regiment. The CIA investigated British security because they considered gay men were vulnerable to communist blackmail.

AN AMERICAN CONNECTION. It is low key that the Queen of England has land in the U.S. & power connections. The Royal family has been fascinated with breeding, & the Queen has some of her broodmares in KT. One of the stud farms that takes care of her mares is owned by Sen. Malcolm Wallop, who is the grandson of an English Earl. The Senator’s sister is an English Lady. The Queen has enjoyed going to KT & seeing the horses. Meanwhile, her husband, Philip has enjoyed going to the Bohemian Grove. Perhaps you thought the Bohemian Grove was just for Americans like David Rockefeller & William Randolph Hearst, Jr. (both Illuminati by the way). But that is not so. Prince Philip was also welcome, and he along with others would “jump the [Russian] river” and go to Guerneville, where high-class call girls congregate to make money off the Bohos. One Guerneville’s places that Philip went to get hookers was the Hexagon House. And Prince Philip, like Andrew, has also often travelled to the Caribbean Islands.

GRANDE DAME HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON. Part of her husband’s grooming to be president when he was a child was both his second-grade teacher & his mother repeatedly telling him he would be president someday. In line with his grooming he met JFK when young, & was a Rhode’s Scholar at Oxford. When his second term was over, Hillary & Bill made a pact called “The Plan”, which was for them to switch positions, Hillary would be the one with the political career & Bill would assist it. She would obtain 2 terms as president, which would mean that together their co-presidencies would be 16 years, which would outdo FDR’s record of 12 yrs. as president.

Both came from dysfunctional abusive families. Hillary’s mother was raised by her abusive British grandparents. Hillary’s mother chose Hillary’s name because it was a man’s name. And Hillary was raised as a fighter; Hillary’s admiration for the Black Panthers was in line with that. It was Hillary that came up with the cold blooded strategies to protect Bill from scandal, including a bureau that could kill those it could not intimidate, discredit or beat down. Hillary’s mother taught her to stay balanced with the mental imagery of a carpenter’s level with a bubble. Her abusive father had her memorize stock quotes & baseball scores…similar to what programmed multiple George Bush, Jr. had to do. She also had some grooming, meeting MLK in person in Apr. ’62, being college friends w/ Teddy Roosevelt’s desc. Susan Roosevelt in college, who in turn married Dean Acheson’s descendant. At Yale, she assoc. w/ & admired Illum. mmbr. & minister of the Rockefeller’s Riverside Church in NYC William Sloane Coffin, Jr., who in turn had one of the Van Duyn’s in his Skull & Bones class of ‘49…Vance Van Dine, who was a Managing Dir. & partner of Morgan Stanley.

WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST. What I will share now is a vignette that illustrates how quickly someone in power can lose things. In 1935, WRH had 20 million Americans reading his newspapers out of a population of 120 million Americans. His real estate in NYC was worth $41 million (in dollars back then) not to mention his properties all over the nation, and his castle at San Simeon, and his $20 million art collection. Yet, within a few years WRH was essentially bankrupt due to overspending, lower revenues from the depression, and the friction he’d developed with other powerful men like FDR, whose presidential election he’d opposed. In trouble, WRH appealed to Joseph Kennedy, who even with Kennedy’s Wallstreet-banking connections was hard pressed to save WRH. WRH tried to make up with FDR, and having Kennedy (who was friends with FDR) certainly didn’t hurt WRH make peace with FDR. As trustee for his financial affairs he selected Judge Clarence Shearn, who worked for Chase Manhattan bank & had previously been WRH’s attorney. Upon appointment Shearn got a $1.6 bridge loan from Chase Manhattan for WRH. By 1938, WRH had lost most of his empire, but they still had a costume party (shades of Eyes Wide Shut– filmed by the way at the Rothschild’s) at their beach house. Shearn had to sell off his assets, and was able to get another Chase Manhattan loan in 1939. On Time magazine’s Mar. 13, 1939 cover story they announced the breakup of Hearst as an American institution…”William Randolph Hearst [as an institution] was no more”. Aldous Huxley wrote a satire about WRH entitled “After Many a Summer Dies the Swan”. In 1940, Armand Hammer, a millionaire from petroleum, sold WRH’s art at a gallery at Saks Fifth Ave. to help.

ARMAND HAMMER. If anyone wanted proof of the false dialectics that are manufactured, such as the Cold War, then Hammer’s life as the go between the USSR & the West is worth examining. He had access to the inner sanctums of Communist power during Lenin & Stalin’s time up to Gorbechev’s. Armand Hammer described President Reagan in 1983 as a “good friend”, and pledged $1 million for the construction of Reagan’s presidential library. Edward Jay Epstein wrote a good expose “Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer” in 1996 which exposes the corruption of this elite figure. Hammer was considered the godfather of one of Prince Charles’s son, was awarded by Illum. recommendation Belgium’s Order of the Crown, and received both U.S. govt. and USSR govt. awards.

DUKES…REYNOLDS…JOHNSONS. In my recent research I have again been bumping into the Reynolds, Johnsons and Dukes. These names were in my Bloodlines book. The Duke Illuminati family, being a NC tobacco family was discussed within the Reynolds bloodline chapter. An article last year discussed the heirs to the Doris Duke fortune: great-niece & great-nephew Georgia & Patterson Inman. They are twins. Their story sounds like they were subjected to Illuminati trauma-based mind-control, & this would not surprise me as I am personally familiar with others associated with the Dukes that were victims of this.

FINAL THOUGHTS. For those familiar with my 7 book series on the Illuminati, this post will be further details to familiar patterns. For those who have not read these books, if you want to understand these elite patterns of behavior more, I recommend my books which are available .


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